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Hi there,

can you mention or screenshot how to upload the project details image ( because I try it doesn’t work (vc_column width=”2/3”/vc_column[vc_column_text])


You probably don`t have the page builder enabled for projects.Go to Settings->Visual Composer, select portfolio from the list and save. Afterwards, you`ll be able to build projects using the interface.

Thank you!

Hi there,

Great theme!

1 – My responsive slider doesn’t behave like yours does in the demo. I’ve tried importing settings as well as having a play…

2 – I’ve imported posts from but they aren’t displaying with READ MORE like in the demo? The full posts are displaying in the feed. I can’t find any options to turn this on or off.

The domain is


Thanks for using my theme for your project.

Can you give me more details about the slider? What type of slider you want to have? Is it a fullscreen one, as I noticed from your website`s slider captions? Make sure that the settings are set to fullscreen and not fullwidth:

In order to get the “Read More” button on your blog posts, you need to use the WordPress “more” tag. In other words, you need to split the content of your posts. Here`s a video showing you how to use the tag:

Thank you!

Thank you so much.

1 – I realised i imported the fullscreen settings. haha. I reimported correct settings and slider is perfect. Note your screenshot was so small i couldn’t see it though!

2 – okay no problems!

Everything is great. One of the best themes we have worked with.

One question though… I don’t seem to have the feature images displaying on the category page? yet the feature image displays on home page and in blog?


I have the theme and it is great. Just one query I would like the project pages to have the info bar on the right with a description and then project details underneath (BOBO Project on demo). At the moment the child theme installed has a large slider at the top and then a full width description underneath (JJ Royal on demo). Is there a sample page that I have missed that I can use as a base? Or how can i format this?



Thank you for using my theme for your project.

The portfolio items in live demo were built using the Visual Composer page builder. It`s very easy to replicate the Bobo Project using the page builder. If you don`t have it enabled on portfolio items, go to Settings->Visual Composer and select “portfolio” from the list.

If you want to make use of the layouts that I used for portfolio pages, please contact me via my profile contact form and I will give them to you.

Thank you!

Hello, I tried looking through previous comments, but wasn’t seeing the same issue. I feel like it should be an easy fix, but how can I get the portfolio project page to function the same as one of your live preview pages?

Currently, it’s just defaulting to the page having the image slider going across the top with the text on the bottom.


Not sure why the link isn’t going to the live preview page, but it’s the BOBO project page.


This time I have several questions. a. How can I change the (final) background color when I do roll-over on the portfolio item (and realted project) title? b. How can I reduce the space between the title PROYECTOS and the line above ( The same for the portfolio item title. c. How can I aling to the right the right text in the footer?

Thank you! :-)


a) The background on portfolio item hover is a 2×2px image located at “wp-content/themes/sympathique/images/item-on-hover.png”. Create another small image with your desired color and transparency, name it “item-on-hover.png” and replace the current one with oyours.

b) The space between the title ‘Proyectos” and the line above is generated by a CSS code. You can overwrite it with your own CSS, like so:

html #regular-subheader {
    padding: 60px 0 20px;

Change the values for your needs.

c) Use this CSS:

.footer-widget .text-widget p {
    text-align: right;

Thank you!

Thank you for your reply!

I manage to solve b and c.

As for the png file, it is not the right one, cause this one affects the image of the thumbnail and what I want is to change the white colour which appears below the image, around the text. I want to remain grey (#ececec) like the background.

Looking forward for your reply.

Thanks again :-)

One last thing. How can I do the same for the related projects?

Hi again, My clients love the site I have built them using your theme – thank you!

I do have a problem though and can’t go live until it’s fixed. The site isn’t displaying properly on mobiles and tablets – on the portfolio pages the text runs across the images. Is there a fix for this? Please email me for log in details as it is in maintenance mode Thanks LJ

Hi, Everything looks great with my site. I do have one question regarding the blog featured image: When I import my featured image into the blog post it looks fine before I publish it, but when I send it live the ‘featured image’ is cropped dramatically on the live blog site—any way to fix it? My older blog posts I imported from a previous theme look fine and the way I want them, but for some reason this theme crops the heck out of my images (when published). Let me know if there is a way to adjust or is there a image setting that I’m missing? Thanks!


Thank you for using my theme for your project. The blog featured image function is cropping the images at 780×390px. You`re probably using featured images of different sizes and the function is cropping them at a fixed dimension.

