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Nice setup!

Could you post css to get the top header static ? If i buy today, will any near updates be included ?

“Could you post the css to get the top header static ?” Sorry I don’t quite understand your question.

“If i buy today, will any near updates be included ?” Yes.

Thank you, sincerely, Dmitry.

What i mean is that i would prefer the top menu bar (containing logo, messages, profile info) to be fixed at top location the same way as the left menu is fixed left, only content will scroll, not top menu bar..

Today tried to fix the top menu, didn’t work.

Had purchased it and test. So far I’m happy to have this. Please add some enhancement like remove the dot border when click item. I can simply achieve with this property outline: none; in the CSS

Thank you very much. We’ll fix that in the next update :)

I had found need some enhancement. on file css/style.css:697 The selector class “active” should be at li not at a. Because CMS usually put automatically add class active at LI not A.

It is even a mistake cannot be called :) Because the class, you can write anywhere. But if you want, I can fix it.

Pardon me. When combine your template with CMS, we not always have option to put class anywhere :). Because it is done automatically from CMS.

If we design HTML manually without programming, sure there will be no problem :)

Anyway, i had fix my download copy. :)

This is only my suggestion, i love your design and how clean your HTML code. With little improvement how it is will implemented with web server programming, i believe you can deliver perfect product in the future :D

Thanks, I uchtu your wishes :)

Hi can you give brief explain what is the different/effect with class grid and row-fluid?

Class “GRID” are using when one block to the entire width of the page.

Class row-fluid is used when you need to put a few in a row “grid” blocks. More: http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/scaffolding.html

Hi, can you give example how can i create form in modal popup?

I you again can’t understand.
I paste form code between the

<div class="modal-body">  code form </div>
, and everything works correctly.

Have you tried use your design form inside <div class="modal-body"> code form </div>

The multiselect field does this use a jquery script ?

Kind regards,

Erwin van Hoof SiteOn

Hi. Uses. Link to the script and documentation: http://harvesthq.github.com/chosen/

Please see this screenshot and look at the “links” within the red box. How come they dont show up on the mobile version? Are these considered buttons? The way the “real” buttons beneath them display on a mobile browser isn’t too pleasant.


The mobile version of the limited space on the screen, so they were hidden. These items are in the drop-down menu.

Just bought that template. It is fine, it is just disappointing that the header cannot stick on top while scrolling down…

I got the header to stay on top quite “easily” (not tested browser compatibility) with :

.header { position: fixed; z-index:100; } #content { margin-top:40px; } .content { margin-top:20px; }

but i can’t get the speedbar to stick as well =/ also, when scrolling, the speedbar menu arrow is staying ontop if header.

Also, there is an with the template (at least on chrome). When page content is less than a screen height, you still have a vertical scroll. Its size is about the size of header (My guess is that left side menu is too hight).

Fixed the vertical scrolling issue on chrome and IE8 with #sidebar { //min-height:100%; }

I haven’t seen any side effect yet and i don’t know for other browsers…

hi. I know how to make a fixed header. The problem is how to make the fixed header + speedbar. :)

I’m interested in this Admin Theme; but I have a lot of items that will not fit across the top spreed bar; does the top speedbar as shown below allow for dropdowns? This option would allow for unlimited items to be added to this theme?

Let me know?


  • Dashboard
  • Charts
  • Image Gallery
  • Calendar
  • Chat

Yes, in the drop-down menu is placed numerous items.

I know the large dropdown with down arrow works… My questions is can I put drop down under Charts, under Calendar, Under Chat? Does that menu support drop down?



If I understand you correctly, you want to make 2 or more drop-down list? Yes you can do it, no problem.

Regards, Dmitry.

