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Just fabulous! Stunning design work

:) thank you very much for the kind comments!

Thanks so much for the comment!

Hello Jonathan,

we like your theme quite a lot because we certainly know that it is very difficult to create something so clean, nice and well styled that, even if it looks simple, it’s full of smart details.

Just some functional pre-purchase questions:

1. Can we add captions to the slider and lightbox images? If so, how do they look? Is the lightbox’s style easy to customize?

2. How many tiles in a row can we show with the wordpress gallery?

3. Can we add any content at the beginning of homepage 2 and 3: text, images, slider, shortcodes? Could we have, for example, one title, one big image (or even a slider) below the title, and two columns below the big image?

4. How does the staff widget of ‘homepage 2’ works? Does it always have the two last staff members and one bigger picture besides for anything else? Can we link these staff members to individual pages?

5. In ‘homepage 3’ can we add the title below every portfolio thumbnail or just the image? Can we have more than two thumbnails?

6. Can we choose the number of thumbnails per row in the portfolio page, or is it two by default?

And last, just two questions to know your personal opinion because if you haven’t include these 2 options in your theme, there must be a good reason:

A. Navigation within posts or portfolios: ‘next/last’, ‘older/newer’ or ‘related items’.

B. Share options for portfolios and posts.

Thanks in advance for your answer. Yonatham.

Hi – here we go ;)

1 – Yes the live preview shows captions on both the lightbox and indeed on images on some pages – here’s a link showing captions lightbox is easy fancy box you can style whatever you wish as it’s a plugin.

2 – You can show whatever you wish per WordPress settings, however I recommend 4 in a row :)

3 – Home 2 has a top widget therefore anything you wish – then the content in WP is displayed left of the recent posts widget. There’s also a bottom right widget (where I have an image of an office – again could be anything)

Home3 uses an input field in the admin (will accept any content including HTML, short codes or slider short codes etc) for the top section, then under the 2 latest work items (portfolio items) you have the content on the left of the recent posts.

I think therefore you should be able to do what you need without issues :)

4 – see above re widget area at bottom right, the template automatically brings in the latest 2 staff profiles on the bottom left – they don’t link to the staff page but we could assist with a simple code change if you need / want them to.

5 – not without modifications – but you could certainly achieve that with some tweaking.

6 – Portfolio index page is 2 column display by default for not too large, not too small – it’s a goldilocks thing I have ;)

Last questions -

A – I may add the next / previous posts in an update if enough people want / need it – I didn’t include because I was getting worried with meta data, author details, comments etc I was starting to lose the clean look.

B – best left to a plugin – it’s too much of a personal choice on which / what to use and if you have one that is linked in to a service etc. Simple enough to setup and install a plugin.

OK phew – hope that helps!


Wow, quickest answer ever !!!

Everything is pretty clear now, and yes, we also find that 2 columns display is almost perfect.

We’ll try to see if we manage to use your theme for our next project. We really want to ! :grin:

Fantastic Theme. I am trying to add and omit menu items, how do I do this?

Greetings – so happy you are enjoying using it! Menus are powered by WordPress, therefore alter via WordPress menu settings as per the instruction PDF manual :)

PS – don’t forget to rate the item if you get a spare moment from your downloads page.

Thanks again!


Awesome, thanks!

any chance for woocommerce support? it’s the only thing holding me back from purchasing, can work out a deal to pay for woocommerce feature support.

See the message I put up yesterday under the main image on the item description :)

Looking at making a purchase. Any chance that your “filterable” option (on your portfolio pages) will make its way to the blog posts?

Hi and thanks for the question, probably not as you can achieve using category pages in WordPress – it’s a default function, meaning you can list cats on a page or via your menu etc.

Thanks. Still a newbie at this. Setting up a site for some of the classes I teach. Wanted to have several “category” pages to pull down on but then was looking for a theme that would resort based on tags. If I made a category theme for all of my subtopics you’d need to pull down 3-4 feet! Very nice looking theme. Looks like it would be useful for a lot of different content types.

Hi, a question to clarify a doubt. In the theme are included the fonts? with a different fonts would not be the same thing… thx!

Of course – it’s helvetica and source sans pro from google.

Hey great work. Is it possible to have a full size scalable image background in your theme instead of a static color?

I think it looks great the way it is but I’m afraid I might need to have an image in the background.

Let me know, I’d like to purchase this! Thanks.

Yes indeed it’s called ‘cover’ – super easy and Chris Coyier explains it very easily here:

If you decide to buy, and decide you need this just hop in to the support center after your purchase and we can help you out if you need some!


Sounds great. Thanks man!

Follow up to this question for others – to set a background image you just add one using the WordPress customizer and add a background image (theme has support for this built-in).

You will however need to make an edit to your header.php to stop it adding a color and replacing the background – just remove line 190 in header.php – now you can set the background to any image as many times as you wish :)


Great Work! I wish you move such great theme to the next level soon by making the theme compatible with WooCommerce.

Three questions only, is this theme compatible with:



3) Visual composer & Revolution Slider?


Hi we are already working on woo commerce as per the messages on the item description etc :)

I have no idea if the plugins work however, but if they are coded to standards then they should as we code our theme to WordPress standards. I would check the support forums for each plugin to see what users experiences are like and any compatibility issues reported.

Thank you for your prompt response!

Is it compatible with Buddypress and bbpress?

No sorry – if a theme does it has it advertised and as part of the description and the meta values next to the item.

New to wordpress. i tried to upload the just-downloaded swiss them from WP dashboard but can’t find .zip file. how do I pursue the installation? thanks!

