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so awesome and good luck

Thank you! :)

Thank you! :)

brilliant – any hope of paying you to make this buddypress compat?

WoW! Great theme :P

Thank you! :)


There are no plans for buddypress, and unfortunately I don’t have time to work on it on a freelance basis.



Theme looks great. Is it Woo Commerce Compatible?

Cheers, Jonathan


While you can install the plugin, the theme doesn’t provide any styling for WooCommerce. It was not developed for it.


will it override our desktop theme when we install it? or it just shows on mobile type? also what about contents and pages, do we have to create a new pages and menu for this?

It requires a separete WordPress install. You can redirect users from your main page to your mobile one using a script we provide for free to buyers!

Looks great. Does the desktop version needs to be a wordpress?

Hi again. Does this has a second level menu as well? I need to install a mobile version of a Joomla site. Do you think this one will work? How does this theme gets the updates of the Joomla site? Have you tested it?

It doesn’t get updates from the main page. It requires a separate installation.

That means that the content of the desktop version it is not necessarily the same as the one of this template. Have I understood that right? And how about the menu layers?


I see a problem with the theme on portrait mode: If the page content is not tall enough, you can see the menu underneath on the bottom left.

Any chance to expand the content to the bottom of phone screen? regardless of it’s content?


Thank you for your purchase!

Please use the support form to contact me and provide a link to your website.


1. How to add the icons to the menu as you do in demo?

2. Why didn’t you make the POST TITLE a link to the Post? This is very bad logic. The only way to click through to the Post is to click the post image?


1) You need to add a CSS class to each menu item. A list of available classes can be found in the documentation.

2) I apologize for that inconvenience, and if you want I can help you convert those titles to links.

Please open a support ticket and I will gladly assist you further.

Support Form


I only want to redirect phones from my main site. I want to retain my main theme on tablets. Is that possible?


Hi, please check your email, your support ticket has been received and answered.


thank a lot for your help, now everythings work, exellent!

No worries! Please don’t forget to rate 5 stars! :)

Hi I like your design for this app. I have a few questions. I never worked with and mobil app so…

1. Do this installs as a normal WP theme… same procedure? 2. I like to add a icon for paypal donation. Is that possible? 3. I will use this to upload photos and I would like to have a share button on each photo so people can share my photos on for ex. facebook, can or? 4. I have to work in iPad, iPhone and Android. Do this theme do that? 5. When the app is done I like to upload it to the App & Android store – can I do that or?

Hey there! I’ve notified our WP devleoper. He’ll answer your question, right bellow my reply as soon as he gets my email.

Hi Mrnicoo:

1) yes, this theme can be installed just like any other WordPress theme. Instructions are included in the main ZIP.

2) sure, you can add a button if you want, but you have to write the code for it since it’s not a default feature

3) a share button can be added, or you can create a custom gallery page (or use some existing plugin) if you wish

4) yes, theme should work on all 3 devices/platforms

5) to be able to do that you’ll have to purchase the extended license.

You can customize the theme as you wish, it all depends on your skills.


Hi There! Is that theme compatible whit any plugin or it lock out some of them? Your portfolio is amazing you got a bright future cause mobile is the future. ;P

Hi, as long as those plugins are properly coded you shouldn’t have any problems using them with our themes.

You may need to write new CSS rules for them to match the style of the theme.


Thanks for answering Cosmin, and thank you very much for the kind words @sharkjacob. We really appreciate them!