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Clean and beautiful! Nice theme! Congrats mate :)

Thank for the kind words JOGJAfile!

very nice! -and I have the honor of being the first to grab it :D – looking forward to it!

Thanks Chipperson! Let me know if you run into any questions while using it!


great work, good luck with sales

Thanks imax9!

Thanks louiejie! Love your design man!


I see it’s a Super Skeleton theme. ThemeIsland = MDNW?

Hi Henk!

Brandon (MDNW) speaking here (verified below ;)): This account will be specifically under Charlie’s supervision (my brother and theme collaborator of over 3 years now), even though it’s part of the same team. We generally help each other out on all of this stuff (for instance, I handled typography & final design polish on this theme, while he handled the initial layout, design concepts, and all coding) – in the past, he’s taken on the same roll on themes for my own account.

Long story short, it made sense for us to create his own account for some of his own personal project themes, but we’ll continue working in a collaborative manner as we’ve been doing for a while now – themes that he takes the lead on will show up on this account, themes that I spearhead will show up on MDNW.

We’ll both be answering support questions and stuff, but this gives him a chance to own some of the themes that we produce and it makes better sense tax-wise… and of course, customers benefit from the tag-team we’ve got going the same way it’s been for a while :)

Cheers! Brandon

Hello great work!!. One question: this template has support wpml? I need to show the web in several languages and WPML support is perfect.


Hi Oliver!

We haven’t tested out the WPML plugin (or qTranslate) yet, but we’ll be doing so this week and we’ll be working on any necessary integration tweaks if they are necessary :)


Very nice, does theme support unlimited sidebars? Also is there color options by way of admin?


Hi Bruce1! Yep, we are using the Custom sidebars plugin so you can create sidebars that you need, configure them with widgets, and choose your sidebar selection from a drop down on each page or post ;)

I will be going through the admin later today to take some screenshots to show all of the options, but there are and if you run into any questions you can also let us know here so that we can help out with the process:

Cheers! Charlie

Just verifying the comment above re: Henk ;) This is indeed a collaborative release from the partnership between ThemeIsland and myself.

Great Theme, but before purchased, I have a question: it is possible to add Breadcrumbs? I think is important. Congratulations and great sales, in a book day celebration!!

Hi AlexiaNin! Great idea! That should be pretty easy depending on how comfortable you are adding in some simple markup. If you use the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin, you can add this markup to the Page and Post conditionals at the end of header.php:
        <!-- Section - Breadcrumbs-->
        <div id="section-breadcrumbs">
            <div class="container">
                <div class="breadcrumbs sixteen columns">
                        <?php if(function_exists('bcn_display'))

That will harness the grid that we are working within, you will just need to add in some additional styling. If you need any additional help, please let me know here:

Cheers! Charlie

Ok. Also are you think in add in a future upgrade by default for this theme? I’m a real Wordpress beginner, and everything is difficult for me. So, if will be by default, of course better, if no, I’ll try to figure it what means this solution. Thanks!!!!

Hi AlexiaNin! I completely understand and can look into including this as a feature request for a future update. In the mean time, if you decide to purchase the theme you can also ask for additional help at our dedicated one on one support site for additional questions and requests: I am happy to help where I can :)

Cheers! Charlie

You recommend installing a ‘zilla social’ plugin – I cant find this, at least now through the wp-admin search feature.. Recommendations? Also a small typo in the quick install doc ‘Advanced Sidbars’ :)

Amazing design!

Hi mvinding! Thanks for the feedback and I apologize about any confusion. I will make a for this or included it in our next update. Zilla Social is suggested (since we use it in the demo) but is not necessary for the theme to run. I will see if it makes sense to include this in the theme download package (like uSquare). For now, you can pick it up here:


I’m having some problems importing the demo content..

I installed all the plugins, minus the zilla ones which I cannot find.

When importing the demo content from demo-content.xml I get errors on every single line (selected assign to admin user on my test site and download attachments in the wordpress importer).

I am also uncertain on how to install the other two demo files.

Errors here :

Hi mvinding! Thanks for the heads up! We actually pulled Styles With Shortcodes from the demo and from the theme download, but it looks like the xml file wasn’t updated. The errors that you are seeing are SWS settings that don’t have a place to go now that we are not including this. No worries, it shouldn’t affect the site. I’ll get an updated version out asap ;)

Cheers! Charlie

Another little bug-report – upload of theme zip doesnt work:

unzipping and uploading seems to work ok though. cheers! edit : might be my local settings in php…

Hi mvinding! Thanks for the heads up! This is a file size limitation from the hosting side. You can touch base with your hosting service to increase the allowable file upload size. We are working on slimmed down versions of the our upload files for our next update since we understand that many people are in this situation. In the mean time, if you run into any other issues while using the theme please let me know here ( so that we can give some one on one help getting you set up.

Cheers! Charlie

Great theme!

However I got an error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in public_html/wp-content/themes/syncro/element-categoryrow-js.php on line 3

Hi roymilder!

