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Hi Charlie,

Great theme. Was wondering how you I could change the background color of only my pages into white, even while on a Dark, Open option. I can get the white boxes in boxed options, but I would not like to have that. I need the background of only my text areas in the pages to be white so that I can use dark text for greater readability.


Hi Hari!

Sure! To do this while maintaining/bypassing the options that you have selected/like, try adding this custom snippet to the Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS panel:
#section-content .container {
  background-color: #FFFFFF;
Then you can isolate this rule to all pages with the page class selector like this:
.page #section-content .container {
  background-color: #FFFFFF;
You can also select specific pages with the page-id class:
.page-id-32 #section-content .container {
  background-color: #FFFFFF;
Let me know if that works for you!



I am having a problem with the u Squares plugin. I have one uSquare item with 3 items per row on my front page, then I have one uSquare item (full width) with only one item row above. See

It looks good on a 15” Mac, ipad portrait and mobiles, but on a Mac 13” with Retina screen and on ipad landscape, the top uSquare item shrinkt donwn to one third of the size.

How can I change this to look good on all screens?

Hi Emeliech!

Any chance you can shoot over a screenshot of the issue over here: We may also need a temp login to further diagnose and offer some possible solutions for the responsive parameters in the uSquare settings.

Cheers! Charlie

I am doing it right now! Thank you.

I am considering buying this theme for my client. Is it possible to control how many squares appear on the homepage grid?

Also would it be possible to replace some of the grids on the right side and put in a text box or the latest blog post?

So ideally I would like to have a grid of squares that is 4×3, then have the remaining 2×3 squares as one box that has text in it. Is that possible?

Hi Edmondbina!

The uSquare is pretty versatile, with a ton of options. I have seen users stack different uSquares on top of each other to create cool results including 1×1 on a 3×3 with right, left, and full width squares. It takes a little extra love to do multiple usquares stacked, but the code is setup to take multiple shortcodes.

I can put in a feature request with the author of uSquare to include a text only option, but for now the best way to work around this is by setting the square to ‘full width’ and uploading a text image as the preview.

For more info on the uSquare plugin that we are integrating:

Cheers! Charlie

pre purchase question – are all the errors fixed on the live version? you have 7 javascript errors in the demo

Hi Dave! Thanks for the question!

The only possible JS errors (that I am aware of) are from our Style Loader (not included in the theme) or from the iframe included by themeforest when previewing the demo (not included int the theme).

I checked into this myself and had our lead framework designer check into this and although there were a couple references, we didn’t come across any broken error codes. I can assure you that there isn’t anything broken with the theme. If you do still have questions, feel free to include theme and the errors in a ticket at our dedicated support forum so that we can take a look:

Cheers! Charlie


How can i set my 2-3-4 column gallery in my Syncro theme?

I try to make new pages, and select galleries, but i can only set the following templates

2-3-4 column portfolio full width + (dev sand) 2-3-4 column hybrid blog page small sidebar 3 types of trditional blogs

And beside all of this, my uSquare plugin is broken too

Hi Benjamin! Let’s keep this going over here:

For anyone else who would like some additional information on this, there is the Documentation file > videos on Page Templates and the Portfolio v. Post Relationship (a walkthrough on setting up your portfolio and/or blog pages) here: > and our dedicated one on one support system that you can file tickets at here:

Cheers! Charlie


I have some issues with the revolution slider. I’ve inserted a slider in the OptionTree/Front Page section, but the slider doesn’t show.

If I do a preview from within the RevolutionSlider section it does show the slider.

Please advise, thanks. Roy

Hi Roy!

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues. If you are still having issues, feel free to file a private ticket with a temporary login so that I can take a look:

Cheers! Charlie

Thanks Charlie, I did!

Theme is broken in ie8, text is italics throughout! Know what could be causing it?

Hi Jenny!

Thanks for the heads up! I tried to replicate this on a test site and our demo and this looks to be isolated to the demo. Upon further inspection it looks like Typekit has now come out with support for this, and I’ll need to go back through and add this to the demo.

With that said, I am not seeing this issue on our test site within the serif and sans-sarif options included in the theme, or by using the WP-Google Fonts plugin, only if you are using Typekit.

If you are having specific issues with your setup, feel free to file a ticket here: so we can provide some one on one help :)

Cheers! Charlie

I have purchased this theme and immediately upon installation I received the following error under the footer on all pages:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/28/11181528/html/wp-content/themes/syncro/element-categoryrow-js.php on line 3

Can someone advise on how to remove?