I really love this ADMIN theme and would love to buy-it / use-it; only issue I’m having is that you are using the “fontawesome-webfont.ttf” for a lot of the icons and used a lot for overall look…

My customer which I would like to use this theme for is a large company that has recently standardized the entire company in IE8 (prior to this they were on “IE6”) so it will be a while before they upgrade again; based on my tests it seems as “fontawesome-webfont.ttf” is not supported in IE8; all ICONS come out as 1/2 boxes.

Do you have a work around that would make this theme work in IE8?



IE8 supports fontawesome-webfont. screenshot of ie8: http://s020.radikal.ru/i713/1302/03/185dc43c1e2b.png

The only thing you will need to replace the logo on the smaller sizes. Because the ie8 does not support retina. Above in the comments I have already told how.

Hi, Very nice work with clean coding. I have purchased and using this template and facing one issue. I have less content in my few pages but still vertical scroll is coming. why? I don’t want that scroll when my content is lesser in the pages.

Please suggest how to do?

Hi, Very nice work with clean coding. I have purchased and using this template and facing one issue. I have less content in my few pages but still vertical scroll is coming. why? I don’t want that scroll when my content is lesser in the pages.

Please suggest how to do?

Hi. On weekends I try to solve this problem.

You need to open the file style.css. Find #sidebar { and remove min-height: 100%;

Can you tell med exactly what files I need to include to get the half circle pie charts like “Indicator CPU” work as they do in the demo at http://lavrinyuk.pp.ua/demo/sweetdreams/demo/charts.html.

hi. http://www.justgage.com/ – the official website this charts.

Hi! You template look very clean, light and nice looking so I bought it for one of my projects. Problem I’m facing now is – conflicts between Bootstrap and jQuery-UI. I mostly use jQuery-UI for my form fields and stuff like that and can’t manage to get all of this working together with your template which is mostly based on Bootstrap. On the other hand I see you use jUI in your template too, but Bootstrap still overwrites jUI CSS. What’s the point?

So, questions I face are: 1. Can you please explain how to nicely integrate this template with jUI widgets, custom jUI theme (looks that the one you use for jUI is default one). Maybe you can provide couple of small examples? 2. Do you plan to release updated version any time soon with all fixes mentioned before in comments and marked with text “Problem solved” or “will be solved in next release” etc.? :) 3. What’s the minimal needed things in your template to get it working? I mean, I would like to start using it as simple template without charts and other cool features (and additional addons) which I don’t use at least for now. So, from where should I start? 4. Do you have LESS version of CSS available? It could be useful for me if I would like to slightly modify template color and some paddings, font sizes etc.

I would really appreciate you answers to at least some of questions mentioned above.

Thanks in advance!

Hi. Frankly I do not understand the half of your questions. Well, try to answer something.

1) What’s the minimal needed things in your template to get it working? - If you do not need graphics and so on, just unplug theirs js. And also in the file application.js remove the initialization code. Documentation describes what the script is responsible for what.

2) Do you plan to release updated version any time soon with all fixes? - No. Now we are busy with other projects, I’m sorry.

3) Do you have LESS version of CSS available? - no

Sincerely, AirTheme.

Thanks for your answers!

One example – when I do $(’#foo’).button(); then it creates Bootstrap button, because bootstrap.js is included after jquery-ui.js. But I would like to create jQuery UI button. Same with buttonset and some other JS functions. But if I include bootstrap.js before jquery-ui.js, then some bootstrap functions get broken.

I do not know if it helps. But first try to connect the bootstrap, and then jquery. Swap them. Here it is:

<script src=”js/bootstrap.min.js”></script>
<script src=”js/jquery.min.js”></script>
<script src=”js/jquery-ui.min.js”></script>

Tab navigation on the check box radio button and drop down is not working please provide me update about it .

Hello, describe in detail the problem, and the best record video or screenshot.

Thank you, regards AirTheme.

please send me your email id i will send you images of the issue .

Hello, On the login page you can not see the cursor, or anything which is consistent with the username and password fields – only in Chrome browsers (version 33 to 41.0.2272.76 m)

Demo is not working