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Nice theme!

Is it possible to embed a video in the homepage slider that can actually play in the slider? Could i create a homepage with slider containing video, blog posts underneath it and some other stuff like a soundcloud player and widgets? Is there a page builder and how flexible is it?



Hi there, you can use the reviolution slider that comes with the theme so yes you can have a video in the slide. You can customize your homepage with any elemenys (recent posts sliders portfolios etc), Swatch is not including a page builder but comes with a powerful shortcode generator so its very easy and flexible.

ok thanks! Could i create a homepage with slider and underneath it a full width 2 column or 1 column blog?

How it is possible to create parallax section backgrounds? I can’t find any info in documentation or on your support forum.

Please let me know.

Hi there, an option for that will be available on the next update. Thanks

Hi, love the theme and had purchased it a few months ago and have finally started to use it now.

One question though:

Is it possible to add a section (panel) on a page which has a video background.

That autoplays in the background without audio and just in that section.

The plugin Hero has something similar, but I don’t want it placed on the top of the page, just in the general order of page sections.

Here is the example from Hero:



Video backgrounds are not possible in Swatch at the moment, I will look into adding this.


I just started to use the theme and like it so far. Is it possible to add google adsense ads to pages (using goggles java script)? The have new responsive ads that would fit nice with the theme. Just copy and pasting the adsense code in the page editor dosnt work.


Just installed the update butt the portfolio links seem to be broken.. (only fancybox works) any suggestions?

Hmmm. Could be because of the new link options. Please could open a ticket in our support forum Thanks :)

is there a changlog somewhere for 1.5?

Hi, its on the theme page now


I want to buy this theme. I like the functionalities, but sometimes the animation is too much. Is it possible to make things more quiet and pieceful? For example, i’d like to change the rollover animation on the portfolio items to fade in. How difficult is this? I’m familiar with css but have no experience with javascript or php…



Hi there, No worries, Swatch is easy to modify. We’ll be able to help you with small CSS tweaks in our support forum.

where to put the license files ??


Love the theme, I’ve got a quick question for you…

I’m building my home page. I’ve added two layer slide shows, theres a gap of about 20px between them but I want them to sit flush like on your demo. I’ve added them using the short cut provided in the layer slider section. I’m guessing this is the problem but when I try and add the slide shows on the page using your shortcut icon then, sections no slide shows appear in to select?

Hope that all makes sense…


Hi Jonty, could you please make a ticket in our support forum? http://oxygenna.ticksy.com/

Thanks anyway but I’ve managed to sort out the problem.

Hi, what font are you currently using in the theme preview? It’s nice.

Hi there, the fonts in the demo are “Proxima Nova” from typekit (Lato from google will work as well)

Thanks a million!


I have a small issue with the theme. I’ve updated it and since then the footer is gone.

I double checked to be sure it’s activated from the wp-admin. I’ve also reactivated the before version, but the problem still persists.

What should I do?

Hi there, could you please open up a ticket in our support forum? http://oxygenna.ticksy.com/

Wow, thanks for the fast reply. I found the problem: the update removed the footer widgets. I’ve put them back in place and it’s all ok now.

You are welcome Cristiursea. Feel free to contact us for any help you might need. Regards

Is it possible to change the colour/hover of the links in the menu without changing the header background? Thanks!

Hi there, yes you can do that ;-)

Okay! Can you give me a hint on where to do that? :(. I’ve tried the html editor but it doesn’t seem to be what I’m looking for :( Thanks again for your help :D

You can do that with the extra CSS option in the backend. Please open up a ticket in our support forum to guide you through that.

Awesome theme. Thank you.

If I create a website using this theme and the website is used to sell my magazine subscriptions, do I need a regular license or an extended one?

Hi boostcamper, a regular license will do


I would like to click in a “Menu Option” and redirect to a “Section” in the same Page. Ex: in the home, I click in menu option “Clients” and go to section “Clients” in the same page (“Home”) Is that possible?


Hi there, please open up a ticket in our support forum: http://oxygenna.ticksy.com/


I want to add a “STORE LOCATOR” plugin. Is there one recommend that will go nicely with the Swatch Template?

Sorry have not used a store locator plugin before so can’t recommend one


I am having issues using this template. 1) I cannot edit the shortcodes.. it keeps showing blank white page with 0. when i goto the simple section and click insert nothing happens.

2) This also happens with the services and all other shortcodes that uses the pop out frames.

How do i fix this

Please could open a ticket in our support forum Thanks :)

Ive done that.. Kindly respond.. URGENT

Hi guys! Thanks for the great theme, really loving it!

I have one question though: how can I get a button to be centered within a section? When I add buttons – no matter if 1 or 2, they always seem to be left-aligned. I’ve seen you have a centered button on the demo page, so I guess there should be a rather easy way to do that, right?

Thanks in advance for your kind support!

Hi there, could you open a ticket in our support forum: http://oxygenna.ticksy.com/

How can i add a link that open’s in a new page to a portfolio item?

Hi there, please open up a ticket in our support forum: http://oxygenna.ticksy.com/

Is the theme include with sample content? or empty? because it’s sometimes hard to input the data without the sample content.


Hi there, Swatch comes with a demo content xml file that you can upload so that your site will look like the demo

many thanks for quick response.