Discussion on Swift Hospital - Bootstrap 4x Admin Template for Doctors & Hospitals

Discussion on Swift Hospital - Bootstrap 4x Admin Template for Doctors & Hospitals

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Hello, I am interested in this theme but I need to know if there is support to integrate it to a backend

Hello Riffche,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

We are offering the support if the theme has any bugs or you have any queries for the theme. For integrating it with backend, we can offer our custom development services for the same. Please reach out to info@thememakker.com for more details related to the same OR you can share your email address and we will contact you on your preferred communication channel.

Kind Regards,


how can i see the demo for front end (Patient view) onlu admin view? Can we integrate video chat with this?

Hello Potositech,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

If you want Ready backed and Fronted for the Hospital management system. Please drop us an email at info@thememakker.com

Our team will show you the Demo of fully functional Web application, Which will be ready to use and can be customized further as per your requirements.

Regards, Wrraptheme

can i add this to wordpress


Yes, this is HTML version admin template you can add in WordPress and also add other technology like angular, react, laravel and more.

Thank you!!!

Hi thememaker,,

>> ( We are working on the update latest Bootstrap 4 )

Any specific timelines as we are evaluating quite a few atm..

Hello Navin,

We have all ready update “Bootstrap 4”, Can you explain what you want.

Thank you!

Hi thememaker, is it alpha, or beta or beta 3 … as there are lot of breaking changes..



Yes, but we are working on other project, whenever we are free update latest “Bootstrap”.

Thanks for your valuable comment and sure we will do this

Hi, presale question here. You have one more similar item “Swift Admin – Ultimate Material Design Template + SASS”, and it has much more Form elements. Does this particular template contain similar elements? Or does it compatible with those elements collection?

Unfortunately in that theme “Full Page Search” feature is absent, which is critical for the needs of our project. Ok so the last question is, if we will bought two themes Hospital and Ultimate, would it be possible to reuse some features from Ultimate in the Hospital (taking into consideration the bootstrap versions are different)?

I found what I need in yours another template – University . Thank you for doing amazing job!


Yes, Our Swift template are some but different version in”Hospital(Bootsrtap4), University(Bootstrap4), Swift Admin, and Swift Real Estate( We are working on the update latest Bootstrap 4)”, and our main Question is ““Full Page Search”” so we have implement in one page as per your requirement. and our other “Account (WrapTheme) template adminX both are bootstrap 4.”,

Thank You So much for our interest. :)

Does it have RTL version? if not how can you do it for us?


Yes, resently we have update in bootstrap 4 version and now we are working on rtl version.and update soon not sure is next week but coming soon.

Thank you

Pre-sale questions: I need to be able to adapt your software to my client’s need.

My client runs a cáncer clinic and staff has different responsabilities. I need to be able to add/modify/delete fields in the entire system. -Patient diagonosis section add a drop down field with diagnostic options (positive/negative) -Doctors can only see their own patients

Also I need to customize different sections Example: -Doctors secction can not see patients contact info, address, email, tel num -Receptionist can not see patients diagnosis history or billing.

I noticed that your demo blocks some optios (e.i view or edit patiente reccords) Do you have a full working demo?

Also what is the difference in functions from your regular license then your extended license?



This is simple static HTML with scss, and all function and pages are working after development for Doctors secction can not see patients contact info, address, email, tel num.

regular license:- you can build one application, and extended license:- multiple application build. more info:- https://themeforest.net/licenses/standard

Thank You!

Hi , is it working as DNN skin thanks


We have no idea about Microsoft DNN is working theme skin. and this template simple static HTML5 with SCSS.

Thanks :)

hi i would like to ask which file do i have to edit in order to automise the doctor scheduler to get all the data from database

Yes is working with js, this is jQuery plugin and ” swift Hospital ” is simple statics html with build in sass.

here is to attached file in HTML: > this is min jquery file for calendar. (1) <script src=”assets/bundles/fullcalendarscripts.bundle.js”></script> >this is page js file, (2)<script src=”assets/js/pages/calendar/calendar.js”></script>

thank you very much

You’re welcome,

If you like our hidden suport, please don’t forget to rate us :)

Thank you!

I am getting an error in Google chrome 57 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘querySelector’ of null at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (mainscripts.bundle.js:1) at j (libscripts.bundle.js:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (libscripts.bundle.js:2) at Function.ready (libscripts.bundle.js:2) at HTMLDocument.h (libscripts.bundle.js:1) jquery.js:5 Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help, check https://xhr.spec.whatwg.org/. send @ jquery.js:5

and in mozilla firefox TypeError: a is null[Learn More] mainscripts.bundle.js:1:9337 <anonymous> file:///home//Desktop/swiftadmin/html/assets/bundles/mainscripts.bundle.js:1:9337 na.Callbacks/j file:///home//Desktop/swiftadmin/html/assets/bundles/libscripts.bundle.js:2:9237 na.Callbacks/k.fireWith file:///home//Desktop/swiftadmin/html/assets/bundles/libscripts.bundle.js:2:10011 .ready file:///home//Desktop/swiftadmin/html/assets/bundles/libscripts.bundle.js:2:11827 h file:///home/Desktop/swiftadmin/html/assets/bundles/libscripts.bundle.js:1:1134

Please advice

We will look after this point and if we found any bugs than we’ll update it and upload new source files. PS: We do not provide support.

Hi ,

In the documentation: scripts.js is the mail javascript file having all the js code. File is located in assets/js/ folder…. the file is empty ? Can you help ?



Sorry say but this file (scripts.js) is unnecessary we are forgot to remove it. and

Thank You for buying our template. :)

what is the main js file ? I just need the menu and layout. Regards

admin.js is main file, located in ( assets\js\admin.js )

hello I have purchased this theme and trying to make an angular ng-view so we can make the theme dynamic with a container,

but javascript and not execute properly after we ui-view the container pages

Thank you for purchasing theme.

We can only help you with html css or js issues and not with angular (We are not angular experts :( ). PS: We do not provide theme support.

another one question if i have 2000 patients for example how can i search them ?

do you have a dynamic table?

Yes refer below link: http://thememakker.com/swift/admin/jquery-datatable.html

we will updated soon in widget page.

Thank you :)

hi i am sorry to ask you again but i havent find an answer i found only for minutes when a patient is all ready registered and i want to book hime another appointment do i have to resubmit all the info about him ? because on your demo there no auto fill or a list to select already patients


Sorry to say but this is static HTML with SASS and Grunt based working admin template.

Awesome theme! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you so much :)

hi i would like to ask when a patient is all ready registered and i want to book hime another appointment do i have to resubmit all the info about him ? because on your demo there no auto fill or a list to select already patients

also i tried to booked an appointment and when i tryed to set the time i could set hour but i couldnt set the minutes . It was always at hour:05

never mind the minutes i figured it out it was my mistake

Ok and Thank you for spend your time :)

Congratulations! Nice work, GLWS :)

Thank you so much :)

Looks amazing! Nice job!

Thank u so much and again thankx for buying :) If you realy like, plz don’t forget to rate for us.

Congratulations! Awesome Work! GLWS :)

Thank you

Niiice theme, do you have a template with horizontal navbar?

Thank you so much

No swift hospital admin template only vertically navbar.


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