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A presales question: I understand that the theme uses bootstrap 2.3.x, any plans to upgrade to bootstrap 3?

What are your thoughts on this?

BR, Ludvig


We will be upgrading to Bootstrap 3 in the future

Thanks for the quick response. Could you define “in the future” a bit further? When could I expect it?

Im afraid we don’t have a deadline at the moment (adding bootstrap 3 to Swatch will not improve any of its features since most of the themes functionality its custom anyway). Eventually thought it will be moved to bs3 along with all of our other themes.

3.7.1 is kind of slow.. any suggestions?


It’s running fine on my test server.

Could you make a ticket in the support forum. Thanks

A pre-sale question … well, maybe two.

1. Is there a way to make blog posts one column rather than two (as in the demo?). Also, the paragraphs looks rather “squeezed” together … shouldn’t there be spacing between them?

2. Must the blog posts be in white lettering on a darker or colored background? Is there any way to make it simply black lettering on white?

Love the look of that theme, though! Nice work!

Hi there, 1) Yes and there are styles you can apply to make the paragraphs more airy 2) There also black on white color swatches so yes


One last pre-order question:

Can the items displayed in the “shop” page be directed to another site for purchasing? I’m an affiliate salesman for another website, and would like to display items for sale and direct the customers to the other website for purchasing.


Looks like this is possible in woocommerce.


See the External Products section. :)

Hi, I’m very interested in your themes, but I would like o see showcase of it? Could you send me few examples website made with your theme Swatch? Thank you very much and nice work!


I am trying to display 2 Serverices, but the minimum column are 3, so it is not centered when i display 2 services. is there a way to center the service? i just have 2 to display.

example: http://cles-edu.org/our-services/publications/

Hi yes this is possible

Please open a ticket in our support forum, thanks.

done. I hope the response would be quick. thanks


I have 2 questions before purchasing. 1 – When empty the cart is invisible. Is it an option in the theme to display the cart or not when empty or do we have to change the code if we want the cart to display when empty ? 2 – If we use “Header with top bar” or “Combo Header with widget area and top bar”, can we place the cart in the top bar or in the combo header ?

Thanks for your answer


Hi there, 1) Thats an option of the woocommerce cart (de invisible when cart is empty). You can turn this off so that the cart will always be visible. 2) The cart is actually a widget so yes you can use it in any widget area. Thanks

Hi, thanks for your answers. Extra question ;when clicking on cart, it opens in “pageslide” on the right, is it an option we can turn off and have it like plain shop of woocommerce, appearing on mouseover under the widget cart ?

We kind of felt that this sidebar look better with that theme. Its responsive and kind of unique ;-)

Hi, a few pre-sale questions: can I insert sidebar in homepage? Can I make the homepage slider 2/3 of pages and 1/3 sidebar? Sidebar are customizable per page? Apologize my english. Thank you ciao, Nicoletta

Different background in different page? :O

On every section and every page

Hi, is there a login page for users or do i have to build it by myself? Is it possible to place the login form in the top bar? Thanks for your answer, Tim

hi there-

this theme looks very promising. great design, and very unique. i’m particularly impressed with the woocommerce integration. i recently installed another theme from theme forest (chariot) that i really love, but it doesn’t support woocommerce so i’m considering switching to swatch. but first i have a few pre-sales questions:

1) i really love the WP Bakery Visual Composer that chariot uses. i’ve watched your videos and the absence of a visual page builder is a barrier to me. would it be possible to use a visual page builder such as the one by WP Bakery? the shortcode generator is great, but once it spits out the code, keeping track of all that text seems very cumbersome.

2) is it possible to display team members as a isotope grid like chariot? (see http://co-luminate.com/v2/about/the-team/)

3) did i read correctly that this theme comes with a child theme? is the child theme provided for user customizations?

4) i notice in the changelog that social links were added, but i don’t see them anywhere in the demo site. where can i see them?

5) is there mailchimp newsetter signup integration?

6) is there styling for a user login page?

thank you for all your great work! i look forward to reading your response (:


To answer your questions

1) No the theme won’t work with the WP Bakery Visual Composer. Looks like it could be a nice addition to the theme, will take a look at it.

2) This isn’t possible in the current version but would be happy to add this functionality.

3) Yes the theme comes with a child theme.

4) Social links are in the footer of the demo site

5) There is no mailchimp newsletter signup, but we have this in another theme so should be easy to add in.

6) There is no custom styling for the login page.

Hey, love the style of your theme, but since I am a beguinners I have some questions that can seem obvious: - Where can I find all the icones? - how can I change the adress on the maps and contact details?

Hi there glad you like the theme. Will be happy to help you out, please make a ticket in our support forum. Thanks

I cannot find the licence certificate since I already download the templates

ok sorry i got it ;)

All my Font Icons are not showing. Just grey squares

Hi Could you make a ticket in our support forum thanks.

Is it possible to style other fields types than input in the contact form? Especially select and checkboxes?


Hi there, yes, please open up a ticket in our support forum and we’ll be happy to guide you through

What’s the safest way to install updates when the theme is updated? I assume re-installing the theme will wipe everything out so far . . .


The theme comes bundled with the Envato Theme Toolkit which will update it for you. Goto Appearance -> Install Plugins and install the Envato Toolkit plugin.

If you need any more help please open a ticket in our support forum

Thank You! That worked!

You are welcome! If you liked the theme don’t forget to rate it ;-)

Hi, how do I change the map location on the contact page? Thanks.


Just add an address parameter to the map shortcode like this

[map address="10 Downing St, London"]

That will change the location.

Since I only have 10 products for sale (7 digital, 3 physical) is it better to set these up as dedicated WP pages or let WooCommerce or similar build these pages for me?

I would use WooCommerce and create your 10 products with that.

Hello, my web needs translations. I see you have compatibility with WPML but installing the theme does not install this plugin. I wanted to know if I have to purchase this plugin separately or comes included in the theme. Sorry for my English. thanks

Hi. Yes you have to purchase the WPML plugin separately, it isn’t bundled with the theme.


Can you send me details on how to add a sub menu to the header? I’m trying to set up “Top Bar”. I couldn’t find anything in the docs. I have at the moment a main menu.

Thanks, Mark.

Hi there, did you enable the “top header” bar in the general options of the theme. If yes you will be able to see to widgets positions for that. If you have more questions please open up a ticket in our support forum

Hi, great theme. I have a couple of questions: (1) In the Classic homepage layout (http://themes.oxygenna.com/swatch/v4-classic/) is it possible to make the portfolio section have 4 columns instead of 3?, (2) are you aware of any known issues using the Gravity Forms plugin?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there 1) Yes the portfolio is a shortcode and can have 2,3 or 4 columns 2) Some of our clients used Gravity forms without any issues. Might need some extra styling so we’ll be glad to help you on that?

Are the images that are shown in the demo available? Any more images available? I wonder if there’s a monkey image available?:-)

All the images icons and button styles are part of the theme. There is no newsletter functionality included in the theme but you can add a plugin for that.

Thanks again! What if a need a new image or would like to have a teammember slighly changed?

Our artist is available for hire if you need need new images, open a support ticket if you need minor changes.