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Clean and very nice theme. Good luck :)

Thanks vickystudio :)

Looks awesome! ;)

Thanks louiejie! Congratulation for your work!

Nice Work ! GLWS :)

Thanks metrothemes :)

Awesome job, wondering if you would be producing a wordpress version of this soon?

I don’t know, I’m thinking about it. Thanks for comment

Hello, just to inform you that the version of WordPress is now available :)


Also wondering if you’ve put any more thought into a WP version. I bought this template not realizing it wasn’t for WP and am not sure I’m up for converting it myself

Hello, thank you for purchasing Sweet Cake :)

I am sorry for your mistake :( , I can’t tell you when the WP version comes out, however if you’re still interested write me at

You mentioned the WP version being available in September. Will I be able to simply upgrade to that version without re-purchasing it separately?

I’m sorry but the HTML version and Wp are two different things and I fear that you will not have the theme Wp without purchasing.

Thanks for comment :)

Can menu be “fixed”?

Hi @imconnected,

We made many tests and there are no errors in the menu section. Write an email to reporting the error, the browser and its version.

Thanks for the comment.

Great Work!!! Congratulation!!

Thanks nikospera!!


Can you please let me know when the WP version comes out? I like this sooo much but I’m looking to build my website myself and I’m not a developer, wouldn’t know how to use this template other than with a CRM like WP.

My email is


Hi Nick!

Thank you for your response. I’ll wait until September for the WP version, but will buy this version anyways and will play around with it.. see if I can learn some HTML5.

Sure, thank you very much :) If you have some questions remember that we are available.

Bye Bye and good work

Hello, just to inform you that the version of WordPress is now available :)


Hi I recently bought your theme, but when I upload it to my server I get a 403 (forbidden) error on the google map api. Is that happening to anyone else? The map is working fine but I don’t like this error in the console. I see this isn’t happening on the Theme Preview Site.

GET…4sit-IT&5e0&6sm%40218000000&7b0&8e0&9b0&callback=_xdc_._hb4ond&token=52232 403 (Forbidden) main.js:12 GET… 403 (Forbidden) main.js:12

Hello, thank you for purchasing my theme :) No one has reported this problem, can you please write to sending the link of your site and the browser you are using. So we can do testing and help you solve your problem.

Thank you.

To avoid the “403 Forbidden” you have to use the online API version.

In the footer there is the inclusion of javascript files. You must replace your code:

<script src="js/jquery.min.js"> </ script> <! - Jquery ->
<script src="js/google-api.js"> </ script> <! - Google Maps API ->

with this:

<script src=""> </ script> <! - Jquery ->
<script src=""> </ script> <! - Google Maps API ->

Thank you and good work :)

Wonderful Theme!!! Congratulation!!

Thank you for purchasing my theme. I’m glad you like it. Many thanks :)

Hi there, how do i edit the slider text. I can’t seem to edit the text in photoshop is it an image rather than text?

Hello, thank you for purchasing my theme :)

Yes, I have decided to manage the slide with the pictures because I applied border effect to the text. Sweet cake uses Revolution slider and supports the text animations. In its documentation that I have attached in the download package you can find all the information for how to implement the text in the slide.

If there are any problems send me an e-mail to

Thank you and good work :)

Nice template, I have a problem though, I want to create another section just like the “my work” section but can’t. Can you guide me? Thanks.


thank you for purchasing my theme, I’m glad you like it.

Sure, I’ll help you :) Can you send me the link of your demo to my e-mail

Then I will send you the code you need.

Thank you and good work

I would like to thank you again, You ROCK!

Thanks to you :)

nice work! is there some kind of control panel for the slider?


there aren’t a control panel for the slide. The theme uses revolution slider that is included. It’s a slider very easy to use and you have the documentation included in the download package.

Thanks for the comment :)

I’m working on replacing the circle placeholders in the “team” section with images. The only PSD file I can find includes the entire section, not just the circle image sections. I am finding it extremely difficult to get the circles isolated and get my images in place. Do you have any more detailed instructions or a how-to anywhere to be able to use the PSD files to get my images in the circles. I’m currently using Photoshop 7. Thanks!

Hi @prestonmichaelh,

thank you very much for purchasing sweet cake theme. We have prepared for you a video tutorial that can help you :)


If you have problems feel free to contact us by email at

I hope I have helped you in the best way. In case I am always available.

Bye Thank you very much :)

(If you think That my service is good please rate your purchase with the stars)

This is great, thank you!

Could anyone tell me which font is used to create the slider text “Welcome to Sweet Cake theme”? Thanks.


I prepared the video that helps you to create images of text to use in the slider.

Here is the video :)

I didn’t understand your last question, you want to increase the font size? Sweet Cake uses pictures but Revolution Slider supports text in the slides, so all the style about the slide you can find it in the file settings.css (slide / rs-plugin / css / settings.css), including the size of the text you want to insert.

For the text you can use classes already created by “revolution slider” that you find in the file settings.css under the “CAPTIONS”, you can edit them or simply create your classes with your custom styles.

I hope I have helped you in the best way. For any other problems contact me at :)

Thank you and good job :)

Thank you nicdark. You’ve answered all of my questions. Again, thanks for your assistance on this beautiful theme, and i’m looking forward to purchasing the WP version of this theme. September correct? Thanks.

Thanks for your nice words, I hope by the middle of September :)

looking foward to a WP version. I just purchased the html files yesterday.

Hello saramccarthy,

thank you very much for purchasing my theme. I’m glad you like it.

I’m working on version of wordpress and I hope to finish it by the end of the month :) Follow me on ThemeForest to see updates.

Thanks bye bye

Hello, just to inform you that the version of WordPress is now available :)


Thanks for the amazing theme! Very well built and easy to customize! The support team is receptive and fast!

Thanks a lot!

Thank you very much for your kind words and comment :):)

I purchased the theme, very happy and great customer support from Nicdark well recommended the purchase.

Thanks a lot.



oh nice! thank you very much for purchasing the theme and thanks a lot for the comment.


Can you add more social icons like Pinterest and other networks?

And can you add Grid info whit Shortcodes

Hello thank you for purchasing the theme :) Of course, if you write me at I can send you the icons that interest you. I’m sorry, this is a theme html, does not support the shortcode. If you have any problems write me via e-mail.

i cant get this theme to work on wordpress, apparently i am missing the style sheet- can you help please thanks jo


Sorry, I don’t understand. This is a theme html5, wordpress version is available here.