You can fix that, by opening functions.php file from your theme folder(wp-content/themes/sympathique/) and edit line 142:

Instead of:

add_image_size( 'blog-thumb', 780, 390, true );         // Blog thumbnails


add_image_size( 'blog-thumb', 780, 9999, true );         // Blog thumbnails

In other words, the function will crop the images based on width and will not alter the height.

Very important,after you do the change, you need to regenerate your images(allow WordPress to rebuild them). To do that,install the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin and run it from Tools->Regenerate Thumbnails.

Let me know if the new settings are what you`re looking for!

Thank you!

Hello, Sorry to bother you again…but I notice in IE (using 10) that some of my blog images appear and disappear (typical “X” missing image logo for ie) randomly but when I click to go to the post they appear…and even sometimes when I press the back button. This only happens in ie (all of my images are .jpgs and formatted correctly ie: Name.jpg…etc.Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this? Thanks David


for "Footer Copyright Text" is there any easy way to allign to it to center when not using social icons? And to use html codes such as a href in it?

Cheers, again worked as charm! One more thing. On the homepage when using Portfolio carousel, is there any way that these portfolio images would link to certain pages? I found that I can link them only to three options that are offered (open portfolio image page, lightbox and first video from slider) but I would apreciate more to link them to certain page of my web..


The portfolio carousel images are related to their portfolio items. I consider as not being natural that a portfolio thumbnail can be linked to another page. This will create some mess inside your WordPress database and pages because there will be items created that will not be used on the front side. Answering to your question, the feature is very likely to not be included in a future update, but I`ll take a look at the possibility of implementing it.

Thank you!


Before creating a portfolio page, you need to create your portfolio items. To have images displayed on the portfolio page, you need to set to those portfolio items a “Featured Image” and assign to them portfolio categories. Then you can choose what categories to display on the page from “Portfolio Page Options”.

Thank you!

I am becoming quite desperate about this.. Still not able to make it work and spent few hours on it. Do you think that if I would send you login details – you could look on it on a minute a help me?

Hey, sure. Please contact me via my profile contact form with the details.

Thank you!


I would like to present my finished project with the use of your great template:

There are two minor details to solve when I’m in in the responsive mode: 1. How can I have the whole upper side in white (see attached -> red box)? 2. Move the email address on the footer higher. (see attached)

Thank you! Yannis


I`m glad to hear that you launched the project live. It turned out pretty well!

Regarding your questions:

1. Because of the fact that the responsive part of the website makes use of CSS media queries, the header can`t be displayed from side to side, but exactly like the rest of the content. Instead, you can make the header gray, so users don`t get confused about the margins:

@media only screen and (max-width: 1023px) {
  html #header {
     background: transparent;

2. You can do that with a bit of CSS:

@media only screen and (max-width: 1023px) {
  html #topfooter .footer-widget {
     width: 50% !important;

Thank you!

Hey, I’m back. I am getting this looking really sweet. Just a small isssue… I noticed that when I try to include an “icon” as part of a button built with visual composer, the icon appears in the editor but on the front end it does not. I followed the image link in inspector and says file not found, here is the relative path: /wp-content/themes/sympathique/images/icons/arrow.png

Since I can see the arrow in the editor, i inspected that one and the path is pointing to: /wp-content/plugins/js_composer/assets/images/icons/arrow.png

So I think there is some disconnect/broken linking going on when you are pulling these images into your theme, for color transformation perhaps?


I`m glad that your project is getting shape on my theme :) I`ll dig into the icon issue and come up with a fix for you soon!

If you have any other questions/issues, don`t hesitate to contact me!

Thank you!

Hi Please could you help me resize the boxes on my front As you can see the four boxes are busting the width of the full page. I have tried resizing the thumbnails but this just makes the images fuzzy – the boxes remain the same size … Many thanks in advance LJ

Hi! I’ve had a go and can’t seem to work out what you mean!! Please could you give me a few more clues … Do I have to change the code? I have tried appending the grid to an existing row, which is what I understood you to mean but this doesn’t fix the problem. Also – the other issue is the person I have built the site for is using a PC and IE and some of the images fail to appear. Is there any fix for IE? THanks in advance! :-)

Hi!! Thanks! Front page issue fixed. In terms of IE – it is version 11 and it is the images on the portfolio images that don’t seem to be appearing … – just pick one of the portfolios and the images aren’t all available. It seems to be only on IE …. Hope a fix can be found, thanks.

