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FABULOUS! You are the FIRST one here who has understood the power AND the potential of the background photos/images in giving them full size status. This is the parallax I was waiting for. BUT I am an HTML guy. Any reason to be hopeful that you will give us an HTML version of this beauty?

Hey oratorio,

Yes there is an HTML standalone version of this theme. In fact it comes bundled as a part of the theme package.


If and when you decide to sell the HTML version separately, let me know, the check has already been signed!

In case you do not intend to offer an HTML version, how difficult would it be for me to tweak a WP version into an HTML one?

Because of the price I thought it was a WP version!

Awesome theme! Good luck with sales!

Hello I am working a bit out of my scope so sorry if this is a crazy question. I love the template and want to buy it but I need to know what can I use to edit the CMS template. I see a lot of CMS editors online but am unsure of how I would proceed, which one I’d, need, what features I need etc once I buy the template.

Thanks for any help. EM


You can use this as an html template or using the concrete 5 CMS.


Ok, sorry for the quick repost. Can I actually use this template on/with my Concrete 5 account?


Yes, this theme comes with a standalone HTML5 version. My apologies no the delay, I didn’t get alerts on these posts.


Hi, three things…

1- thanks for the great theme, it save me time. ; ) 2- some backgrounds wont resize on iPad they are actually sort of zoomed in… (2,3 and 4, the ones that dont slide.) 3- and finaly, is this really responsive like it says?

Hi thanx for replying, how do i update? by re-downloading it or via c5?

Yes, the update is now available for download.

will do thank!

Hey xxcriversxx

Amazing theme! Just 2 quick questions;

1. Because of the SEO issues around a single page site, are there any other templates with it or is it the single page one?

2. Within Concrete5 do I have flexibility within this template to change positioning of certain elements in certain sections?



I will be more than happy to help. Below are my answers to your questions:

1. Yes, because of Concrete5 Standards, there is a template for simple content. Also, the single page template is flexible enough for you use it also for interior pages.

2. Yes, the Concrete CMS allows a you to change order of elements, spacing, also you can add styles to them directly while in edit mode. You sound new to the CMS so I will be more than happy to help you get started.

I hope that helps, xxcriversxx


Thanks xxcriversxx

Yeah, I am new to Concrete5, used Joomla and Wordpress before. But this CMS looks really great and much more user friendly than the others.

hi xxcriversxx!

amazing theme, thx!

when i try to activate it in the themes section i get mysql error: [1146: Table 'mydatabase.pkgThemeSweetpea' doesn't exist] in EXECUTE("SELECT * FROM pkgThemeSweetpea")

how do i have to modify the db to get it working?

thx in adv


I will be glad to help you. It seems that this is an issue with your concrete setup. Send me an email with a temporary ftp user and concrete admin and I will be glad to get you set up.


thx for your help. runs perfectly now!


I can not get this theme to install on C5. I have tried installing it as a package and as a theme. When installed as a package the file will not install and then installed as a theme I get this error message…

mysql error: [1146: Table ‘db112566_pbsc5.pkgThemeSweetpea’ doesn’t exist] in EXECUTE

Can you help me figure out what is wrong?


Yes I can definetely help you resolve this. Send me an email.


Hi, I cant see my theme installed. Same problem of mobsmarketing: mysql error: [1146: Table ‘outeirin_cnc1.pkgThemeSweetpea’ doesn’t exist] in EXECUTE . Ca you post the solution. Because is more easy to doi it… Thanks in advance. Luis


Yes, I’ve just submitted an update that resolves this issue. It will take 24 hours for the update to be approved. For faster service, simply just change the name of the theme folder from “theme-sweetpea” to “theme_sweetpea”. That’s it.

Or simply wait for the update and it will be done for you.

Enjoy, xxcriversxx

Hi i´ve installed the theme just fine. If i scroll down everything is working. Whenever i click a menu button, i will loose the ability to scroll and the navigation is not working.


