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Best Support on Themeforest! thank you a ton!

Thanks! Take care!

I have purchased this through the envato birthday bundle and the unpacked files have no instruction and everytime I upload the 31MB of file to the concrete themes folder I get errors :(:(


I will be more than happy to help you with this. Please send me a link to your site via email so I can take a closer look.


Hello XXcriversXX even after downloading the new version, the documentation is not quite as clear as I was expecting, nonetheless I managed to install the template on my Concrete5 server. After activating the template I get no images or titles I have to start from scratch. I will want to be able to activate the template just as it comes in the demo and then replace the content. Having the page blank and not known much about this particular CMS is taking a lot of my time. I also want to know how to configure properly the Instagram theatre (there is no specific information about ir on the documentation) one must dig into the jquery-instagram-theatre folder to fin some instructions, but when followed I don’t see any changes applied. I will appreciate your followup. I worked on the html standalone version before deciding to use the CMS version and had it close to my liking, but now I cant figure how to make the proper changes or integrate my customization in Concrete5


Understood. The documentation is very detailed on explaining how to get started however, I understand that most of you are new to concrete so you need a little help getting started. Send me an email with your question as well as login information to your site and I will set you up myself.

Also, my team is working on a video series to help users like you—new to concrete5 get started.

Thanks, xxcriversxx

Please update the documentation. I found that your directing users to upload to theme folder and not packages folder as you say your self above in comments.

Nope documentation is not near complete. I can see everything is in the file. But the documentation does not instruct a user on how to instal the demo content.



Please download the update to get the new version as well as the more extensive documentation. Also, my team is working on a video series to help users like you—new to concrete5 get started.


I am using the standalone version/HTML. Could you tell me how to set up the Contact Form? .php file? Many thanks.


Hello, I will be glad to help you. Well the form processor is something that is unique to your server situation. This will require custom work. Send me an email for further details.


Hello there… I bought the birthday bundle… Am I also eligible for the 1.2 update? And if yes, how can I get it?

Many regards, Mario


Unfortunately, users who purchase the bundle are not eligible for and updates. Please contact envato support for further details.


I am interested in the answer to kempmas question, too: Hello there… I bought the birthday bundle… Am I also eligible for the 1.2 update? And if yes, how can I get it?


Like I told him, you must purchase a standard license to be eligible for updates. We make updates and feature add-ons once a month so it would be very worth the purchase.

Thanks, xxcriversxx

I bought birthday bundle

I install theme and:

mysql error: [1146: Table ‘admin_manso.pkgThemeSweetpea’ doesn’t exist] in EXECUTE

What can i Do?


You are getting this error because you did not install the theme correctly. Please install this theme package to the packages folder instead of the themes folder and your problems will be resolved.


OK , I do it and it’s working – thanks !

Have U got a something manual to add content as on demo webpage?


I dont understand the question. Can you elaborate?



May be you have the same isssue as mhmusic, see xxcriversxx answer above.


Thanks for the support!



Great theme. I just wanted some help with Internationalization which I am trying to get to function on my site.

I have managed to get the theme functioning correctly and the autonav in order. My problem is that due to the themes method of dynamically loading page lists (great feature), it also loads my content sections (part of the sitemap above the second level pages categorising the language) as blank sections and the other language pages all in one.

Is there a way to tell the page list function to only display pages from the current language catagory? I notice a getCollectionID() function in the theme default.php file, can this be manipulated?



Ok so I figured it out:

By setting the language section parent ‘pages’ to the language codes e.g. fr or en. And then adding a snippet of code to the default.php template within the theme:

Loader::model('section', 'multilingual'); $lang = MultilingualSection::getCurrentSection()->getLanguage(); $pl->filterByPath('/'.$lang);

before the

$pages = $pl->getPage();


The pages call now filters the display by the language category.

Your theme is now internationalization compatible.


Excellent work. Yes, this CMS is very flexible in terms of multilingual accessibility. Let me know if you have any more questions!

Thanks, xxcriversxx


Can I add video (Vimio) that vill be responsive



I’m not sure I understand the question.


This is a fantastic stand-alone template, and so far very easy to work with. I’ve run into a problem, though, trying to utilize the instagram-theatre with an instagram user instead of the popular feed.

