Discussion on Sweet Pea - Fullscreen Concrete 5 Theme

Discussion on Sweet Pea - Fullscreen Concrete 5 Theme

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Hi, I’m on concrete5 8.5.0. I have purchased and downloaded a template on an external site but don’t know what to do or where to save it to make it appear in the Dashboard/Pages & Themes menu to be able to use it. Can somebody help me to solve that stupid issue? Also how can I start using the samples in purchased in the template if I installed Concrete5 with some website example (Element)? Shall I delete all the pages from element and than switch template or is there a more elegant solution. Thanks in advance for your help.

purchase was made here on envato market actually. Template is Ever After. Sorry just see that I’m on the wrong post. Will publish on the right one.

Sound good, thanks!


I should have checked before buying this. It does not work with Concrete 8.3.2. You mentioned that you are working on making the template work latest. Can you provide me fix or refund the purchase please?


Thanks for reaching out. Yes, this addon is for the previous version but I’ll be happy to provide you with a copy of our Concrete5.8 version that is currently under review. Do you have an email I can send it to?


Got it!

Hello, just purchased sweetpea theme but cannot install on concrete5 version 8.2.1. message is : unknown package + This package is corrupt. Make sure it has a valid controller.php file and has been updated to concrete5.7 and above

can you help me please ?

Hi, I plan on releasing a version for 5.8. Would you like to be notified once it’s available?



Hi there,

I did not realize that we are only using Concrete5.7 before I purchased the concrete5.5/concrete5.6 version of this template – my developer did not tell me. I only bought this a few hours ago. Can you switch me over/upgrade me to the newer version?

Please let me know.

If the update is ready now for 5.7 or even 5.8 then yes. Otherwise no.

No worries, your refund is in process mate! Cheers.

Hi, your refund has been approved. Apologies for the inconvenience with the Concrete5 versions. Our team ended up having to rework the theme for the latest concrete5.8 release instead of just launching for 5.7. Take care and good luck with your business! :)

Am I able to use the Sweat Pea as a home page and content page for my website as I have thousands of products.

I just want to update my home page with parallax blocks as you have in Sweat Pea.


Yes you are able to create the homepage as outlined in the demo and interior pages as well. Let me know if you need assistance getting started!


I am running concrete5 and getting an error when trying to install sweetpea. (error Broken package (handle theme_sweetpea).)

I haven’t renamed. Pls help ASAP

Hi, No worries on your disappointment. I promise to compensate you well for your next purchase to make it fair.

Cheers! xxcriversxx

Thank you

Please send me a message using the form on my profile page including your request so I can make sure to update you the moment this is available. :)


Is there an ETA on when this may be available for 5.7? I just purchased it not realizing that this has not been set up for 5.7 yet.

Very well, I should have a release ready soon!

Hi – any update?

Hi, not yet but if you can send me a message using the form on my profile page—I can notify you as soon as it comes available! :)

hello Im receiving the following error:

This package is corrupt. Make sure it has a valid controller.php file and that it has been updated to 5.7 and later.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Hi, you’re receiving this error because you need to use Concrete5.6. In the future, I plan to offer this as a 5.7 theme also however the marketplace is still dominated by 5.6 users so I’m waiting on the popularity to pick up.

Download the latest version of concrete5.6 and you’ll be all set!

Thanks! it works!

Perfect! :)

I have the Avada Architecture theme and would lov eto use Instagram Journal as a plug-in. Instead of having a blog, I want to have an Instagram page on my website. Is that possible with Instagram Journal? Thank you so much for your help!!!

Hi, it looks like you posted in my sweetpea theme forum but I will be happy to help you nonetheless. Yes Instagram Journal works great with Avada. Let me know if you need help getting started.

I would love help, how do I get started?

Sounds good, just go ahead and download the plugin and install it.



Hello, I’m having issues with creating an external link in the site map, the link shows up fine but just redirects to the home page instead of externally?

Hi, I will be happy to assist you. Is this link in the general content or in the navigation?


Will this work with the current release of Concrete5?

Thanks for the good feedback. I do my best so it’s nice to hear something positive for once. Let me know if you need anything else!


Does not work on 5.7 (yet). In case you were wondering. It works just great in though.

I do have another question if you have a second. What determines the order of the blocks on the page going down? It appears to be the order they are created, but that may be a problem down the road if you want to create content and add it higher up on the page.

Thanks again. Great Theme.

Good question, it’s based on the order of the pages. In concrete5 you can easily reorder pages by dragging them around in the sitemap of the dashboard.

Also, thanks for confirming 5.7. I figured it wouldn’t since its such a drastic update. They completely changed the entire package and block interface.


Hello, I have just purchased this theme and am having a bit of trouble going through the documentation. Certain “blocks” aren’t showing when I assign particular templates to pages. Can we speak more on this via email?

Sure, send me a message using the form on my profile page.


Great template but I am struggling with it. The menu items do not link to anywhere and how do you get each page scrolling up etc?

Also adding an image to the Intro Background just adds an image block, I dont really follow your documentation. Is there a tutorial that talks you through how you built the demo site?

