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I need to have this blog masonry style on home page for the main content of home page. Additionaly I need to have revolution slider at the top and possibly sidebar . Is this possible to create with this theme ? I need to know this for sure. Addiitionaly this posts on home page, how can I control which ones to be featured here ?


Thank you for your interest in my theme. The theme comes packed with Visual Composer page builder plugin which contains elements for Sliders, Blog Layouts(masonry), Sidebars and other elements that you need in order to build your pages.

Your page scenario is easy to build within the theme. Also, every Blog and Portfolio element has options for categories. In other words, you can display blog posts or portfolio items only from certain categories.

Let me know if you have other questions!

Thank you!

This theme is amazing, and the support that the design teams gives is outstanding. I had several questions regarding set-up and operation after purchasing this theme, and the team answered every question thoroughly and quickly. I highly recommend this theme, as it is versatile and smartly designed.


Thank you for your positive feedback! I really appreciate it! :)

Best regards,

my slider stopped working?? it was showing perfectly fine then today it just wont load at all?? do you have any idea why this would happen?


Can you share with me a link to your website so I can take a look at? Also, check out this FAQ related to sliders:

Thank you!

i currently have a under construction page. i will email login info to you. If my blog is empty my slider won’t show? as soon as one post has been made the slider comes back???


Please email me via my profile contact page.

Thank you!

Hi. I just purchased the theme and found there is a new update for the WP Bakery that is not an automatic download. How do I get this download? Is it needed? I saw another question where you said an update to the plug-in would be included with the next theme update but wasn’t if that had been done or not.


Thank you for purchasing my theme. Indeed, Visual Composer has a minor update. The plugin works great right now. I`ll include the latest version in the next theme update. You have the latest version of the theme now: 1.3

Thank you!

What a great theme and the service is probably the best I have ever witnessed in relation to programmers. This theme and it’s developers get a five star rating.


Thanks for your awesome feedback! :) I really appreciate it!

Best regards,

Quick question, and I’m sure the answer is no – but I thought I’d ask anyway.

I have all my portfolio items set to “Open in Lightbox”. Is there a way to allow the user to advance to the next project in the lightbox, instead of closing out the lightbox, and having to open the next project in a different lightbox?

Thanks! Have loved the theme so far. Our site turned out great with this theme. It is near completion and getting ready to be in full swing in the next few days.

Thanks, A

Madalin – Sorry for the delay. I didn’t get a notification of your response. Your edit – worked perfectly! This was the only small thing I had not figured out so far.

Thanks again.

Best, A

Almost. On the home page it causes the lightbox to display each one twice. But I’m not concerned with having that functionality on the home page, just the portfolio page. So I’ll just remove it from the home page. Works perfectly on the portfolio page however.

Just wanted to let you know. I will leave it up so you can see what I am talking about if you’d like.

Thanks again for your help!


I tested the code that I gave you on my side and works fine on both pages. The behavior that you`re experiencing on the homepage regarding the lightbox is very weird. From the page source, images are loaded only once…

Anyway, I`m glad that it works fine on the portfolio page.

Let me know if you want to hide the “All” word from homepage, so I can give you a simple CSS fix.


Hi, I have a few queries if possible which hopefully you can help me with…

1. Is there anyway to allow for a larger custom logo at the top of site

2. The + and – displays on the homepage when you have inserted a blog feed or portfolio… is there anyway to make this continuous rather than getting to the last post and it stopping?

3. In the regular blog layout is there anyway of making the featured image come after the individual blog post heading?

4. I would like to make the page header font slightly bolder, which heading is this is the theme option panel or do you have any suggestions


Oh, I missed that. Yes, you can display them in alphabetical order. They`re displayed now by date, which is quite logical, but you can do it by title too.

Replace your current “wp-content/themes/sympathique/template-portfolio.php” content with this new one: All I did was to add lines 56 and 57.

Thank you!

Thank you, sorry for being awkward, thats worked. Is there any way of getting the portfolio carousel on the home page to do the same thing?

It’s great that this theme is so easily workable

Here`s the code for the portfolio carousel: Because the carousel is based on a shortcode, replace the content from “wp-content/themes/sympathique/wp-content/framework/shortcodes.php” with the one from the pastie.

I tried my best to make the theme as user friendly as possible. This helps me too when it comes to support :)

I should tell you earlier about this: because we`re editing theme files here, you need to use the child theme in order to maintain these changes if you need to make a theme update in future. Theme updates require deleting old files and putting new files in place. In this case, your changes will get lost.

Now, let`s do this the proper way:

Firstly, invert all the changes that you made to theme files. I`m not speaking about code that you placed in Appearance->Theme Options. I`m speaking about file replacements. You`ll probably need to replace your current sympathique theme with the one from the themeforest package. In other words, delete the current sympathique theme and upload it again from the themeforest package.

Once you did that, upload the file too. Then activate the child theme.

Now, let`s get back to issue no. 2:

Create a file called “custom-portfolio-carousel.js” and place this code: inside it. Then create a folder called “js” inside “wp-content/themes/sympathique-child/” and place the “custom-portfolio-carousel.js” in it.