Hmm, I haven’t heard of this bug yet. Ok no worries, I will be glad to help you with this. Send me an email with a copy of this conversation as well as a link to your site and I will get your problem resolved asap!

Thanks, xxcriverssxx

Hi building site on concrete using xammp as local database but keep getting error

mysql error: [1146: Table ‘mydatabase.pkgThemeSweetpea’ doesn’t exist] in EXECUTE

thnk in advance


I will be more than happy to help. Send me an email with your question and a link to your site so I can better assist you.

Thanks, xxcriversxx

Hi, I am a COMPLETE newbie to this – do you have some help files somewhere to answer even basic questions like: How do I install the theme (I’ve got as far as installing Concrete5 via Softaculous)?

Thanks :)

Yes, the theme comes with detailed instructions on how to install the theme. Also I will be creating a video soon to help newcomers like yourself.

Enjoy! xxcriversxx

aghh! only have learned wordpress this last year and thought i would learn C5 literally because i liked this theme so much and bought in birthday special… However, after about 4 – 5hours of trying to figure out everything with C5, I finally got “sweetpea” installed only to have an error that sweetpea doesnt exist…. I installed in themes…. was i supposed to install in packages? None of the files had a ”-” only an underscore so that fix didnt work…. if i give you my ftp details can you please help me?

Thx, Ryan

Ok great. Im still sort of just waiting to see if this fix is resolved somewhere in the thread. At this point i may just go back to wordpress. I might wait a week or so to see if i can take one more crack at figuring out the install. Thx

Hey again,

Yes you should definetely try to use Concrete5. Its a great platform! I’m working on a few videos for this theme to help users like you get started. Stay tuned!


Hi, with Safari mobile browser (iPad and iPhone), the background images don’t resize! With other browser it’s all right….what’s the problem with safari? Html standalone version.



Hello, I will be glad to help you. I’ll look into this and get back to you.



This is great! How much would you charge to customize this theme?

Thanks, kae


I will be glad to help. Prices vary on the task. Send me an email for further details.


Hi, I’m also new to C5 and I’m trying to install the theme so probably I’m missing something really obvious… I put the sweet pea folder into the themes and installed via dashboard but when I try to preview the theme I get this error: mysql error:[1146:table “studiqp5_sss1.pkgThemeSweetpea” doesn’t exist in EXECUTE (“SELECT * FROM pkgThemeSweetpea”)

Thank you very much. hoe can we get the updated version if we bought the theme with the bundle? It’s not present as a stand alone download in my dashboard


Please send me an email.


Email sent. Thanks


I am a novice and excited to get your Concrete5 template up and editing. I have a web host, installed Concrete5.6.2, and am able to log in with my info to the sample site. I just can’t seem to figure out which folder, names, and path setup to complete. I’ve tried quite a few things. The directory options I’ve tried so far look like this:

OPTION1 home public_html Concrete5.6.2 Packages theme_sweetpea

OPTION2 home public_html Concrete5.6.2 theme_sweetpea

OPTION3 home public_html Concrete5.6.2 theme_sweetpea

Please let me know the best folder to install.

See above.

I’ve gotten a step further with this loading into the ‘themes’ window of the dashboard:



I am getting this error since ACTIVATING the theme in the themes window of the dashboard:

mysqlt error: [1146: Table ‘jingle9_admin.pkgThemeSweetpea’ doesn’t exist] in EXECUTE

Please let me know how to resolve this? Thx!


You are having this issue because you are uploading the theme package to the themes directory. The folder labeled “theme_sweetpea” needs to be uploaded to the packages directory. Once it is here install the package using the “extend concrete” link in the admin dashboard.

P.S. Yesterday we launched version 1.2 which comes with a much more user friendly content admin system and a far more robust documentation to help you get started. Its now designed to be more intuitive to users who are new to concrete.

Enjoy! xxcriversxx