I can’t seem to find any documentation on how to do this. Could you please advise?


You’ll notice that nothing is coming up at the moment. Thank you again for your help!


Looks like you were able to figure it out. Your site looks great!


Hi, I’m a Birthday Bundle person. I was hoping to use this theme to familiarize myself with Concrete5 and maybe keep it up as a personal info page.

I pretty much have a grip on everything but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to load the demo content. Am I missing something simple?

I come from Wordpress and Joomla along with straight HTML and PHP. I am also at home in Ubuntu and mysql command lines.


Thanks for your purchase. I’ll be glad to help you get started. Send me and email so I can send you a copy of the updated documentation. Its much more intuitive for user new to concrete.

Thanks, xxcriversxx

Im in a similar position as mazzcomm… bought this with the birthday bundle but have to say, I am rather disappointed that you come out with a major revision AFTER people buy the bundle. TBH… this template was one of the reasons I got the bundle. I am familiar with Wordpress, HTML and PHP but wanted to get my feet wet and this template looked like fun. It would be really helpful if there were better documentation on how the panel works, etc. So far I have had to feel my way around in the dark. Any help you can give?

[with concrete5]

for starters… how do I replace the sweet pea logo with my own? Tried everything I can think of, no luck.


Im sorry for your troubles. We were working on this update for the bundle but unfortunately we weren’t able to deliver in time. The new version is very flexible so I highly recommend it over the one your using but its up to you. For more information on this please contact envato support.

Thanks, xxcriversxx

Hello im having alot of trouble trying to upload the theme is there a detailed video i can refrence? It way over my head i have tired countless times thanks


My apologies for your confusion. Yes, I’m in the proccess of making a detailed youtube video to help new users like yourself get started.

Stay tuned, xxcriversxx

Interested in buying the theme, but I don’t see any social media. New to Concrete 5 – I’m an old Wordpress war horse. Do you have social media that you can insert?


I recieved your email. If you look at the footer of the demo page you will see social media. You can literally add it to any layout type you want.

I hope this helps, xxcriversxx

Can you help, i cant seem to get the instagram theatre to work with html, where can i modify the demo to just display a single users feed?


I will be happy to help you with this. To configure this plugin, you need to navigate to your dashboard. You should see an area labeled sweet pea settings. Here you can manage your instagram settings. For more details on the settings please see the included documentation files.


what if i am uploading the website as an html and not using the concrete cms?

I can definitely help you with this. You can literally instantiate this plugin anywhere but for demo purposes I included it in the site.js file around line 49. You’ll notice the code around it—“if($(this) ...” Is simply for the lazy loading functionality so you can remove it if you don’t need it.

Take a look at the Instagram documentation file that comes included with the theme.

I hope this helps, xxcriversxx

Purchased via Birthday Bundle – please point us towards steps to set up. Your provided instructions are not good enough unfortunately. No idea about Concrete at all. Step by step instructions please.


Hello, my apologies but I’ve been instructed by Envato to tell you to contact them with any questions regarding birthday bundle items. Either that or purchase the standard license of the theme so you can get the latest version, future updates, as well as a more comprehensive version of the documentation.

Thanks, xxcriversxx

hello, i purchaced sweetpea theme for concrete 5 and looks great. i have some issues with ipad and mobile. you have released an update of the theme which seems much better, how can i update the theme in my site without loosing all the changes i have made? thnxs, charis


I will be glad to help you however it is impossible for me to know what you changed. I recommend simply doing a backup of your current site, updating the theme and then re implement your edits.

Thanks, xxcriversxx

Dear xxcriversxx,

I have bought the birthday bundle from envato including your Sweet Pea template which is great but I need to get the demo for start as I am not very aknowledged with Concrete5 and it would be much easier to have your demo running and change it to my needs. Is there any manual how to create the exact demo?

Thank you very much. SpideyCZ

Hello SpideyCZ,

Unfortunately I’ve been told by Envato not to support users of the birthday bundle. However I believe in supporting all users so I will be glad to help however you are using the previous version of the theme which we no longer support. Get the latest version of Sweetpea and I will be glad to assist you.

Thanks, xxcriversxx