Hi and thanks for the purchase – you should download the full package, unzip and grab a coffee and open the full installation PDF file supplied and follow along :)


What a truly beautiful theme! I absolutely love it.

Would it be possible to see the theme documentation before purchase? (Usually it’s a good idea to check that out first.)

Thanks. :)

Hi and thanks for the comment – we don’t offer our documentation upfront unfortunately as this could be shared illegally sorry – if you have specific questions however please feel free to contact me via my profile page.

Many thanks!


What an absolutely stunning theme, fantastic work by you and your team Jonathan.

From what I can see, changing the colours is via simple colour pickers in the admin section, do you have any examples (or do you know of any by other purchasers) that have used an alternate colour set?


Hi and thanks for the awesome comment :) You can check out our main site (we used this theme for our new site also) – as for what buyers have done, that’s not possible as we are not given info on what people do and many use our themes for client sites and prefer to keep this private also.

Basically 4 color pickers are offered – each are mapped to different items on the page so creating your own look and feel is super simple – if you want to alter specific items we also offer a custom css box (or upload your own style sheet) via the admin panel.

Lots of room for customization without a million options to turn you off.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Jonathan, just what I was hoping for.

It really is refreshing to come across a theme designer that realises what you leave out is every bit as important as what you put in.

Thanks for that comment – I really do appreciate it.

Well Done.

Have a question. Where can I enter the INTRO tag for Portfolios ?

Greetings and thanks for the purchase @dondilo

You simply add in the page content :) If you use the XML import then simply take a look at many of the pages I did this.


thx for fast response. oh, understand ;) i accidently copied the tag 2 times, so I thought there was a placeholder.

lg, Chris

Hi. Great theme!

I’m seriously considering purchasing – one question:

Are images required for items in the filterable portfolio, or is there a way to simply use a background color for each item in the portfolio grid view?

Hi – hmm… interesting i’ve never been asked if portfolio items don’t need to have images.. isn’t that the purpose of a portfolio? To answer your question it’s purely the featured image, therefore you could indeed simply upload single colored images, but an image none the less.

Hope that helps – if not shoot me another question :)


Thanks, Jonathan! Purchased the theme anyway, but FYI, filterable portfolios are great for displaying any kind of work (sound, art, etc.)—not just work that centers around graphics. I’ve used them to nice effect before by using a background color from a good color palette in each grid item. Cheers! :)

Ah cool! Nice to know for future development – thanks for the heads-up and also for the purchase @alisonconard much appreciated!


How do you set how many images to display on Shop?

Also my header turned into a blue/purple color after I added a background image, I opened a support ticket for it too.

Hi if you have a support ticket then it will be answered there for you – please try and keep all requests in one location to make things easier :)



Do you have any plans to support Gravity Forms?


Not at this moment no sorry.

Hi, thanks for the theme. I am having an issue though. I am trying to get an initial base setup based on your live preview, but am having a hard time giving it a go. I notice that when I view source you are using class=”intro” for some items. Did you manually code this in or am I just blind and don’t see this option in your shortcodes list?

Hi – simply use the XML and import :) You will get everything as per the live preview – all this is in your PDF documentation where we walk you thru setup step by step.

The intro is purely an extra class in the theme you can use if you wish – you can add in as a span, p style, div etc.

Please note this is the item comment area, not the support center which is listed on my profile page, the item description page and the documentation in the main file download. Here’s a handy link also:


I am new to WORDPRESS and uploading this theme hasn’t been quite easy for me. After purchase, I downloaded all files and documentations. When I go to my download folder, I find it in a folder with a Z on top of the folder (Am guessing that means Zipped). I double clicked on the folder and it opens in a 7zip file manager page. Another double click on swiss-wp-package and I see the Swiss-wp and and other files. Now when I go to my wordpress dashboard->appearance->theme->install themes->upload >_< This is where I get lost! I click on choose file, downloaded the whole package = fail/ didn’t work. Something about css style. I then copied and pasted the swiss-wp from the folder to my desktop then went ahead to upload onto wordpress = Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

Destination folder already exists. /home4/onyxmin/public_html/wp-content/themes/swiss-wp/

Theme install failed.

Then I copied swiss-wp, pasted it on my desktop and uploaded onto wordpress = Fail again. The file opens up showing me its contents (css, functions, img etc) and asking me to choose one. I am new to this and really do not want to regret spending such amount of money on something I that won’t work. If there is something I need to do for this to work, please let me know (in details please) thanks.

So am back…I followed the instruction on here: but it threw my web in chaos. Can you help me out here please?

Greetings, we can’t help with a plugin we don’t make but I suggest asking the creator, WooThemes, they provide a forum and support center (best to use the forum and search probably).

Also, as mentioned earlier, this is not where you ask for support, the support center is for that and is listed in your documentation, my profile page, and the item description page also – but here’s a link:


Also I don’t understand why you are editing php files and function files, you set the currency in the plugins settings. It’s pretty much got all of them listed in the drop down.

As a graphic designer I am passionate about this theme, typografia fantastic and super clean. I would love to use it as the WOO Sensei since it is compatible with Woo Commerce any chance?

From quickly looking at it it appears it produces it’s own template files and structure and would therefore require full styling for the addition to WooCommerce so out of the box no it no doubt wouldn’t look perfect and would need customization.


Too bad, anyway thank you for your time, I have another job that will involve only the Woocommerce and for sure I will buy your beautiful theme.

Notice to you when I buy.


Thanks so much @insondavel – :)

Nice job thanks, I just have problem with my footer and is just nothing is inline and pushed down, is there any setting i need to change for that?


Hi could you please go to and open a ticket with a link to your site?