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Is Swift built on Super Skeleton 2? The details say that it is… but then go on to list a whole different set of features to the Super Skeleton 2 themes like Good Bones.


Will your lightbox display an iFrame with thumbnail selectors and autoplay?

I have a very specific action in mind!



Is there a plugin or function needed to make the lightbox work? http://hesenergy.ca/?page_id=697
I’ve asked numerous times on your forum and here. Lightbox not working. Any help? http://poleexpo.com/main/?page_id=696

Looks like the plugin to update this to 3.6 never went through. Now we are on 3.7. Is it safe to say that anyone wanting to buy this theme must install WP 3.5 first? I for one love this theme and hoped to buy it again for another project. I’m sure there are still quite a few others also.

Mobile nav is broken. I put in a ticket, but the support section has vanished…

Good afternoon all.

I am currently using this theme which I love however, as I’m based in the UK I have to comply with the Cookie Law. Is there a plugin or setting that allows a cookie law message to appear and then be OK’d by a reader? I have found a few but they don’t work on Swift. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Please don’t worry about the cookie message now as I found one that worked.

I am having trouble with the theme settings though. They appear half way down the page and I am unable to add/remove or re-order any of the settings which makes it difficult to style the site.

Is there a setting I’ve missed do you know? I’m happy to list this in another place if required.

Many thanks

I have got problem with navi on mobile which is not working. How to solve it?

How to update plugins that came with theme? Old plugin revisions broke text editor and issues some server problems. Auto update don’t work and purchase code is only for the theme, not for plugins.

Hi, i guess my theme is broken. The Options Tree tab has a broken image link on the icon and the content of the Option Tree tab is totally on the same page. The revo slider too, is so old then i was not able to do anything with it.