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Hello :) I purchased your theme awhile back and the client loves it. However, I have noticed a new issue possibly with Google Fonts API? Where most if not all the website fonts are missing. They reappear if I resize the window or choose a font not under Google’s API. Have you noticed this? And how can I fix this issue?

Here’s the link to the site:

Notice the menu buttons don’t show the font and half the home page is missing font as well. Please help if you can, thanks a lot!

Hello, I have recently purchased the theme and it is working great, just after a few customizations to finish off the page, just wondering if you do this? or can reccomend a freelancer for this?


Hi, usually I would be able to help but I’m strapped for time at the moment. If you’re looking for some basic stuff try MicroLancer:

Can I use Envato toolkit or some other WordPress plugin like Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades to simplify theme upgrades. What is the recommended method to update Symple on a working website?


I’ve not used those toolkits but they may work great. An easy way to upgrade is to simply replace the old theme folder with the new theme folder. The theme options will remain in place.

Thanks Justin

Hi there!

Congratulations, nice portfolio :)

I really like Symple, it can work for my client.

I’m just wondering if this theme keeps updating? There’s not support for wordpress 4.0 at the moment? There’re SEO tools in the admin panel?

Thank you !


Yes, it’s still being updated. And it’s working with 4.0 currently. There’s a variety of SEO options in the theme options settings, meta description, keywords, etc.

Thanks! Justin

Thanks for the reply! ;)

Hi, purchased your theme a while ago and need to update now to WP 4.3.1. Will it work with the latest version?

Thx ;-)

Hi Justin, I appreciate that you are offering your help. But I still have not heard from you again. The FTP data is correct, I tried it again. So, can you help, please?



it doesn’t matter anymore. I Found another solution for my problem.


Your details mentioned an FTP, not SFTP. That was the issue, unfortunately. Let me know if you need help still. I apologize for any delay, but it’s just me handling dozens of requests and I can only take them in the order they are received. Just doing my best to help everyone. Let me know if I can help any further.

Hello – I have a pre-purchase question. Can the order of the home page sections be changed and moved around?