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Super Awesome , Good Luck !!

Thanks Theme-Builder! 8-)

We’re glad you like it! Thank nicodweb 8-)

Awesome work, hope you love new Bootstrap 3.0 :)

Thanks designova! We love it 8-)

Hi. I’m having terrible performance issues with this site. Load times locally take up to 1 minute on IE and about 20-40 on Chrome. Safari OSX is around around 30 seconds. You need to reload webpage sometimes for it to even show. Multipage is faster but still nothing I would even remotely want uploaded. on chrome the spinning logo doesn’t even appear until I cancel page reloading. Once I do that spinner appear but page doesn’t load so I have to hit reload AGAIN and only then I get the prompt about tour/no tour selection.

I have no FTP access for another hour but to go on and develop this further will be literally impossible unless I can pinpoint the issue.

Any ideas what might be causing this??

Hi, probably some large images, open ticket on and please include link to your site so we can investigate. Thanks

I didn’t add a single image. I’m talking about a completely stock state right after unzipping from the purchased file. 0 assets of my own.

Hi, then you are probably running site on your computer without local server, it will be fine when it’s online. If loading is still slow open ticket on support forum and we will investigate. Thanks


If it’s not too hard to change the multipage site’s color theme completely (I want blue, not purple) then it’s an instant purchase. Is it hard to do this? I do program in CSS/HTML/JS/jQuery.

Template use only two css files – main bootstrap.min.css and our custom style.css. For easier updates we never change Bootstrap files. Hope this helps

Hi, #purple is not in the css file anywhere.

Hi, search for #852b99. If you have more questions please open ticket at

Excellent work @awerest wish you all the best with the sales ! :)

Thanks straw-art 8-)

Hi there,

Just tested the theme on the iPad. I notice a disturbing flicker with the slider. Seems like double effect paging or something like that.

Love the theme! Tom

Hi, can you tell us your iPad model and browser that you use? If you want you can send us message via form on our profile. Thanks

Sure, will do!


With my iPhone 4 I see a big black rectangle on top of the logo.


Hi, can you send us link to screenshot via form on our profile? Thanks


Excellent job on the template, I’m considering purchasing it but I’m looking at a couple of things before I purchase.

1) Is it possible to remove the loading animation completely? 2) Does the theme support submenus? I’m looking for a dropdown to the menu items.

Thanks Sandeep

Hi sandeepb, both possible. Thanks

Thanks for the info. One other thing, I would like to put a phone number above the menu, how would I go about making this change in the code? Thanks

Open ticket at support forum – and developer will assist you. Thanks

Very nice theme, will you at\provided a Category option in the gallery? When you click they will fly and mix ;)

Hi t1rnanog, we will give our best to add this in one of the future updates. Thanks! 8-)


Super cool! theme… I love it! Congrats from México :D

Thanks, we’re glad you like it 8-)

Cool! theme. But How to change Banner Auto Play ?

Hi sreenu-bfa, if you want to have autoplay on sliders edit custom.js, find carousel settings and set “interval: 0” to desired number in milliseconds. Thanks

I purchased this theme but the link within the documentation are not opening. I beleive its because the path is hard coded ( http://localhost/syndicate/ ) and each system/domain will have different path. Please resolve this issue.

2. Where can we find 361 icons?

Hi, thanks for report. Send us a message via form on our profile for new documentation before we update files on ThemeForest. Follow the button in Font Awesome section in documentation. Thanks

Hey, Where are the the icons?

Hi, find them here – link. Or see documentation – Font Awesome section. Thanks

Thanks! Amazing Layout by the way!

Thanks 8-)

How to update google map ? Which file Please reply me.

Hi, Google map coordinates are located at the end of contact.html file in script section – open ticket on support forum – we will assist you if needed. Thanks

Hi, just a quick question. Are all original bootstrap 3 files included in your package? Is is CSS only or do you also have the less files? Thanks

Hi kaidot, css only. We never cusomize original Bootstrap files so it’s easy to update. Also there will be a update on Monday with latest Bootstrap 3, Syndicate is made with RC1. Thanks

Any news on your update? I am ready to buy :)

Sorry for delay, we are moving to the new office and had busy weekend. We will update files till end of this week. Thanks

Hi awerest,

Nice work, the theme is awesome. By the way, i noticed sreenu-bfa’s comment about “auto-play” on sliders. I did change custom.js, but it works only with the main carrousel. How to enable auto-play into portfolio modal sliders?


Hi transpira, settings in custom.js have effect on all carousels. If you have new carousel add ID on line 50 in code with other carousels. Thanks

Wondering, is there any good indication for when the WP version is to arrive? I really so want this template, but I need the WP version unfortunately :(

Hi tomdekok, probably at the end of this month.

okay thanks! Four weeks to go! :)

Great site! I notice that images are not included in the purchase. can you tell me from where you sourced them so our budget for the purchase is complete?


Hi shurlburt, these are not stock images, you are not allowed to use them in your project. Thanks

i think that was clear from the ‘Item Detail’ page. My question is, where did you get them (in the event we wish to separately purchase them). thanks.

Due to respect to Envato marketplaces, send us a message via contact form on our profile and we will send link to source. Thanks

Hi, I am trying to use fontawesome icons in my site, but when I seem to code the <i class="icon-heart" /> it doesn’t insert the heart icon? Any ideas?

Hi, to avoid updating Font Awesome files we use link to there CDN, your site need to be online or run on you local server. Thanks