Same thing for blog carousel: Create a file called “custom-blog-carousel.js” and place this code: inside it. Then place the “custom-blog-carousel.js” in the “wp-content/themes/sympathique-child/js/” folder.

Issue no. 6: Making portfolio items ordered by name: Create a new file called “template-portfolio.php”. Place the code from here: inside it. Upload the file to “wp-content/themes/sympathique-child/”.

Issue no. 7: Homepage portfolio carousel: Create a new file called “shortcodes.php”. Place the code from here: inside it. Upload the file to “wp-content/themes/sympathique-child/framework”.

As you will notice, the child theme doesn`t have many theme files in it. When you add a theme file inside, it will overwrite the parent theme file. For example, uploading the modified “template-portfolio.php” file inside “wp-content/themes/sympathique-child/” will make your website to display portfolio items in alphabetical order without touching the parent theme files. This is awesome when it comes to theme updates, because they can be made without loosing any changes made to the theme.

It might be overwhelming and confusing at the beginning, but it`s the right way to modify a theme. Please read more about child themes here:

Best regards,

Sorry another question…

5. How can I remove the underline from the hovers for links, I want the colour change but not the underline

I added a photo to a page and its not responsive (doesn’t resize on mobile) how do I get that image to be responsive?



Please add inside Appearance->Theme Options->Styling: Custom CSS:

img[class*="wp-image-"] {
    height: auto; 
    max-width: 100%;

That should work.

Thank you!


First of all, the theme is realy great, but we found some problems on mobile version, scrolling on home page around news area, does not work properly on android and ios iphone.

Kind regards.


Thank you for using my theme. What type of issue are you experiencing? When you scroll down the website, does the touching scroll gesture doesn`t work? I would like to give you more details about it and also, if you can share a link of your website, that would be great!

Final thing, you have to understand that your website is a website with a layout optimized for mobile screens. The website is not a mobile app, therefore, the experience you`re facing on mobile devices is not the same as the one that you have with mobile apps.

Thank you!

Hi – thanks for an awesome theme. Like a few people before me, I can’t get the floating menu to work. It is enabled in the Theme Options. Any ideas?

As it turns out I just need to deactivate the floating menu, save, then reactivate and save. All working. Thank you.

Hey, I`m glad you found out that hack by yourself. Indeed, what you did is what it takes to enable the floating menu.


I’m having issues with the Visual Composer and Revolution Slider (non-working). I updated to Sympathique 1.3 and Wordpress 3.8, but Visual Composer remains at version 3.6.13. How can I update to the newer version? The Sympathique “Item Details” page ( says that version is included.


The plugin is not automatically updated once with WordPress or with the theme. You have to do it manually.

Visual Composer plugin is packed into the theme at wp-content/themes/sympathique/framework/plugins/visual-composer/ . Just grab the archive and then use it in Plugins->Add New. With other words, that`s the archive that contains the plugin which you have to reinstall.

Thank you!

Great! Found it.


I really would like to put a slightly larger logo at the top, this appears to be the one issue where the theme isnt flexible enough. I don’t need it massive but around an extra 20 pixels in height would be great. Is there anyway this is possible?

I say this because if a logo of 60 pixels height is uploaded there is still quite a bit of white space below it as the logo seems to fit to the top of the white space allowed


It is possible to place a bigger logo in the header. The only thing that you need to do is to increase the height of the main navigation too.

Just add inside Appearance->Theme Options->Styling: Custom CSS:

html .logo, html ul#mainnav > li > a {
    height: 86px;

html ul#mainnav > li > a {
    line-height: 86px;

html .logo img {
    max-height: 66px;

All you have to do now is to increase each value with the extra height you need for the logo. For example, let`s say you want to increase it with 30px. Each value from above: 86px and 66px becomes 106px and 96px.

Let me know if it works this way!

Thank you!

I was wondering if this might be a simple fix. I’ve tried everything and can’t figure out why the elements on my homepage are not centered.

Also, the Tagline’s “Second Line” has no left/right padding. The text runs all the way to the edge of the screen.

The “Homepage” template is selected. Any idea what’s going wrong here?

Alright, sorry… I found it… Theme Options/Main Layout/Boxed Content

Sorry to bother you again, but I still feel like there’s some weird CSS stuff going on. Look at this page:

Is that really how the header is supposed to look?... A color bar that’s only the width of the content area and short strips of shadow floating in space?


The shadows are visible because you`re using boxed content. No problem. Just add inside Appearance->Theme Options->Styling: Custom CSS :

.title-wrapper {
    box-shadow: none;
    -moz-box-shadow: none;
    -webkit-box-shadow: none;

That should work.

Thank you!

Hi, I’m unable to find the breadcrumbs in this theme. Can you give me a hand please?


The breadcrumbs are automatically shown on certain heading types: Standard, Agency and Corporate. Please check them out:

Standard –
Agency –
Corporate –

The only header which doesn`t have breadcrumbs included is the Sympathique header –

You can set a subheader style for each page using the Page Subheader Options:

Thank you!

hi, how are you ? i have a problem with a article page of blog:

1) the social icons are white and i no look there. 2) I want to change the subheader, how can I do? 3) How do I change the words? example: shere to post, leave a comment, submit comment etc?

