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Hello, can the changelog get an update since the newest update?

Hi, it was already updated. It takes a bit to reveal the update info from the moment the update is live. All the best.

Maybe in future try to port the changelog into the ‘thereisanupdate-mail’ from Themeforest? happy december!

hi, that will be great but that is not an option from Envato now.

We are thinking of using this theme for a staffing agency. The employer would be able to view profiles of temp employees with skills they need and then hire the one they find suitable. Is there a way for this theme could handle that?

I’m thinking there needs to be an hourly value assigned to the profile, then you can add the profile to the cart and use a quantity value to give the number of hours the employee is being hired for. Is that feasible?

The workflow would be:

1. Employer looks at profiles of candidates. 2. Employer finds candidate and is prompted to sign up. 3. Employer signs up and adds candidate to cart. 4. Employer sets the amount of hours they need the candidate. 5. Employer completes checkout process.


Hello, sorry for the late reply. You can add you own profile fields but adding profiles to the cart is not possible and you will need a custom implementation

Hello. There is an update but nothing in the change log

Hello, the changelog should be in place.


Your Changelog is not updated

Thank you

Hello, it should be since today. Thanks

how to make that when you choose a country automatically drop out the menu with the cities from this country?

Hello, please check Theme options – BuddyPress the Geonames City autocomplete

Login facebook don’t work

Hi, yes it should work. Please use our support site for any theme technical related questions. Our dedicated team will gladly help:

Thank you

Hi, would it be possible for a user to have several entries (without having to open an additional account)? Looking for a theme to match lost&found entries.

Hi, you can use our theme with a plugin that adds that

hi…can i use this theme for Matrimonial Classifieds site with profile preferences??

Hello, if what you see in the demo applies to you then yes, Think that you can change all the fields to your own.

Hi i am looking to change the text colour in the register form could you please indicate how to do it thanks

Hi, the colors are taken from the primary button styling

I get an error stating i don’t have a valid plugin when installing to WP…. any ideas?

Hello, you need to install it from Appearance – Themes. Please use our support site for any theme technical related questions. Our dedicated team will gladly help:

Thank you


Qarijutt Purchased

Can i remove post, mention, groups and forums option? I also want to edit friendship button as “send interest” Because I want to use this theme for my matrimony website.

Hello, if you disable groups componens, and disable bbPress plugin then the groups and forums won’t show. Mentions are there by default. That can be translated using Loco Translate plugin

Hello, I am really considering buying that, buy I have some questions first. 1) Is there a referral system in place? I will need to promote my site through affiliates and to do that I need a referral system. Affiliates will need to have their own dashboard where they will be able to see leads and sales. 2) Is it possible to request from users to make a payment upon signing up?

Hello, you need to find a plugin for a referral system. You can use Paid Memberships Pro plugin that we already integrate and use their checkout page to register too


a_madani Purchased

I’m trying to install the template and there are two folders here. I just downloaded the theme today. one says version 2.9 do I need to upload that one to get the latest version of the theme or the one that is in the wordpress folder??

Hello, please upload the one from the Wordpress folder, the 3.x version. We added the older version just for users who need it.

Hi, How can we cancel the activation of e-mail membership on the system?

Hi, please search for a plugin that disables buddypress email activation

There is a problem on the WordPress site using your theme template. You can look at the site This problem occurs after you upgrade to the latest version of the template. I think the conflict between the theme and the plugin Elementor.

The problem is this: There is no scrolling in the user’s tape and there is no scrolling in the news feed on the main page of the site. And when you press the arrows to the right or left, the site restarts and nothing happens. The problem disappears only when you update the browser cache (ctrl + F5). I tried to use the site in different browsers (Chrome, Yandex and Safari) – the problem is everywhere. Only updating the cache helps to solve the problem. What do i do?

Hi, please use our support site for any theme technical related questions. Our dedicated team will gladly help:

Thank you

The fact is that I did not buy this theme here, but bought it on a Russian-language website at a low price. And on the technical support forum access is only for those who bought from you a theme. I consider that the conflict in the jquery files. Please tell your developers

Hi, you have been scammed. Please purchase our theme from the only place where it is sold and that is Themeforest or you are not using it legally.

Hi, I just bought your theme and have one question. All the emails that are sent, are sent from the the emailadress ‘’. Where can I change this? I want the emailadress not to be anything with wordpress in it. Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hi, please use a wordpress plugin to send emails trough your SMTP server. You can set there also the From email field


adamgoe Purchased

I just updated the theme to the most updated version, but i saw this in the change log: “MPORTANT NOTICE: All BuddyPress templates were rewritten and your old templates overrides from child theme won’t work. We moved to the bp-legacy integration for BuddyPress templates since SweetDate was using a deprecated integration.”.

unfortunately i got quite a lot of overrides inside the folder of custom_buddypress folder in the child theme…and am quite confused now as some of the overrides work and some are not…what’s the proper way to add back the old custom codes to the updated theme?

Hi, when updating the theme, the overrides won’t be active. Your site will work just as a default Sweetdate install. You need to make a diff on your changes and apply them to the new templates. New templates are now located under the buddypress folder inside the theme. Old ones are just right in the theme folder.


adamgoe Purchased

also i can’t see where the bp-album is now, can you give me some hints?

Hi, Bp-album is deprecated, please use rtmedia plugin

On the old version the search function does not work for us: The results on page 2 and onword are all mixed up, only page 1 is fitered. After installing the most recent version including Elementor the new system blocked the after sign up verification mail. We had to reinstall the old version with search bug and ask 70 users to sign up again. Embarassing! Now we are trying to rebuild the whole site again on a test server to try to make the new version with Elementor work but all of a sudden we face new problems such as not finding the sign up block form for Home. We wrote support yesterday morning, so far no response after 2 full work days. Since October 24th (3 months) we are in contact with support again and again. We have 400 members and cannot communicate as the site is not fixed yet. This is turning into a nightmare.

Hi there, if your issue is still not resolved please let me know and I will check it with the team asap to fix your problems. There are some thing that aren’t configured correctly most probably.

Hello, the search bug still has not been addressed, we are awaiting a response from Radu. He has the login to the test environment. Please check the status of progress.

Will do an update you. Thanks

does it have private instant messaging or chat between two members?

Hi, you have the option for private messages