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Hi, Your theme looks amazing! I have a pre-purchase question though, does it support RTL languages? like arabic?

No the theme isn’t RTL compatible


A customer of us is using this theme.

Unfortunately a lot of the themes WooCommerce template files are out of date (regarding WooCommerce system status). An update would be really necessary. (Btw. it would be really nice to use the default templates as much as possible).



Hi Adrian, we update woocommerce templates with each release. The theme works with the latest woocommerce version, if you have any issues please open a ticket in our support forum

We would like to know if theme is compatible vith visual composer, if Visual composer can be utilized with this theme

Hi there, no the theme isn’t compatible with Visual Composer

this means if i install the theme i cannot use Visual Composer to insert contents into page or article or custom article of the theme ? Or i cannot to use Visual Composer with this theme ? Is just to inderstanrd better what are problems because i like the theme and i would like to use it for our client.

Best regards

Hi there, no visual composer will not work with the theme and has not been tested with it. Why not try our other theme Angle? Which has a similar flat style and does come with Visual Composer http://themeforest.net/item/angle-flat-responsive-bootstrap-multipurpose-theme/6519550

Is this Theme works with classifieds.?

Thank you so much

Not sure what you mean by this.

hahah ok ok

The revolution_slider.txt will not allow me to import it to the demo content/Revolution slider. Am I doing something wrong? how do I upload it?

Please open a ticket in our support forum

Hello there! I really like your theme and I am interested in purchasing it. Could you please tell me whether any of the graphics visible in the demo version are included in the purchase? Also, would it be possible to look at some examples of website that use this theme? Thank you in advance for your quick response.

Hi maria,

Yes all graphics are provided with the theme ;)



al404 Purchased


I bought some months ago swatch theme but the project just started an i download today latest theme version before starting with the project.

I updated WP to latest version, i’m developing with MAMP on my local machine

I also made a different test environment where i download demo contestants to recreate demo website

on both my fresh install and demo install if i try to change menu setting from text to LOGO and select a logo, i also tried with logo.png from? demo contents, after saving the image is no more selected and is not displayed in menu

I can’t post on official support ticket, i bought this theme some months ago but projects not always start when they are suppose to, this is a BUG not sure is this is new Envato policy or seller policy

Just pushed an update with a fix, you will get an email when the update is approved


al404 Purchased

how log does it take usually?

Depends on the queue at themeforest, but not long. Usually 1-2 hours max

Hi, after installing WordPress 4.6 the theme presented some issues, mainly things I think are associated with Javascript. For example, the portfolio sliders not working, the hover submenus not showing.

I read that this new version of WordPress updated some external libraries, maybe thats causing the issues?

Are you planning on releasing an update soon?

Hi Calbert, will take a look into this


NBellon Purchased

Hi, after installing WordPress 4.6 the theme presented some issues, Javascript broken, no slider, no map, no link menu … I need a solution please ! My website is my work.


NBellon Purchased

Yes I followed your tutorial but it tells me that I will lose my settings. I can not risk it and lose 3 days to redo the site … Here is a screen capture of https://www.dropbox.com/s/wtghppa25wgbgcr/Capture%20d'%C3%A9cran%202016-09-29%2011.23.25.png?dl=0

You will only loose any changes you have made to the theme code. As long as you haven’t edited any of the PHP / JS or CSS files inside the wp-content/themes/swatch folder you are ok to update.


NBellon Purchased

Perfect ! Merci :)

One Page Format – I’d really like to use this theme but want a one page format scrollable format, I note that someone asked the same question and you directed them to the app page which I see is scrollable and has a return to top arrow, but I just want to ensure that it is easy to add a section id and link this to the top menu? I ddi look through the documentation but couldn’t find. I note that you have the theme angle in a one page format – is the process the same? Also Are any scrolling effects available? Thanks in advance

Thanks – theme looks great, just purchased there, hope I can get it looking good!

let us know if you need any help

Thanks – I’ve opened up a couple of tickets in support forum :)

​I purchased this item two years ago, so I can’t buy a support extension and now I’m facing a critical technical issue: I’m not able anymore to use the shortcodes in order to build the different section of a page, when I click on the two oxygenna circles in the wordpress composer bar, the dropdown menu doesn’t show me any option. I tried to check if there is a conflict with the plugins installed and it seems not, and I also tried to uninstall ad reinstall the theme with no success; wordpress, plugins, and the theme are also all up to date. I read in the comments that the last version of this theme doesn’t need anymore the three oxigenna plugins, so I tried to remove them without success. At this stage it’s just impossibile to use this theme and I don’t now what to do. Thanks in advance!

Hi there, the latest version of Swatch is compatible with the latest WP are you sure you are using the latest Swatch 1.8.0? Also FYI you can renew your support from your Themeforest downloads page if you want to

I downloaded the theme from envato and then uninstalled and reinstalled it manually. Now it seems that everything it’s working, I was sure that the updates were installed automatically. Thank you for the advice!