Sorry to hear that you ran into issues! Invalid argument are usually because there is some option value left blank. Try doing the following:

Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Front Page and scroll down to the Category Rows section. If you have them turned on, you will want to also fill out the options including selecting a category for each row added.

Let me know if that helps! If you run into any other issues while using the theme or have any helpful feedback, please let us know here:

Cheers! Charlie

Nice theme,

Whenever I browse a gallery – Click on a pic – it looks great. works fine too. but when I close the pic. the page gets stuck. I have to refresh it via F5.

Is it just me? I am in IE 10 on MS Surface Win RT.


Hi HP!

It’s a standard theme – so there isn’t any eCommerce integrated… We have had some customers convert it into their own version of an eCommerce theme using MarketPress or WooCommerce, but I can’t vouch for how much work that takes as it’s really outside of what we can support.

We do have a couple themes planned for this year that’ll use WooCommerce, so it’s something that we’ll start working more with in the next couple months but does not come stock with this theme.

Let me know if you have any other questions! Charlie

Ooops, My mistake with clarity. No I wouldn’t expet you to support me with woocommerce. I was asking for the support for the wonderful theme you have created.

If I run into some issues with woocommerce I will solve them, and if I run into some css issues with the looks of those pages I would ask for your help if possible.

Thanks.. HP

Definitely! I am happy to help you with anything that you run into that comes stock with the theme :) I am also happy to take into account any feedback that you may have about the theme. Just file them here if you run into any questions:

Cheers! Charlie


before I purchase I would like to know if it is possible to delete the slider section in the middle of the home page. Thx in advance :)

Hi SIMA_Event!

Thanks for the question! You can pull the main slider/uSquare section by simply leaving the Front Page Slider Shortcode option in the theme options blank. You can also pull the the secondary slider (found on the homepage about 3/4 of the way down) or substitute it with some custom content by setting a different “Home page” in Settings > Reading. Setting this to a blank page will effectively eliminate this slider.

Hope that helps a bit! Charlie

hi, i’m a newbie to wordpress, and i uploaded the theme file via ftp as the zip file was too large to upload via the admin site. but the theme doesn’t show up on wordpress, despite being in the right place on the server. is there any advice on what to do next? thanks.

Hi Eyregirl!

Try unzipping the download package and uploading the “” folder found inside of The Theme File Zip folder. For a video walkthrough on this process, check out The New Theme Installation Video here:

If you are doing this with the FTP method, try unzipping the download package and uploading the “syncro” folder found inside of The Theme File folder to wp-content/themes/

If you are still having issues, feel free to include some additional information over at our dedicated support forum:

Cheers! Charlie

Nice theme. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thanks JFthemes, same to you! The navigation on Metro looks great!

Great theme, enjoying working with this – i was using social stream plugin on my previous work – cant seem to get the social stream wall to work in this?

Hi angelbud!

I haven’t personally worked with this plugin but if you would like to include a temporary login at our support system I would be happy to take a quick look:

Please also include the page/post that you are trying to get this working with and any additional information that might be helpful. I can’t officially support all third party plugins (there are thousands) but I am happy to take a look when asked :)

Cheers! Charlie

Hi, were getting the same error as RoyMilder : error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in public_html/wp-content/themes/syncro/element-categoryrow-js.php on line 3

We have “no” selected for the category row as per your instructions to Roy. Also, it is possible to expand the width area of the default logo space?

Thanks, Laura

Thanks Charlie – that did the trick. One other question, is there a way to insert a banner graphic above the Post/Page title in the Post/Page templates? It’s a great theme – just takes some getting used to.

Hi Laura!

Yep! You can do this in any of the template-name.php files, single.php(post), and/or page.php(page). Then depending on the size of the graphic and where you want the location (full width, container, or content-container) you can add it to the markup:
<!- Super Container -->

    <!- 960 Container -->

        <!- CONTENT -->
        <div class="eleven columns content">

            <!- THE POST LOOP -->      

                <!- PAGE TITLE (and hide option) -->

You can also save this out as a new template-name.php file in case you want to maintain the original template file and have this new one as a custom template (ie. template-fullwidth-bannerad.php). Just save the file out as this new name and make sure to replace the: 
<?php get_header(); ?>

 * Template Name: Full Width With Banner Ad


Let me know run into any other questions while using the theme :)</div>

Something isn’t letting me partition code but you get the idea ;) If you need more help feel free to let me know

Just to clarify, how do we get rid of the red warning line on our homepage at

We’d also like to get rid of the small logo at the top left – how can we do that?


Hi Laura!

To remove the logo while maintaining the spacing of the header, you can hide this with some custom CSS. Try adding this to your Custom CSS Panel in Appearance > Theme Options > Skin/Styling Tab (scroll to the bottom):
#logo > img {
  visibility: hidden !important;

If you needed this area for something else, you can change the markup for this in the header.php file.

If you are still having issues, feel free to file a ticket at our dedicated support forum: