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Can you tell the addresses of real web-sites, that use SweetDate? Not demo site.


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I bought now with you and after completion of this installation is not up to the theme? What to do?

Hi, please do not disclose your email publicly for spam purposes. I don’t understand what issue you have.. you want a theme install service?


B24ONLINE Purchased

I have a problem with the template I purchased some messages sent to your site and there is no answer here and would love for it and resubmitting the template that what sent me the first time was not right, that’s why I published Tmiil Batra also acquired and received an answer thanks

Hi, I do not understand what you are trying to say or what problem you are having.. Please create a ticket and share the details of your issue:

ok so after months of waiting on your to release the builder i went ahead and tried this on my own.. and im having difficulty because you put the paid memberships pro on here. but regardless of that there are still many members signing up. i want it so that when they sign up. they pay and then its on. i know your probably gonna say i need a redirect plugin or hire a custom developer .. but understand this .. i buy the theme with the expectations that its supposed to work with the features and plugins that come installed with it. well how do i make it so that the members must pay to use the site upon registration. there are too many regular buddypress spam members.. i dont want any buddypress members atall .. so on your site its very confusing how you have under USERS>ADD USERS … but under that you have memberships>view members and none of the buddy press members are on the members from pain members pro and none of the paid members pro has none of the buddypress users … you know what im talking about please done just point me to the next developer because i bought this from you. if your gonna put paid memberships pro on there then make sure that it is linked correctly with the theme and that it can be used under one database .. not 2 seperate database memberships ….. i disabled registration and members can still register … this really needs to be cleared up .. i tried my best to explain this to you as simple as possible .. please send me back a thoughtful response with a solution thank you.. and last any update on when the visual builder is gonna be available .. its already the end of march

Hello, for users to apply for a membership, they need to register on the site first. You can add this snippet to restrict users access until they purchase a membership

yes the builder is detailed unfortunately due backward compatibility since we want sites to look like they looked before the update and don’t break things. I will talk with the devs and see if I can get a ETA.


now that was what i call HELP foreal :) . i really appreciate that. can you tell me where to paste this snippet i dont wanna break anything. and can i use this for the licensed buddyapp and klep that i have can i use the same snippet .. that would be awesome

Hi, yes you can use it on other themes if you use Paid memberships pro. You should put this in child theme functions.php at the end of the file without the starting <?php


I am willing to purchase the this theme for a client but before I do I need to know that can I edit this theme easily if I have to extend the functionality?

Like adding custom post types or adding 1 more field for search?



Hi, yes you can add more fields to the search and they are in fact BuddyPress profile fields. You can override templates and add custom code sure


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Great theme. Have you integrated the visual editor yet?

Hello, we are working to make it backward compatible since it is the hardest task. We will keep you updated.

Hi Your theme looks great, I am looking to purchase a dating theme and I am looking at yours and another one before I can make a decision could you please reply to questions below thanks 1 can membership setting be amended? 2 can gender be edited, if I want to replace man or woman by something else? 3 is there a match making option? Thanks 4 do you a screenshot of the end user interface I only want to know if it’s the Wordpress interface? 5 can the layout be changed. I want to be able to add function on member page such as live chat etc so people don’t have to click on profile 6 can you send virtual gift to other member? Thanks


1. You can restrict pages and posts from the page edit level so you can define you own restrictions

2. Sure, those are profile fields that you can add/edit/remove

3. match is not available for the moment


5. You need to extend the theme with plugins or custom development.

6. A plugin is required for that.


Thanks for your reply, this may sound cheeky but is it possible to have the same layout and feature on profile ( live chat etc) like the love story? theme I am only trying to make a decision based on my business requirements nothing else, tjanks