My site is bare bones just now at www.laclinichamilton.co.uk

Kind regards Scooter

Scooter, I will be happy to help you get started. Want to send me your email address so I can provide you with some extra material that may make life a lot easier?



Excellent, thanks and email sent :)

Hi, I’m very happy with the theme, except from one thing. It keeps deleting my content, every time I go to full sitemap and add a new page. Its pretty annoying that when I go back to the site, theres noting on either of my slides. Is there a bug or what’s happening?

I just took a look at your site and It is appearing to be responsive. However, many users prefer different customization for their sites. What in particular would you like changed?


Hi again,

I just want it to look and work like the demo and it’s not at the moment! These issues are all related to the mobile version, so it’s a resizing problem I think.

This is not a customization issue and I’m shocked that you can’t see my point. I have already told you what I’m not happy with, but I’ll do it again.

The background images on slide/page 1, 3, 5 + 7 are not resized on a mobile phone, they are cropped!

The headings (h2) on slide/page 2, 4 and 6 are not resized. They are way too big for mobile and nothing like the demo.

Same goes for the list text (li) on my exhibitions slide/page. It’s not resizing like on the demo.

On the demo everything is nicely aligned in the middle (logo, menu, gallery and contact page). It is NOT on my page.

When I use the menu to navigate, the gallery and contact page don’t come up all the way, I have too scroll to get the last bit (too much space in top maybe).

All of these things work in your demo, and all I’m asking for here, is for the product I bought to work according to the demo version I have seen.

Furthermore I would like to add a gallery (not Instagram) and all the gallery’s I have tried won’t work with your template. Do you know of a gallery that will work (be responsive in your template).


It’s unfortunate that you are experiencing these issues. It is a lot harder for me to assist you without a link. I assure you that the version of the theme used in the demo is the exact same thing as what you have. There must be something wrong with your implementation because no other user has had this issue before. Take a look at the error console in either firefox or chrome to see if anything red shows up.


Hi, I am interested in this theme but have a couple of questions please.

1. Is the home page full screen image a slider or can a fullscreen slider addon be used there.

2. I really like the way the nav moves from bottom to top in your EVERAFTER modern theme. Can this be achieved with the C5 Sweet Pea theme?


Hello, I will be glad to assist you. See below for my comments.

1. No, the homepage fullscreen is not a slider. But I could add this in if you need it.

2. I’m not sure I understand your question here. Can you explain?


Hi! I have bought this theme but i am having the same problem someone else raised 7 months ago. Did you find a fix for it?

mysql error: [1146: Table ‘Concrete5_9.pkgThemeSweetpea’ doesn’t exist] in EXECUTE(“SELECT * FROM pkgThemeSweetpea. Copied from the other comment the only difference is my DB name is different.

I’ll write a custom block to display an image gallery from the database, thats no problem. If you could get back to me about adding a navigation button that does not add a section to the home page but instead directs user to a new page that would be great. Could i alter the code stored in the db for the url link?

Yes this is definitely possible however I have not provided a way to control this in the CMS. I’ll add this functionality with the next version update available this week.


Ah fantastic! Looking forward to the update. I won’t try and ‘fudge’ it i’ll wait for it. Thanks a lot!!

Hi, I’m having problems with the C5 install. Getting this message:

An unexpected error occurred. File /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/westminster/concrete/themes/theme_sweetpea/default.php not found. All themes need default.php and view.php files in them. Consult concrete5 documentation on how to create these files.

I put the files in the “Themes” folder then installed it through the Dashboard. Seems to be looking for default.php in the wrong place. Any ideas?

Thanks, Carlo

This is typically a very easy theme to use. To make life easier, care to send me a message with temporary login access? I will be happy to set you up myself!


Thank you very much. I sent a message with login info.

Hi I have problem with Instagram. I supplied token and user id but nothing happens page is blank or there are random photos from Instagram not from selected account.

Can you please assist with this



No worries, I’m glad to support my products. Can you send me a temporary login so I can more quickly help you?


Yes can you give me some kind of private email it is not public. Also just log in to website or you need cpanel as well?



Sure, use the message form on my profile page and I will be with you as soon as I can.


Hi Just purchased your theme and I have 3 minor issues other than that great theme.

1 How to change logo when you scroll down just like in your example?

2 Layout of the 2 column page is overlapping? Please have a look www.cafe82.com.au

3 Title for Galery and Menu is duplicated? Please have a look www.cafe82.com.au.

Also would you have buttons for google +



Thanks for the positive feedback! See below for comments on you issues.

1. The logo pulls from two separate images as you scroll. First, it is looking for two images. See the below to see how the CSS works.

#header .logo a {
    background: url("images/logo.png") no-repeat;

#header.minimized .logo a { background:url("images/logo-min.png") no-repeat; }

2. Looking at your site, it appears that you have two column 1’s somehow. Please try removing one of the first blocks. Also make sure you don’t have any mal formed html.

3. Once again, you have an extra content area. Mostlikely with no content in it. Please look in your editor and remove any blank h2 tags.


Hello Chris, I have been working on the Sweet Pea theme for quite a while (html version) but it never seems to work properly on mobile devices. How can I disable the responsive feature and have it just like on a regular browser version?

andrescuervo, It should work perfectly in mobile. What’s not working for you in mobile?



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