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Thank you guys. The woocommerce update looks great. I can’t believe you did it so fast.

If anyone is on the fence (unsure) about this theme, I have to say you shouldn’t be. Oxygenna is on excellent on support. And they really do listen to their customers.

Thanks Oxygenna Danny

Thanks for your support Danny :)


is there a way to add a top navigation menu, above the current main menu?/


Hi there, there is a header option with a top bar that includes two widget positions. You can add a menu there

Thank you. I added it to the right widget,, but it is appearing in the middle. how can i put it in the extreme right?



Hi there, could you please make a ticket in our support forum?

One more question:

the dropdown menu, is smaller than my text. i tried adding to the custom css in the dashbord the following: #masthead .dropdown-menu { width: 220px; } but it didnt work.


Hi there, could you please make a ticket in our support forum?


gbh Purchased

can anyone please tell me how to change the map location?


gbh Purchased

thanks for the reply. No matter what I do using that shortcode, I just get a blank space beneath the two boxes on the contact page. Any further thoughts?


gbh Purchased

I have made sure that “show” is pressed also. When using the shortcode generator is the map supposed to show before inserting? for me it is not, just blank whitespace.


Please keep support requests in the support forum thanks :)


will you be considering a visual composer for the shortcodes?

I think it would be a great addition.

Hi, I have a pre-sale question. On the demo site there is a section that on the front page that shows the latest blog posts. I notice it is on the Revolution Slider and the Flexslider versions of the front. Are those sections sliders, shortcodes or something else? Is there a way to just show the latest post in one of those sections?

The latest blog section is a shortcode so you can use it on any page

Well done, sold. =]

How to make a rel=”nofollow” in link shortcode like ?

[button-fancy button_swatch=”swatch-greenwa” button_animation=”pulse” size=”btn-large” label=”Parlons de vos besoins maintenant” link=”/contact” icon=”icon-comment”]

Hi Could you please make a support ticket, we don’t handle support in the comments section. Thanks :)

I am having trouble paying for the theme (Envato and PayPal have both been notified, had the same problem a few days ago). In the meantime, another pre-sale question: with the shortcode that displays the recent posts, how is the image pulled in? Is it the featured image, or can it also be the first image in the post?

Yes, Swatch supports custom posts like normal, gallery, audio, video or quote post

Swatch uses the featured image of the post or the [gallery] shortcode for gallery posts.

the slideshow on the homepage seems to only scale sometimes, and sometimes it crops everything funny. advice?

the ticksy wouldnt let me make a ticket…

Did you provide the same email as in themeforest?

Aloha! I’ve already purchased the theme and noticed there’s new updates. Particularly WOOCOMMERCE functionality. How do I go about updating my site to 1.3?

You can update through your wordpress admin panel

Does the woocommerce template come with this theme?

HI jfunchio. Yes all the woocommerce styling is part of the template

Hi there. I am looking to purchase Swatch theme, but I am noticing on the demo that you you look at the portfolio page, under three colums, the portfolio items do not display, even though there is a spot for them. I can send a screen shot if needed. Is this an issue?

Hi kpry, updated the demo site with a fix.

Hi again. Looking at the Swatch demo site, I still can not see the portfolio project images.

Ok this time it’s fixed :)

Great theme, thanks!

Just a note for anyone basing their website off of the imported content though, there are a lot of images in the body of the pages/services that reference the images on the demo site (http://themes.oxygenna.com/) rather than from your installation.

Thanks JoeB

loving the theme. Surpassing most themes in the thought for mobile, especially roll over on iPhone of portfolio thumbs!

but I’m, curious, The mobile menu does not support second tier drop downs? Did I do something wrong?

Thanks omnisapien. I’ll look at that straight away

The theme looks good but is there a html version (html, css, js only) of this template available which will work for non wordpress websites?

At the moment Swatch is only available for Wordpress

hello, i need your help to solve a problem with in slider, see image : http://img542.imageshack.us/img542/3966/ewsl.jpg

So, i not want use H1 tags, how solve it?

yes, thanks

hi, i can install this theme in other domain or only one?

Example: A website theme can only be customised to create one customised website. If you want to create a second website from the same theme, you should purchase another license.

See the Licence FAQ

Is Bootstrap 3 support on the roadmap?

Hi, yes bootstrap 3 is on the horizon.

Hello I love this theme but I was wondering if it will have bbpress and buddypress integration in the future. Congratulations and thank you!

At the moment we haven’t looked into this. But we have had requests for bbpress for other themes. So will look into this.

Absolutely loving the theme folks :)

Glag you like it carmarthenboy! Please rate us 5 stars if you like it ;)

Where is the changelog to the update from today?

The changelog has been updated, there is always a copy of it in the theme download if it is not online