Discussion on Syndicate - All Purpose Bootstrap Retina Template

Discussion on Syndicate - All Purpose Bootstrap Retina Template

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the figure caption in “Awesome portfolio” was not shown on Chrome.

I found this issue occurs when a high resolution monitor used.

Hi, not sure that we understand, please contact us via form in support tab. Thanks

is this still actively supported and developed?

Hi, we support our Syndicate template but development is focused on new item. Thanks

when does this theme get a new update? seems there a lot feature request and bug need to be fixed.

I’ve registered on your support forum but still had no reply to get my password. Maybe something went wrong with your system or i mispelled my email address. Hope you can help me to get my pw and/or theme updates. Thank you Alberto

Hi, just replied to you email. Thanks

Yep, thanks!

Hi, I really love this template! Just one question: is it possible to ad a filter to the portfolio?

Regards, Donna

Hi, sorry but filtering is not possible in the moment. Thanks

Awesome template.Need Blog page’s emoticon images. Hi. I really loved the theme. Congratulations to your team. I have purchased this theme and one of the reasons was the blog page’s emoticon images. After downloading I realized that images are not included. I have purchased multiple templates on envato and all of them included the images in the demo. Can you please help me ? I couldnt figure out how to post a questiong in awerest support.

Nice theme, however In the latest version of Firefox, the rollover captions do not appear on the thumbnails in the portfolio section.


http://www.awerest.com/demo/syndicate/multipage/ http://v2.paywell.co.kr/multipage/index.html

differs from ie8. no components.html. The default image is not displayed.

What should I do?

Hi, components.html is just demo to show you what major components are included in template built with Bootstrap. For other issues please open ticket at support.awerest.com – Thanks

Rellay Great theme, little doubt, wanna buy it

How can i put the top header in transparent like MYWAY theme,and change to another color??

wanna buy both themes


Hi, contact us via form on our profile, we will try to customize Syndicate for you. Thanks

Is there a way to make the images in slider to be at the center if the width or height is not the same size like others.. I don’t want the image to stretch if the width is smaller the the slider container.

Hi, you can probably center image with small css modifications and removing cover size. Thanks

How to make main slider scroll with timer?

In custom.js file in carousel settings on line 62 (45 for multipage) change interval from 0 to desired number in milliseconds. Hope this helps

How to change color from purple to blue?

In style.css file look for all purple hex color and replace it with yours. Open ticket on support forum if you need more help. Thanks

Do you offer customization of this template to my needs ?

Most of things are covered by support and are free, you can contact us via form on our profile – we will assist.

Hi mate,

Are there any plans to release an update with some bug fixes / new features?

Thanks, Cas

Hi, update is ready and you can contact us via form on our profile for more details. Thanks

I really like this template, do you have a MODX Revolution with Wayfinder version?

Hi, we have no plans to convert Syndicate in MODX at the moment. If you thought on Superawesome theme, making of menu would be easy, but where would it link? It’s a one page theme.

I just bought this but the chevrons are missing on the slider.

Hi, add http: before FontAwesome link in <head> so it doesn’t read as file while you are running on your computer. Thanks

would like scroll to top button to disappear when im at the top. thanks!

Hi, go to top button show up after 1000px scrolled, it is hidden while you are at the top. Open ticket at support forum or send us URL to your site via form on our profile, we will take a look. Thanks

Why are all of your templates laggy when you scroll them?

Doesnt happen on any others ive looked at but all 3 of yours do so.

Hi, thanks for pointing that out but this is known issue. It depends heavily on device and browser, which is the same with almost every template which uses custom scroll bars. We are testing several solutions in this regard and we’ll inform you when the update is made.

Hi guys!

I have 2 questions I hope you can help me with:

1. Please tell me how to make the message field in the contact form bigger, like the one in the MyWay template? 2. Characters with accents are not recognized in the messages that I receive, how can I solve this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi, noticed your topic at our support forum. We will answer soon. Thanks

Can someone tell me if it is possible to download theme updates? I purchased this theme for almost a year ago & need to update.


Hi, on support forum we have topic for Syndicate latest update, you can also contact us via form on our profile for updated version. Thanks

Hello. Just wondering if it is possible to position the text on the carousel to either left or right of the screen for @media(min-width:992px) only, and keeping it in center as it is the demo for smaller screen widths?

Hi, of course – add #intro .carousel-inner h1 { text-align: left/right;... for desired media querie. Thanks


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