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Hi, I am interested in purchasing this theme. Only one issue. The theme perfectly fine when i view it on chrome on my note 2 but not in native android browser. Both onepage and multipage demos were showing differences and top nav bar wasn’t staying on top but was lagging when moving up and down the page. Is this issue normal or fixable. Regards

Hi, thanks for report. We will check this issue and fix it.

Thanks. Multipage seems to be working fine now but onepage really needs some help. Onepage version doesn’t work really good in android native browser but works awesome in chrome browser. Please do let me know when issue is fixed and i will buy the theme promptly. Regards

I thought that themes are tested before allowed to be sold. This theme is not working on desktop google chrome browser as well. I tried it on Android phone using Native browser, Chrome, Dolphin, Firefox. and on Desktop using Firefox , IE, Chrome. Working as it should on Chrome (mobile) and on Firefox, IE on desktop. All are latest versions.

How do I get rid of the intro “start tour” page?

great theme by the way.

thank you,


Hi, in custom.js file on line 97 remove //tour trigger… part of code. Thanks

Your work is simply amazing.

I bought Myway and I love it.

Thanks template_hacker! 8-)


Theme looks fantastic – good work.

I’m considering buying this theme, however one thing that bugs me is the contact section/page. The box for the message is not user intuitive – although it looks nice, and works great if the user is sending a short message its not functional for anything lengthly. So my question is, is there an alternative to that message box built into this theme?

Maybe something similar to the original Myway theme contact form?



Hi, contact form is same as the one on Myway, it’s easy to style and arrange input boxes. Thanks

Thank you for the quick reply. Instantly purchased! Will leave a detailed comment in regards to my experience afterwards!

Hi I purcheased this template. there is a problem with the portfolio on IE 10 and Firefox, the portfolio images does not resize on small browsers windows causing the orrizzontal srollbar to appear; please can you solve this problem? Thanks in advance. Fabrizio

Hi, we will try to get this error and fix. Thanks for report.

Looks great. My only gripe is when resizing browser to mobile size the index page slider images dont seem to scale vertically so you are left with a huge block of color at the base of the image.

Hi, we are not getting that error but onclick function to close menu is not working. We will take a look and fix. Thanks

Have you fixed this issue yet, which we reported nearly a month ago ?

Hi, sorry totally missed this one. Working on it. In future please open ticket at – It’s easier for us to manage reports on forum. Thanks

Hi, is there a wordpress version of this template?

Hi, WordPress version is under development, not sure about release date. Thanks

how do i remove rolling gif about every time i reload the page..

Hi, remove “preloader” div right after body starts.

Hi, Please return old backgrounds with photo of the desktop. I can’t explain to my designer, without your example, what me need. Many thanks.

Hi, create profile and see this tread on our support forum – link

Great theme but it loads a little slow, especially when trying to edit it and having to fresh to see changes. Is there a way to disable the preloading animation and whatever is making it take longer than it should to load?

Hi, if you are editing on your computer without local server try to remove video links and host Font Awesome files without bootstrap CDN link. If you need help, open thread at – Thanks

Im purchase and download this theme, but, Dont have any image in the folders and index, doesnt work, only loading…....load….load…... what i do?

how do I open a ticket? loguei and not against the option

ok, now i send a ticket

To avoid updating of icons we use online hosted files, your site needs to be online or run on local server to work. All images are replaced with placeholders, it’s ThemeForest rule. If image is not defined in html search for div ID in style.css. For all other questions please open ticket at

First of all … nice job!! The website looks and feels just great. Both websites (onepage and multipage design) work fine when I launch them via themeforest. But I have a problem with the template I bought.

The multipage template works fine. But when I use the index.html from the onepage template (this is the one I need), I only see a loading image. The website doesn’t load at all.

I’m using FireFox.

Thx in advance for your help.

Hi, open ticket at – developer will assist you. Thanks

Any news about the WP version? An ETA maybe.

Hi, not at the moment. We have to push release date, had unexpected moving into new office. Thanks

Thanks man.

Hi, no problem :) Thank you

If you need any help with something you can contact me (:

Hi, I wonder that your theme works on Google Drive ? Google Drive provides Hosting webpages, and I want to use it.

May you test your theme on Google Drive?

Hi, tested and working. Only thing is that you can’t use php form on Google Drive – maybe you can, but we didn’t find and useful info. Thanks

Bought that great theme for static html. Really looking forward on the WordPress-Theme! ;)

Thanks 8-) Moving to new office takes some time, we will try to finish it soon.


Any hope in a WordPress version soon?

Disregard :O). I did not catch the other comments. Thank you!

Hi there, Is there an easy way to trigger an animation made with after the preloader? The way I’m doing it, the animation runs when the loading gif is still in sight.

Thanks in advance. Great work!

Hi, edit animated.css and find animation-delay properties – current is 0.2 seconds. Thanks

Hello, set the slides to interval: 5000, and the whole site is flickering on two out of three slides… (even when scrolling down…) Annoying! Is this a known issue?

Hi, open ticket at and provide link to your site. Thanks

Tried that… Don’t seem to get my password… (forgot)

Have some issues though: 1: Is it possible to add the fullscreen map with several locations to the onepage? (Tried, but the main slider dissapears) 2: Do you customize the template, need a file upload function for the contact form? 3: Could you please fix the flickering in the main slider…?

Thank you very much.

Otherwise, awesome theme! Will be doing some more projects on this one :)

Hi, send us a message via form on our profile here on ThemeForest. We will try to get your password :) Thanks

Guys, I really enjoy this template. Thanks a lot! I need a bit of help though: I would like to use different icons, and get the list of all icons that you already supply with the theme, so I can select the most-suitable ones. works well, and what are all the icon-* classes that I can use? I don’t see a portion of documentation specifying this. Thanks!

Hi, sorry there is a wrong link in documentation. See all the icons here – link. Thanks!

Thanks a lot! Actually, the link in the documentation is correct, I just didn’t think that icons would be under the `fonts` category.