Thank you


Thanks for contacting me. Answering to your questions:

1. Can you share a link to the page that you`re having issues on?

2. The subheader style can be changed from Appearance->Theme Options->Header

3. For string translation I suggest you install a program called PoEdit: Once you install it, you can then open “wp-content/themes/sympathique/lang/default.po” and translate the strings from the theme.

Thank you!

Hi Couple more things as presalle questions. This FROM THE BLOG section on the main page , how is this controlable ? I will say for example what I need. On the home page I need to have two columns for posts as teaser. So on the left there shoule be two posts from one category, and on the right two posts from other category. And this section with these two columns should have sidebar with maybe more posts from these categories to show. Can I create something like this on the main page as one of sections ? Can you maybe create something like that somewhere to show me.

Anyway, beside this how this shoould look like, is this somehow controlable …....I mean can I choose to have one or three posts from one category in any of these columns I wrote up there ?

Many thanks

Ok, but what about having 2 columns of this ‘From The Blog’ and next to it sidebar ? On the Homepage.

While I am waiting for answer on my previous question I need some more things to be sure it is possible. 1. On the Homepage I presume I can display products from the shop let’s say with 2 columns, but on the right side I don’t want shop filters or whatever , on the right side I would like to have sidebar with content of my choosing. is that possible ?

2. Again with this sidebar thing. If i want sidebar on Homepage , can i place it just with one row of content and not on entire Homepage content area.

3. Our Works area on Homepage. When clicked on these pictures, can I link this pictures to any content I want or it must be linked to a layout like you set in this demo ?

My client have these special requirements so I must be sure what I could do with this theme.

Many thanks on your efforts


As I told you before, the “From the Blog” element needs the entire width of the screen, therefore, it can`t be used with a sidebar next to it. This is my bad, I admit, because I used absolute values instead of relative values for widths(for example, 300px instead of 30%).

You can display products from the shop on homepage and on right side you can use any sidebar you wish.

Our Works area is strictly related to portfolio, therefore, links will open portfolio items and not any other page.

I`m sorry if my answers aren`t what you`re expecting to and hope to still collaborate together against all these inconveniences.

Thank you!

Hi, i ‘m having troubles with my “portfolio carousel” page. You can visit it here: I tried to do the same in localhost and it goes well. I have the same configuration online but this is the result and i can’t understand why. Each item of portfolio has the next configuration: Thumbnail Size: Big What thumbnail does: Opens the portfolio Items outstanding image: Active

Can you help me?



Thank you for the link. I took a look at your website and it seems that the “Business Contact Widget” is messing the layout of the theme. Disabling the widget should make portfolio carousel look back to normal.

Thank you!

Yessssssss, I have disabled the “Business Contact Widget” and … now it´s running normally!! Thx a lot

Great! Thanks!

Hi there – I noticed the same issue as luigidam. The “Share this post” icons on the single post page do not appear. They use the incorrect font-awesome class. Should be class=”fa fa-facebook” (as per header and footer social icons) but currently is class=”icon-facebook” on the single post.


You`re right. I updated the FontAwesome icon font(the one that I`m using on the theme) to the latest version and they changed the name structure of the icons from icon- to fa- . I somehow missed to update those icons too. Here`s what you need to do:

Grab the shortcodes.php file from “wp-content/themes/sympathique/framework/” and paste it into “wp-content/themes/sympathique-child/framework”. Then open it and locate the “Social Share Block” shortcode. Then for each sharing service, replace “icon-” with “fa fa-”.

For example, instead of

$output .= '<a href="" class="twitter-sharer" onclick="twitterSharer()"><i class="icon-twitter" /></a>';

you`ll have

$output .= '<a href="" class="twitter-sharer" onclick="twitterSharer()"><i class="fa fa-twitter" /></a>';

Icons should become visible.

Thank you!

Thanks for your excellent theme. However, I have an issue since I use WPML to translate my website. On the header, social icon don’t appear in the other languages: it works with but not in, etc. How can I resolve this issue?


I dug into the issue and found out that Firefox doesn’t allow cross-domain fonts by default – unless you set an Access-Control-Allow-Origin header to the font(it sounds quite techy, isn`t it?).

In other words, It seems that, for security reasons, Firefox simply don’t allow you to use by default a font that is not hosted on your domain location. Because you`re using subdomains for your language versions, FireFox doesn`t agree to use the icons source from the main domain.

You need to create a .htaccess file and add inside it this content:

<FilesMatch "\.(ttf|otf|eot|woff)$">
  <IfModule mod_headers.c>
    Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*" 

Then you have to place the file inside “wp-content/themes/sympathique/framework/fonts/font-awesome/” folder.

Let me know if it works.

Thank you!

It has worked perfectly! Thank you very much for your time and your good explanation!

I`m glad that it worked fine. Thanks for pointing out the issue.

Regards, Madalin