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I’d pay for a Wordpress version. When will it be released?

Beautiful template. When there comes a Wordpress version I’m on it!

Nice looking :)

It has impressive design. for first item it is not bad.


Yup … wordpress version would make this theme a top seller.

I like it! :D great work dude!

thanks all, i should start coding it as soon as possible.

awesome…looking forward to coded HTML …maybe a grey or black version also?

beautiful template dude… great job!

very nice, congrats

I’m not impressed with the layer for the effects (purple background) not being editable.

Your item description states: “PSDs are nicely structured in layers groups for easy editing.”

Can you supply me with the original layered, organised file containing the background with the stars / hexagons etc?

Thanks for sending me the original background layers!

n/p will be added in the pack with an update.

What is the design inside the LCD on homepage? I like it!!! Can I buy that one?

that one was refused here on tf :)

but send me a msg we can work something out (email bogdan@spinform.ro)

I have e-mailed you.

Hi great PSD i would also like to get hold of the design inside of the LCD homepage, i have emailed you to see if we can work somthing out?

yup glad you like it :)

Hey, I just purchased this knowing that it was just psd files which is fine, does anyone have any advice on how I take the blog psd and create a template for wordpress out of it?

Depends on your experience with slicing xhtml and the wp stuff. Are you just starting out in this wild adventure :) ?

If you are just starting out, then i would advise you get on some tutorials (search on google or something, “psd to wordpress tutorials”).

I am currently working on the xhtml/css and the wordpress version btw.

great template! rock on!!!

what’s the possibility of adding a few more colour variations to the xhtml/css version? maybe a grey, black or yellow version?

Awesome design btw,


thnx , yes.. a blackish darker one will work well.

Do you have an expected date for the HTML /CSS version? Great work!

thanks, yes soon, next week probably.