Well, I took a look at the projects in IE11 and images look fine to me:

Am I missing something or am I not looking in the right place?

Thank you!

Two Questions:

1. How do I get rid of the “uncategorized, comments” information on the home page, underneath the posts?

2. How do I reduce the size of the upper image, below the menu?

Reducing size of image below menu:


To remove the “uncategorized, comments”, open “format.php” and locate:

<span class="masonry-post-meta">
<?php echo $time. ' / ' . dt_categories($post->ID) ; 
comments_popup_link(__('No Comments »', 'delicious'), __('1 Comment »', 'delicious'), __('% Comments »', 'delicious')); ?>

Replace it with:

<span class="masonry-post-meta">
<?php echo $time; ?>

Regarding the image below the menu, reducing it is a bit hard, but you can do it with CSS:

.page-title {
    padding-top: 50px !important;

.page-title .page-background {
    height: 130px !important;

.title-bg {
    background: #eeeeee !important;

.bottom-shadow {
    top: 126px !important;

I used the !important attribute to rewrite the current styles.

Let me know how it goes.

Thank you!

Hello people,

First, I would like to thank for the great work. Efficient and totally easy ;-) Anyway, I have a little problem with the integration of Woocommerce. Unfortunately, the design is not taken and shot. What am I doing wrong?

I appreciate a timely response. Thank you in advance.

Bye, Katja


thank you for the quick reply.

Here the link to the project: When I click an image on the article page I’m redirected to the individual product. Here I don’t have the option to style the design of the page but unfortunately. I can insert any sidebar. Then the images are so extremely great and I don’t know how I can change this.

Had found already this article on the net:

Love greetings Katja


Thanks for the link. The problem why you can`t have a nice looking shop page is that you`re using Sympathique V1.1.

WooCommerce support was introduced starting with version 1.2. So, please update your current theme to the latest version.

Once you download the package from ThemeForest, make sure that you read the WooCommerce section of the documentation. You`ll find there information about how to set up your shop pages properly and also how to format your images, in order to look good on the page.

Thank you! Madalin

Hello there !

I’m trying to change the color scheme of the theme, in fact creating a black one. So I create “mycolor.css” file, replace all colors by #000000 (#fe7e17 for the orange one), uploaded it, select it in the Sympathique styling panel. But it doesn’t work, espacially with the background value.

What can I do ?

Thx in advance !


In fact it’s the background color of the hover element, eg the hover on the thumbnail of a project with this class :span.hover-link

So, you`re trying to change the color of the background icon, or of the black background that appears when you hover an image?

Thank you!

I bought this theme again (for a client) and for some reason the Revolution Slider navigation arrow moves between the first and second slide. It starts at the top of the slider and then moves to the middle of the image for the rest of the images. I’ve looked into all of the options that I can think of but can get it to change. Any help?

Forgot to ask about the portfolio tags. They’re overlapping with the thumbnails below. How can I push the thumbnails down so everything sits comfortably?


The portfolio tags seems to work well. Thanks. But I am noticing something else weird with those tags. Just to the left of the “All” tag, there’s a hidden tag that is cut off. I don’t think it’s a tag that I created. Any way to hide or delete this? Check out this page to see what I mean:

For the header, I don’t see the change that I’m hoping for. The background color for each main menu item still shows up, though I only want the text to change color and be underlined when that section is selected or hovered over. Make sense?

Thanks for your help!

Hi, I’m retooling my website and have a few questions:

First, how do I change color of bottom footer text (“© MANY Design, Inc”)

Second, I asked about the scrolling speed about two years ago and am following up because I can’t figure out how to do what you suggest. Here’s my question from two years ago:

“One thing that I’ve noticed on each site is that the scrolling speed/pace is not consistent. Whenever I try to scroll down the page, it tends to jump down the page rather than scroll at a consistent pace. I’ve tried it on multiple computers and browsers, so assume that it’s a feature baked into the theme. Is there any way to prevent this from happening? I would like to provide visitors with a normal scrolling experience.”

you suggested I do the following but I don’t see the “function.php” file.

“Indeed, the theme comes packed with a script which is intended to generate a smoother page scroll for users. If you want to disable it, you have to open functions.php and delete:”

wp_enqueue_script(‘smoothscroll’, get_template_directory_uri() . ’/js/smoothScroll.js’, array(‘jquery’), ‘1.0’, true );

Third, the arrows on image slideshows look odd. They have a weird background color and the arrows look different. Is there any way to fix this so it looks like the theme? You can see this here:

Fourth, how can I add hover animations to images that link to other pages? I want it to look similar to your theme demo, with a semitransparent cover and icons. I can’t find the options to change this.


You can change the footer text with CSS. Add inside Appearance->Theme Options->Styling: Custom CSS box:

html #bottomfooter {
    color: #fff;

2. For the scrolling issue, you have to delete that file from the functions.php file. Just delete it and that should be enough. Please clear caches afterwards.

3. Please share with me a link to one of the projects/a page with the arrows. I have a fix for you.

4. I noticed that you`re using the Single Image element from Visual Composer. Unfortunately, this element doesn`t have any hover effects. Instead, you could use an Addon or something similar. Here`s a plugin which I find and which seems to do the job

Thank you!

Hi..Love your theme..But I just trying to get some white space around the text on box mode..Just need 10px around the pages..I have a background image so the text is squeezed right to the edge…Maybe some CSS may do it..But I just cant seem to work it out..

Thanks in Advance..


Thanks for using my theme. Could you please give me more details about your page? More exactly, do you have an url so I can take a look at it?

I think that you`re missing something while using Visual Composer. When you want to create boxed content for pages, use a row inside another row and then add the content inside the inner row. Check out the videos from the bottom of this page: They show the difference between fullwidth and boxed content.

Thank you!

Quick question, and I’m sure the answer is no – but I thought I’d ask anyway.

I have all my portfolio items set to “Open in Lightbox”. Is there a way to allow the user to advance to the next project in the lightbox, instead of closing out the lightbox, and having to open the next project in a different lightbox?

Thanks! Have loved the theme so far. Our site turned out great with this theme. It is near completion and getting ready to be in full swing in the next few days.

Thanks, A


I tested the code that I gave you on my side and works fine on both pages. The behavior that you`re experiencing on the homepage regarding the lightbox is very weird. From the page source, images are loaded only once…

Anyway, I`m glad that it works fine on the portfolio page.

Let me know if you want to hide the “All” word from homepage, so I can give you a simple CSS fix.



About the selected portfolio items (Portfolio Grid) of home page: 1. Is it possible to be shown like in the portfolio list? Meaning the title and the category under the image and not inside. 2. How can I choose which of the portfolio items to be shown in the home page and not automatically the newest ones, like it is now?

Thank you.

The web is:


1. The custom elements which you can use on the homepage are Portfolio Grid and Portfolio Carousel. A Portfolio List element doesn`t exist yet. However, you can use the Posts Grid element: for generating a grid based on the portfolio items.

2. Projects can be reordered. You have to install this plugin: and then you will be able to reorder items on the projects page with up and down drag and drop gestures.

Thank you!


Post Grid doesn´t leave spaces between projects and the thumbnails doesn´t look so clear, so I think I´ll use Portfolio Carousel which is quite cool!

But now, without the PostGrid in homepage, I can´t see the slider. When you have time and can have a look, please inform me if you can locate the conflict.

My best regards!


I have purchased this theme almost 2 years ago and was working fine until I have installed updates. After that Visual Composer seems to be a problem and website shows strange errors hence I had to switch back to older wordpress version which is not recommended as not safe.

I have tried to test this theme in the latest wordpress version and here are the issues I am facing and would appreciate a quick reply please as my websites are live i.e

WORDPRESS version: 4.7.2

Sympathique version: Sympathique-WP-V1.9.5.1

I have downloaded fresh ZIP file from my themeforest account and followed the documentation to install a theme on a fresh wrodpress install.

Installed and activated plugins and after that I can see following message i.e

1) ‘WPBakery Visual Composer: (There is a new version of WPBakery Visual Composer available. View version 5.0.1 details. Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin. To receive automatic updates license activation is required. Please visit settings to activate your Visual Composer. Got Visual Composer in theme?)’

Then it sent me to a page to submit ‘Activate Visual Composer’ button which I did and I got this message: ‘NO LICENSES FOUND’.

Can you explain why this is happening? I already bought a licensed template and this shouldn’t be a problem?

2) Logo resolution advise?

so as it looks great on large and small versions.

Many thanks


Thanks for using my theme for your project. That`s great!

Please open a private support ticket at and provide me access to the wp dashboard so I can take a look inside. This way I will come up with a fix for your issues.

As for logo resolution, keep it landscape oriented, up to 250×100px.

Thank you!