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Will this work with the current release of Concrete5?

Thanks for the good feedback. I do my best so it’s nice to hear something positive for once. Let me know if you need anything else!


Does not work on 5.7 (yet). In case you were wondering. It works just great in though.

I do have another question if you have a second. What determines the order of the blocks on the page going down? It appears to be the order they are created, but that may be a problem down the road if you want to create content and add it higher up on the page.

Thanks again. Great Theme.

Good question, it’s based on the order of the pages. In concrete5 you can easily reorder pages by dragging them around in the sitemap of the dashboard.

Also, thanks for confirming 5.7. I figured it wouldn’t since its such a drastic update. They completely changed the entire package and block interface.


Hello, I’m having issues with creating an external link in the site map, the link shows up fine but just redirects to the home page instead of externally?

Hi, I will be happy to assist you. Is this link in the general content or in the navigation?


I have the Avada Architecture theme and would lov eto use Instagram Journal as a plug-in. Instead of having a blog, I want to have an Instagram page on my website. Is that possible with Instagram Journal? Thank you so much for your help!!!

Hi, it looks like you posted in my sweetpea theme forum but I will be happy to help you nonetheless. Yes Instagram Journal works great with Avada. Let me know if you need help getting started.

I would love help, how do I get started?

Sounds good, just go ahead and download the plugin and install it.



hello Im receiving the following error:

This package is corrupt. Make sure it has a valid controller.php file and that it has been updated to 5.7 and later.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Hi, you’re receiving this error because you need to use Concrete5.6. In the future, I plan to offer this as a 5.7 theme also however the marketplace is still dominated by 5.6 users so I’m waiting on the popularity to pick up.

Download the latest version of concrete5.6 and you’ll be all set!

Thanks! it works!

Perfect! :)


Is there an ETA on when this may be available for 5.7? I just purchased it not realizing that this has not been set up for 5.7 yet.

Very well, I should have a release ready soon!

Hi – any update?

Hi, not yet but if you can send me a message using the form on my profile page—I can notify you as soon as it comes available! :)

I am running concrete5 and getting an error when trying to install sweetpea. (error Broken package (handle theme_sweetpea).)

I haven’t renamed. Pls help ASAP

Hi, No worries on your disappointment. I promise to compensate you well for your next purchase to make it fair.

Cheers! xxcriversxx

Thank you

Please send me a message using the form on my profile page including your request so I can make sure to update you the moment this is available. :)

Am I able to use the Sweat Pea as a home page and content page for my website as I have thousands of products.

I just want to update my home page with parallax blocks as you have in Sweat Pea.


Yes you are able to create the homepage as outlined in the demo and interior pages as well. Let me know if you need assistance getting started!


Hi there,

I did not realize that we are only using Concrete5.7 before I purchased the concrete5.5/concrete5.6 version of this template – my developer did not tell me. I only bought this a few hours ago. Can you switch me over/upgrade me to the newer version?

Please let me know.

If the update is ready now for 5.7 or even 5.8 then yes. Otherwise no.

No worries, your refund is in process mate! Cheers.

Hi, your refund has been approved. Apologies for the inconvenience with the Concrete5 versions. Our team ended up having to rework the theme for the latest concrete5.8 release instead of just launching for 5.7. Take care and good luck with your business! :)

Hello, just purchased sweetpea theme but cannot install on concrete5 version 8.2.1. message is : unknown package + This package is corrupt. Make sure it has a valid controller.php file and has been updated to concrete5.7 and above

can you help me please ?

Hi, I plan on releasing a version for 5.8. Would you like to be notified once it’s available?




I should have checked before buying this. It does not work with Concrete 8.3.2. You mentioned that you are working on making the template work latest. Can you provide me fix or refund the purchase please?


Thanks for reaching out. Yes, this addon is for the previous version but I’ll be happy to provide you with a copy of our Concrete5.8 version that is currently under review. Do you have an email I can send it to?