Symplex HTML

Symplex HTML

Update January 23, 2013

  • Small jquery version update

Update, April 15:

  • Cufon Update for IE9 support

Updated in version 1.3:

  • Small Contact Form Fix

Updated in version 1.2:

  • Fixed Focus color on some forms, for mono, green, and blue.
  • Changed code for coda style bubbles, its simpler now, and it should work in lists elements.
  • Added php file to catch the contact form and send emails.

Updated in version 1.1:

  • Disabled Text Overflow script on some elements causing some IE versions loadtimes to lag a bit.
  • Slideshow update, small fixes, and added Play / Pause Icon for more control. Slideshow now pauses automaticly on Slide Click or Slidenav Click. When video play button is pushed Slideshow pauses, this however is supported ONLY in Firefox, Safari and Opera. Slideshow can be resumed by pushing the play icon.
  • Fixed Dropmenu grandchildren bug.
  • Fixed Button width bug.
  • Added popup bubbles to Tool Page.
  • Added New pages: Sign In, Shopping Cart, My Account & one more Portfolio View.
  • Added footer CSS support for onehalf, onethird, onefourth, onefifth. Exemplified on the new Portfolio Alternative (our-work-with-sidebar.html) page footer.

Symplex is a nice clean portfolio theme, can be used as a pure portfolio site or as a springboard to sell templates/designs. Also for any other portfolio/gallery or software sites.

  • 4 Color Variants : Pink, Blue, Green, Mono (Black)
  • Jquery Enhanced : PrettyPhoto, Cycle, Filterable Portfolio
  • Font Replacements: Cufon
  • Contact Form: With JS Validation
  • Code: Valid XHTML
  • PSD: Included for all pages, and homepages for each color variant. (Bonus: Alternate Header PSD)

Included Pages for each Variant:

  • blog-post.html
  • blog.html
  • company-about-us.html
  • company-customer-feedback.html
  • company-philosophy.html
  • company.html
  • contact-map.html
  • contact.html
  • customer-service-help-faq.html
  • customer-service.html
  • index.html
  • our-work-detail.html
  • our-work-pricing.html
  • our-work.html
  • our-work-with-sidebar.html
  • request-quote.html
  • tool-page.html
  • sign-in.html
  • cart.html
  • your-account.html