Hi Stephen!

01: Without a temporary login (which you can file as a private response here:, your best option is to add a Category Row (with title, and category selected) in Appearance > Theme Options > Front Page (you can still set the option to show the row/section to No/Off, but it needs a row to fix this error without modifying the code).

02: I have a code fix that I will be releasing. If you would like to include a temporary login (as a private response here: I can add it in for you.

Cheers! Charlie

Hey guys, a pre purchase Q here: Can I remove or not use the part of the grid with the curved arrow and title? Am I able to have just pics in the grid, with some rollover text? I looked through (I think) everything, and could find no mention of this. Thanks!

Hi Tpaszalek!

Thanks for the question. Yep, the options for “image position” include left, right and full (no-text, just the image). An example can be found here: The standard, though would only cover the image and the text. I’ll try to put together a better example together for you over the weekend :)

Cheers! Charlie

Hi there,

Nice theme, but one question. What’s the fastest way to get the same typographie like in the Live Preview.


Hi D2thak,

Let me know if this helps:

Cheers! Charlie

Hi Charlie,

I want to say thank you here on the comment for your fantastic help with our issue,

cheers, Mikel

Thanks Mikel! I appreciate the kind works! Keep up the great work and let me know if you run into any other questions. And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to rate :)

Cheers! Charlie

Hey just wondering, on the Live Preview site the Lightboxes for the galleries are not working in Chrome, and some dead links on the galleries… is this a problem with the theme or maybe a plugin missing on the preview site?

Hi Ahalliday!

Thanks for the heads up! I was planning on doing some updates on Syncro anyway, but it looks like I’ll need to move that timeline up a bit. Originally we were including iLightbox as the premium lightbox included with the theme, but after running into several issues with this plugin I think I am going to have to pull it. The issues are simply outweighing the functionality, and we want our users to have a great experience with our themes. I can either go back to the open source prettyPhoto lightbox or include the premium JackBox lightbox instead. In either case, it looks like I’ll need to get this patch up as soon as I can.

For the time being, you might check out a couple of our other themes, or check out some from MDNW who is using the same framework as ThemeIsland. We worked together on the several of our themes, and I think you might find some comforting similarities in the code.

Thanks again for the heads up, and I’ll get this sorted out as soon as I can!

Cheers! Charlie

No worries at all. I might get this theme, depending on which way we decide to go with this project. I like the usquare grid implementation. If I do purchase the theme and there is an issue with the light box it’s not going to be too tricky to replace that with another plugin.

Cheers, Adrian


For some reason I cannot get rid of the front slider which I have not set yet, but got the error msg in the box where the slider should be – Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias homepage not found.

I do not want the front slider. Where to switch it off?

Hi John,

Thanks for the heads up and I apologize about that! I have an updated version that I can send to you that will fix this. Just shoot me a ticket over at: I will also post this on themeforest but it will take some time to go through the review process for the update.

Notes: It looks like there was a snippet from the demo made it into the customer version during the last update. Huge oversight on my part and I apologize about the frustration. I am happy to send you a updated version via ticksy or email, and I can also patch this up with a login if you would like to not need to use a new version. This snippet just needs to be removed from header.php (lines 103 – 112):

<!-- DEMO ONLY!!!!! -->
<!-- Frontpage Slider Conditionals -->
<?php if ( is_front_page() ) : ?>     

    <div id="demo-rev-slider">
        <?php echo do_shortcode('[rev_slider homepage]'); ?>

<?php endif; ?>
<!-- DEMO ONLY!!!!! -->

Thanks again for the heads up! Charlie

I am trying to submit a ticket but I cannot find the purchase confirmation the way your instruction shows. Is there any other way we can go around?

I also noted two other things:

1. Color for the main top menu does not change on theme options. 2. Sub-sub menu items cannot be clicked when hovered.

Let me know know.

Hi JohnSmith,

Sure, shoot me an email with your purchase code and I can send over the update via email. It includes a fix for the slider and the sub-sub menu items. As for the color for the menu items, these are linked to the Primary Color option. The menu area (which includes the logo) is linked to the Header Color option.

Cheers! Charlie

I would like to change the logo area Header Color to black resemble your demo page.

Hi teammedia,

Can you file a support request with a link to your site? I’d be happy to take a look at this request.

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