Discussion on Swift Modern 2.0

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Great color scheme, good job lukk.

Always been a fan of the Swift psd file. So unbelievably clean.

Happy to finally see it coded, so I purchased it :)

Oh wait, you didn’t. Ah well, nice theme still :P

Sorry to hear that Daan :(

I am currently working on the subpages for it and the coded version should be up in a week or two, I’ve saved your page to email you as soon as it goes live, thanks a lot for the interest!


That sounds as some great support! Thanks, and good luck with the sales.

Looks good so far, will be great to see the other pages :)

Very simple and nice.

Very nice, but is there only 1 page? I would really hope to see the about, portfolio, contact screenshots.

Sorry to ask, whats the difference between this a 1.0?

Any update on getting your psd themes turned into html sliced pages or wordpress?