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Any news about the WP version? An ETA maybe.

Hi, WP version will be available at the end of the month. Thanks

i will definitely buy once available. as a complete novice is posting a blog on a built bootstrap template as easy as wordpress or should I wait?

Hi, depends of how you will use the template. You can send us a message with your suggestions for WP version via form on our profile here on ThemeForest. We know and like to listen. Thanks

Great theme. The wp version will be a top seller ! Good luck

Hi, we hope so. Thanks 8-)

i’m experiencing strange proportions of the main slider images on the home page when i reduce the screen width. It seems the background behind the images is purple, and half the screen shows as such; for example, this especially the case on the ipad.

I’ve mentioned this before. Are you planning on fixing it?

Hi, I am not by iPad to check, desktop version fixed and demo updated. Thanks


Yeah I think you’ve actually caused the proportions to be worse on the desktop however it now fills the portrait version on the ipad. Yet it doesn’t actually look that good on the ipad :-/ sorry, it’s just too zoomed and thus doesn’t really work.

Think it’s going to need some playing around with it, as it was better before :-/

Hi, let me check on iPad. You can send message via form on our profile to keep you notified about progress. Thanks

Issue with portfolio images on chrome… How do i fix? when you click onto a portfolio image for more images and details the first image is fine… then you click the next button and suddenly it all goes funny

Hi, please open ticket at and provide screenshots – It’s easier for us to manage reports on forum. Thanks

Incredible theme. Looking forward to the WP release. Keep up the good work guys!

Thanks andythedrum! 8-)

Hello! Great template ; ) Can you please tell me how to make a link scroll smoothly? adding %a{ href: ’#some-section’ } makes the anchor link work correctly, but it does not scroll smoothly. What do I need to do to enable that in other than the main navigation?

Oh nevermind, it’s the smooth scroll plugin and some changes to the top of custom.js ; )

Nice to hear that you resolved that 8-)

How easy it is to change the purple color to something else

Is there a pricing page available ?

I wish to use the Multicolor icons on One page on multi page please advise how can i do that

Hi, you need to copy #hex values, open ticket at – developer will assist you. Thanks

Can I add div for a phone number and download button above the sticky nav bar? If yes, how?

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation

Hi, yes it’s possible. After purchasing open ticket at our support forum and developer will customize template for you. Thanks

I saw there was mention of a WordPress version at the end of the month (I believe October). Are we close? I will purchase when this is available.

Thanks much!

Hi, yes. We will finish development during upcoming week, then testing and releasing. Thanks

Great work, but I’m sure you have heard that before! I have a question…. Would you happen to have a dark multipage theme for this template?

We never tested full screen video instead one of the slides. There is a lot of issues on different devices, plus fallback. Scripts mostly support self hosted videos, not sure about YouTube or Vimeo.

can you hook me up with a special script to allow me to add a video as one of the sliders. I can host it myself. Thanks.

Sure, just open ticket at – we will help and provide links. Thanks

Can you give me the code to turn a regular header in the template (such as a header on the team page) into an actual slider? not just so the text slides over an image? Thanks!

Hi, open ticket at – developer will assist you. Thanks

just food for thought. In the wordpress theme, can you build out the blog and work elements to include new pages? I like the opening up of the content on the current page, however this isn’t best for SEO purposes. It would be better if the option was there for blog posts and work projects to take them to a separate page with it’s own url.

Keep us all updated on the WP version as it seems there are plenty waiting for it :). Good work.

Hi Craig, in admin panel you will have options for opening blog post in separate page or modal, one page or multipage, etc. We will, thanks!

awesome. I’ve been looking everywhere for this theme but I’m definitely gonna wait for the wordpress theme for sure. You got a date when you’re planning on submitting it to themeforest?

We had to remove and work on update on one item from marketplace, after that we can get back on Syndicate – we are not sure how long will it take.

Hi, any news on the wordpress theme :)? Would also buy it.

Hi, great work!!

i need to remove the loading element at start and the white page with text “Welcome to Syndicate!” and reltiva button… i need that my users comes inside directly the page. How can i do?

Thanks in advanced.

Hi, signup on our forum and see these two topics – link 1 and link 2. Thanks

Font Awesome icons aren’t working in HTML…help?

Hi, use 3.2.1 version until we update template – Link

hello, congrats it´s a really nice template, any chance to get it for joomla? kind regards and best wishes tim

Hi, we have no plans to make Syndciate Joomla theme. Thanks

Awesome template guys, congrats and thanks.

I have difficulties with the social media links. When I click on for example ‘Facebook’ it adds strange characters at the end of the URL.

Any thoughts on how this is possible? Thanks in advance.

Hi, send us a message via form on our profile, provide link to live site if you have one or we will ask for zip with all your site files in reply. Thanks

Hi How do I get the smooth scroll sidebar feature to work on the multipage site? The code is there on page, but it doesn’t to function. It seems to make quite a difference when opening a portfolio page in modal window On single page version, eveything is very smooth but on mulitpage there’s a very visible jump in scrollbars. Many thanks.

Hi, it’s easy but please open new topic at support forum so others can find answer too until we update docs. Thanks

Hi guys, first i want to say thank you for this template, awesome work. I want to ask whats up with WP version? Will it be with Visual Composer like Myway? Thanks in advance.

Hi Martin, WP version is finished but is due to be released after holidays. Yes, we are using Visual Composer. Thanks

The preview of the one pager is not working…

Hi Donna, everything works fine now, maybe server was down on few minutes at that moment. Thanks for noticing.