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Hi, really nice theme! Is it possible to fix the header menu (fixed position) WITH top bar? Thank you.

And one more question: how can I update my plugins?

Hi there, please open up a ticket in our support forum http://oxygenna.ticksy.com/

Hi, I have purchased and installed the theme. It looks great but the site does not come out responsive as in your demo (expanding menus, fluid rows etc). Any ideas why?

Site link: http://www.matval.se/

Hi FredrikJ

Are you running http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-members/ this plugin?

Looks like it is causing bootstrap.css to be loaded twice.

Please make a ticket in our support forum so we can find a work around for you


This makes no sense.

The instructions say how to make a page the home page, not the blog page.

How does one make a blog page? As in , not the home page, but showing all blog posts, regardless of category.


The docs page you refer to sets up a home page and a blog page. Which is generally the most popular way of setting the site up.

To set your site up to be just a blog, all you need to do is select Front Page Displays to Your latest posts in Settings -> Reading. This is the default setting for a new WP site so you don’t need to change any settings to get this to work.


If you need any more help please open a ticket in our support forum, thanks :)

Hi Awesome work.

A question, Slider is a plugin and Slider demo page is available?

Thx Edward

Thanks web builder, yes the slider is using Revolution Slider and this is bundled with the theme. The slideshow data / images is also available with the theme in the form of an import file.

Presales Questions Does your theme have any problems using advanced custom fields?

For those that know how to create template pages, like single.php, does your theme allow this?

Hi Yes, you can modify the theme and create your own template pages using the child theme that is provided :)

Presales Questions Does your theme have any problems using advanced custom fields?

Hi Yes, you can modify the theme and create your own template pages using the child theme that is provided :)

Hi Dear,

congrats for the theme, I am using it and find it really flexible…exellent job!

I do have a question, in the homepage, the section that you call Services, is it possible to insert four buttons instead of three? I tried simply adding the category the the fourth element but it does not show up.

See example at this link http://website.bewe.it/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Screen-Shot-2013-12-11-at-11.55.16-PM.png

Hi Make sure you use 4 columns in your services shortcode like this

[services columns="4"][/services]

If you need any further help please open a ticket in our support forum :)

Hi Oxygenna,

Great theme!

Questions – Is there a way to customize a button when pressed takes you to a particular section on that page?


Hi there

You will need to make some changes to do this, open up a ticket in our support forum and we will talk you through it :)

I did open one but got a response saying this cannot be done in this theme.

Hi -

Every service that I create has a social media sharing button at the bottom. Is there a way to get rid of it?


Please open a ticket in our support forum and we will help you to get rid of them :)

Does this theme use classic google analytics or the newer Universal Analytics?

It uses Google analytics

Hi again,

I can’t find an option to add keywords and meta tags for pages. Do I need to use a plugin for this? What plugin do you recommend?

Hi there, just open up a ticket in our support forum

Hi there, just installed your theme and looks great. But where can I activate grid view for the blog? Can’t find the setting. Regards, Luca

Hi please could you make a ticket in our support forum thanks :)

Is there any way to disable/edit the preinstalled color swatches?

Hi there, just open up a ticket in our support forum

Hi please could you make a ticket in our support forum thanks :)

Hi, just a presales quesition: does it work with wp 3.8? Have you already tested it? I am really thrilled about your theme.;) Thx a lot, Irene

Yes we have tested in 3.8 :)

Can we create parallax pages with this theme?


Yes you can create parallax section backgrounds in this theme :)


Why is it that my drop down menus don’t always work?

I have pages under other pages, and I have to click the top of the list, then it goes to that page and then the dropdown list appears on hover. Isn’t that odd? Why can I not let my site viewers hover over a top level menu item and see what is below it unless they click to the page. It seems like a bug. Any thoughts?

http://fashionfilmstv.com is the site I’m working on where this is a problem.

It has to do with Rev Slider. I’m making a support request.

Thanks omnisapien

Hi guys, I’m loving the theme. Ran into an issue with the testimonials. All testimonial pages include /oxy_testimonial/ in the url. How can i change that permalink?

example: http://buzzfarmers.com/oxy_testimonial/kim-mateus/

FYI: Site is still under construction

Hi The testimonials do not have their own single page, they are designed to be used in a slideshow using the testimonials shortcode.

If you need any further help please make a support ticket

Love this theme.

One thing that trips me up though, is that the staff page and author pages aren’t the same. It would be nice if I could fill in a bio in one place and it showed up in the other instead of having to maintain two separate bios.

Also, I can’t figure out how to get a headshot to show up on the author pages. Is there a way to upload one?

One last note is if you could please add LinkedIn and Pinterest to the social media buttons and also allow them to be displayed at the top of the post below the title instead of the bottom.

Hi there

Thanks for purchasing, the staff lists are mainly for a business site to list your members of staff, they aren’t really for managing users who post on the blog.

I have a few ideas how we could link them together, please open a ticket in our support forum and we can discuss getting the features you need in our next release :)

It’d also be great if we could pick which categories are displayed in the main blog feed. :)

You can, just make a page with a recent posts shortcode inside and you can select a post category to show in the shortcode options.

Last update was almost 3 months ago?? When is the next update? I want to make sure I buy a well supported and updated theme.


The theme is well supported, we have closed 326 tickets in our support system for this theme so far. So no need to worry. If there is any specific update that you require we will be happy to look into adding it.

The last update was on the 22nd of Nov, thats 1 month, 23 days ago not 3 months ;)

Thank you for the correction, my error, yes only 2 months. My main concern is the level of optimization of the themes backend. When I put your demo site into gtmetrix.com, a recognized benchmark for testing the optimization and speed of themes, your theme doesn’t fair well, slow in fact with a page load speed of 4 seconds! check it out here: http://gtmetrix.com/reports/themes.oxygenna.com/3mwWFPvX

Thoughts? Comments? I’m looking for a theme that won’t slow me down with issues in the backend. I think your theme is gorgeous, I just want it to be gorgeous on the backend too.


The page load speed is probably due to the high load our server is under. We just released a new theme Angle which is getting quite a lot of traffic.

The main stats to look at in the report you sent would be the Page Speed Grade of 84% which is actually pretty good considering the amount of plugins that we are loading.

We always build our themes with speed in mind, this particular theme is coming up to 500 sales and we haven’t had a single customer complain about the loading speed of the theme.