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Hi, I’m considering buying your theme for a project and had the below pre-sales questions :

1. Can we add a ‘build your own chocolate box’ functionality using your theme or third-party plugins. The idea is to allow customers to drag chocolate products of their choice into a basket / box and then proceed to checkout to place an order for this customized chocolate selection box.

Eg: https://shop.rockychoc.com/pages/buildabox-customize?size=small

2. Will this theme allow us to have multiple currencies? (we use AED)

3. Does this theme integrate with Woocommerce and subsequently a local payment processing service?

Awaiting feedback. Thanks

Hi there,

And thanks for the interest in our theme.

1. Theme support WooCommerce plugin, so you can create ingredients as products, and user can purchase certain set of products for their chocolate box. Unfortunately they won’t be able to drag and drop items like in that example.

2. Yes, you can change currency from plugin options as covered in documentation https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/shop-currency/

3. As mentioned earlier theme support WooCommerce, and for payment, only core payment options are supported by default https://docs.woocommerce.com/documentation/plugins/woocommerce/getting-started/sell-products/core-payment-options/ . For local payment you need to search for plugin if it exists, or to integrate it as custom functionality.



I imported one of your demo home pages, but I can’t seem to get the top bar active on the home page. It does show on all other pages. Could you help me out please

Hello there,

Thanks for writing in.

Every single page as options for Header. Most likely on this single page you’ve disabled Top Bar.

Please take a look at this screenshot for more information: https://www.screencast.com/t/zhjAhOAt6eY

Best Regards, Elated

That solved it, thanks. How can I add text to the top bar?

Hello there again,

Glad that worked.

The Top Bar is edited through Appearance > Widgets.

If you have any further questions, please submit a ticket on our support forum at https://elated.ticksy.com/ and one of our support agents will assist you.

Best Regards, Elated

How do i change text color of testimonials? thanks.

damn. hoped for a quick answer here…

ok. figured out, however, sent another question.

Hello there,

We have located your ticket on our support forum. One of our support agents will answer your ticket as soon as possible.

Please continue the conversation on the ticket.

Best Regards, Elated

Good afternoon.

Installed your template on the Wordpress and recently one of the main plug-ins Elated CPT began to clash with the visual editor. If you turn off the plug-in, the visual editor works great, if the plug-in is turned on, the visual editor breaks and can not edit the content on the site. What to do in this situation?

Hello there,

We located your ticket on our support forum and it has been answered by our support agent. Please, check whole response there.

best, Elated


pclaesen Purchased

Is your theme Woocommerce 3.4 supported?


Sure it is :)


If I buy this theme I get all the templates for my front-page (fondue, nougat etc) for only 1 site and i won`t pay annually 59$?


Thank you for taking interest in our Sweettooth theme. Yes, you will get all pages from our demo site if you import our demo content. Everything is included in 59$

Best, Elated


HeyrmanD Purchased


Nice theme. Just installed. A few minors is the outdated files on woocommerce from theme and a few php files regading server with php 7.2.6 Warning: sizeof(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in xxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/eltdf-core/shortcodes/horizontal-timeline/horizontal-timeline.php on line 119

Maybe an update from the theme?



Thanks, Please, submit a ticket at https://elated.ticksy.com/ and include your site URL with wp-admin access and our agent will gladly investigate and assist you there to setup your site within our theme.

Best, Elated