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zinavo Purchased

Please sir send me reply

You just posted question :)

my mobile version upload photo button cannot work. the button is there but you cant click. please support

Hi, please use our support site for any theme technical related questions. Our dedicated team will gladly help:

Thank you


Need help to hide the admin account, not find function on? Do you have a solution

The autocomplete function of city-country does not work on HTTPS, Do you have a solution

Thank you

Hi, you already asked this and I answered that you need to find a plugin. If you are on HTTPS then you need to buy a membership from geonames


What plugin? No plugin on wordpress


vinz98 Purchased

Hi, after last update it is not possible anymore to add photo to timeline or add text to groups because the button is missing, it pops up and away in a second. CSS problem? Other buyers have same problem as I read here. Please fix. thank you!

I tried to reproduce your issue but couldn’t so I can’t fix something I can’t see how it behaves. Open a ticket and share credentials with our staff on the support site


vinz98 Purchased

Resolved: Just place this under custom css in RTmedia: #whats-new-content #whats-new-options, #whats-new-options { display: block; }

We are releasing an update today, Thanks ;) Newest rtMedia update causes that

Hello there more questions on your theme…i have a client thats interested in getting a dating theme and i want to ask can your theme support my country payment integration and also does it support MemberPress and MEMBERSHIP 2 PRO plugins? Also can the a user block or verify another user from chatting with them

Lastly i hope..if i get to use any other membership plugin with the theme would the matching questions still work and would the member be able to get access to other pages without paying unlike the demo…

Is it possible for members to verify each other, say if they have met and want to let other people know the person is genuine?

Hello, the questions shouldn\t be affected by the restriction plugin. It is all related to the restrictions you want to make and the plugin settings.

The verify functionality should be added by you, please try to check a plugin

Can anybody help install all files for some money ? Who ?

NO !! Diese Website kann keine sichere Verbindung bereitstellen verwendet ein nicht unterstütztes Protokoll. ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH

This site can not provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol. ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH

It is a problem with your domain.

Hi, we researched this problem and it is an issue with the old browser. We checked our certificate and it is fine. Please do a test on a different computer and let me know


VRDPE Purchased

Hi again,

Is it possible for members to verify each other, say if they have met and want to let other people know the person is genuine?


VRDPE Purchased

I’ve lost the link you sent me for the custom work :-/

Hi, you can send your brief at dev at


Hi, i am interested in buying the sweet travel theme, i just want to know if it is possible to add custom form or to add price for the trip and places available to the form.


I mean to add a custom field to the form

Hi, the form can be customized with the profile fields from the users profile so if you add profile fields with those fieds, you will be able to select them in the form

Hi, I just bought the dating theme, but i actually want to use it as a a car sharing, but there#s no instruction on how to change it to the car sharing theme as in the demo, can you pls send me a link or tell me how this can be changed to car sharing thême.

I see a lot of Issues. So before I buy and have you set it up is the WP Theme Fully Functional when we get you to set up? Meaning What work do I need to do After you install it? I see that Buddypress list and groups will not be imported and images. So will I be able to just Promote this Site with few changes and Add Images. Will people be able to sign up to this site right away if I start promoting it after Installation with a Few Changes and Paypal Integration? I need little hands on as possible I have to many systems I am working on.


Hello, we don’t take care of the install, you purchase the theme and then you should install it on your site.

There is a plugin called BP Default Data that you can use and generate dummy members and groups data.

If you need help with the setup then I suggest to get help from a web developer. We also have an install service if you are interested that will setup the theme just like our demo:

I’m interested if your theme can be adapted to a ‘Find a Musician’ theme, I would need to remove all the references to love, dating and romance and replace it with music related text/images etc. Is this possible? It appears to have all the elements that I need for musicians to find other musicians/bands etc. If it can’t, can you recomend a theme that could be adapted to do this please. Thanks

Hi, yes that should be possible. You can check this ticket to see some snippets that might help

Please Tell what Font Type you use for the Logo “Sweet Date” THANKS

Hi, it is Yesteryear

hi, i registered 1.5 years ago on your demo page with my facebook account. It shows up on google and I would like to delete my user account. my registered username is; please delete my account.

The version of WooCommerce, is disponible only english?

I have downloaded Sweetdate Dating Wordpres Theme: Can you install it for 49.00 that is is ready with a membership register, so I only need to change coloures and images ?

I would like to know if there is a way where you can show the match percent in the members page.

I need help configuring the navigation for BuddyPress Profile Tabs. I need to add a sub nav in the profile tabs or group the menu in sub nav.

I need help configuring the navigation for BuddyPress Profile Tabs. I need to add a sub nav in the profile tabs or group the menu in sub nav.