Discussion on Swapp - Responsive Retina HTML5 App Landing Page

Discussion on Swapp - Responsive Retina HTML5 App Landing Page

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Awesome. Very cool template! GLWS! :)

Thanks for the kind words alerma, we really appreciate it!

Thanks metrothemes! Glad you like it :)

Hi The phone/tablet icons are covered under Chrome. Any fix? I’d buy it in a heart beat if that bug was fixed. Thanks!

Hi procuretrade, thank you for you comment. Could you please be so kind and give us details like your Browser screen resolution, OS, Chrome Version and if you could give us screenshot it would be even better, because we have tested on all best known resolutions and devices and didn’t encountered any issues upon release, thanks!

Nice template. How do you make a click on the “Learn More” button SCROLL (not jump) to #slider-con (the next section)

Hi rttech, and thanks for your purchase! It’s achievable by adding LocalScroll or any other JS scrolling plugin. However, we re planning to include this in the next swapp version.

same problem, the phone/tablet icons are covered under Chrome. please see the screenshot https://www.dropbox.com/s/9j10g5vvso0zhno/Screen%20Shot%202014-03-19%20at%205.26.55%20PM.png

resolution: 2880*1800 retina 15 inch OS: OS X 10.8 Chrome Version:33.0.1750.152

If you can fix that, I’ll buy it. By the way, does your guys provide the tutorial about how to install the bootstrap theme, thanks

Hi tuky168,your setup gives us some clues.. can you please check i anything changed for you in the demo? Also, it would be great if you could reach us by email so we can cooperate easier. When we find out was is exactly the cause in both yours and Procuretrade case we would instantly issue a fix!

Hi there,

I’m really looking for HTML mobile template site that showcasing the company multiple mobile apps. with direct link to app stores etc. @themeforest there’s none available for sale? You should make one?

Hi Pinki, actually this sounds interesting, can we have some chat in private? Please shoot us an email through the profile link, thanks!

Does this theme include MailChimp integration?

Hi kemuel, yes it sure does

Sweet! Thanks!

This template looks great! However, it does not work properly in IE8. The top section does not show the mobile device and the footer is white making it very difficult to determine where to enter your email to subscribe. If you can fix these I would buy this template in heart beat! Thanks

Any updates on this? Your description stated that the template supported IE8 that is why I purchase it. If I do not see an update in a reasonable time I will be requesting a refund. Thank you

Hi Upoa, please reach us by email office@vivaco.com so we collaborate and resolve the issue faster and easier

Thanks i sent you an email!


Hi, wire template is just called “phone-screen-1.psd” and “tablet-screen-1.psd”

Hi skrubisr, looks like you’re right. We have did a re-check and these separate files were not included for the TF version indeed, we will update the theme immediately. However, all wired devices graphics can be still found within layers from full Swap-main.psd -> Inner page -> Content 1 -> iPhone/iPad (layers for wired devices).

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Where can i found an icons list? I want to change these icons:

<i class="feature icon icon-office-45 fa-32" />


Hi mgennari, and thanks for your purchase! The line icon’s list reference sheet can be found here -> http://vivaco.com/demo/swapp/fonts/linicons/icons-reference.html

Thanks.. How can I use the character mapping?


Oh, just scroll down the page, there are class names that can be used like we did in the template.

I’m having a very hard time installing it into wordpress, it tells me the theme is broken, and that the template and stylesheet are missing. I see the stylesheets and templates there, so I am not understanding the issue. Anyone had this problem before?

Hi revelbliss and thanks for your purchase! Sorry, but this is HTML template, not a Wordpress theme..

I emailed support 2-3 days back and received no response.

A few issues I noticed - The photo-bg1@2x.jpg appears to be damaged and shows only a grey screen on my iPhone. Replacing the file works but thought the author should be aware as I spent several hours trying to figure out why my screen was grey while testing the demo on my server. Testing the demo on theme forest with iPhone also has a grey screen instead of a pic.

- Top-phone.psd and Wire-phone.psd are different pixel heights so the don’t line up when you scroll down. Top-phone.psd needs to be cropped from 997 to 894 pixels to function the way the demo works. I’d suggest updating the psd files to match as this was very confusing as all the documentation recommends not cropping the photo! Even after that it’s takes some trial and error to get things to line up. I think one psd where you have all assets and an action export each screen properly would make much more sense.

Nice template. Inside internet explorer 11 there are problems with the page width (is not calculated correctly). Any solution?

Cool item, nicely done!;

In Google Chrome the page is not working.

Hi iswitch and thanks for your purchase! Would you please be more specific in your bug report? We have checked the page in the latest chrome 38.0 and it loads just fine, but we would be glad to help you if you share more details

I have a problem in Chrome too. When you scroll down the first page and then scroll up back the image with phone looks some strange – https://www.dropbox.com/s/a5tlk6irg708aja/%D0%A1%D0%BA%D1%80%D0%B8%D0%BD%D1%88%D0%BE%D1%82%202014-12-01%2018.57.28.png?dl=0

By the way are you going to replace the screen with iphone 5 on 6?

Hi i need more than 5 slides, i already change the number in main.js but nothing changed. Can you help me please?


Hi, thanks for this great theme! I’m using it in for an iPad only app. Is it possible to have all asset in ipad mode only (with no top selector)? BTW, is it possible to have the top image and the wire one with the iPad in landscape? Thanks in advance Best regards

Guys, I would like to change phone-color.png, background to blue and take off the slider iphone feature on section 2. How Can I do this ? Thank for your help.