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Wow.. this looks very similar to the Focus theme i just bought, is this the same guy?

No, different theme and different guy!

This is TOO much like the focus theme…..it looks like a copycat at work.

Too many coincidences…theme can’t look so close like this by accident.

Are you an employee of or related to them by any chance – both from the states as well….hmmmmmm

Please be honest!

0% of code was taken from that theme, but I do admit that elements were influenced since the theme had some great ideas… for example i assume that theme used Wordpress Shortcodes for spicing up post content. Shortcodes are a WP feature that i haven’t seen in many themes. I thought it would be a great addition. Otherwise, the layout is highly traditional with traditional header, footer and sidebar. 90% of themes have that kind of layout. The portfolio grid view is similar to a lot of themes, not just Focus. I wasn’t trying to be unique with the layout. I figure that traditional sells well here. So yes, it was influenced. But aren’t a lot of themes here influenced in some way form other themes?

Just a reminder… this theme has it’s own Support Forum for sales and tecnical questions… this way questions and answers will be easily searchable.

This design does draw a lot of inspiration from In Focus but I don’t think it’s enough to be considered a “copycat”.

Woodsysa, those are some strong words. I think if you place the designs side-by-side and examine the details, you will find them each to be unique. There is clear inspiration, but nothing blatantly stolen or otherwise out of bounds IMHO .

The default colors are just so similar that the designs appear to be closer than they really are. If you change the colors it’s harder to see their similarities and I doubt if you would’ve posted anything had they been different in the first place.

Buchmann, in the future I would suggest getting your color and layout inspirations separately. All this to say: great work on this theme!

Thanks for the kind words. And thanks for purchasing! :) I was quite offended and hurt by those 2 comments. I put an unbelievable amount of days into this theme, and to get attacked like that right off the bat is an awful feeling. I do see what you mean by the color. That actually was a total coincidence. My original gray theme was too neutral and cold, so i darkened it up and added a touch of color. It was a last minute addition to the design.

Other than the color, if you want to really change the look and feel, try switching to the “alternate” skins. The whole look and feel changes, especially when you change the color. The “alternate” skin in blue was actually the original design, which i eventually decided against in the “demo” because simple seems to sell better. But i kept the option in there for those that like it. I just hope that people realize the option is there. Hopefully the demo advertises those options well enough.

Thank you. I just purchased. Also posted on Forum.

I am receiving this error message on the contact form:

“Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact administrator by other way.”

Follow instructions provided in documentation. Checked and double checked…not sure what could be wrong. Please help.

Hmmm, that is probably a Contact Form 7 (plugin) issue, but i’ll give it a look. Could you email me a temp username & pw so i can poke around your wp-admin and see if i find anything wrong?

Thank you. I e-mailed you the credentials.

FYI , a theme update was approved this morning (March 9, 2010) which includes a few minor bug fixes. If you downloaded it before then, please re-download.

I have bought this theme 3 days ago and today have finally the chance to switch my website.

By this post I want to recommend this theme, so far great support by the author and the theme just ROX !


Johnny aka “DJ Tukancheez” http://www.djtukancheez.com

What does the backend admin area look like? Any screenshots or documentation?

http://www.informatik.com/themeforest/themeoptions1.png http://www.informatik.com/themeforest/themeoptions2.png

Lovely design !

Two pre-sales questions:

1) It’s essential I’m able to use WP e-commerce plugin. Do you know whether it will work with this theme ?

2) To change the image width/depth in the slider do I just need to tweak the CSS a bit ?


Sorry, I don’t know if it works with WP eCommerce. The width of the slider image comes from 3 places: It’s hardcoded into the php page (so the timthumb.php script can size it correctly), it’s hardcoded into the tag, which is good practice, and it’s also a CSS setting. So you’d have to modify all 3. The image border is also an image, and at a specific size, so you’d have to also modify the image to fit your new size.

Been playing around the different theme skins until I read the first two comments. Haven’t seen this Focus theme yet but I think it’s really rude to just accuse something a copycat especially if the owner worked hard on it to impress everybody.

@BuchmannDesign, Great work!

Is it possible to add a video (instead of photos) in the slideshow – the version with the text and the read more button on the left? Thank you!

You mean video as in you can play video directly on the slider? If so, then no. Videos come in so many sizes that it would be difficult to do. I require photos only because if the photo doesn’t fit the slider size, a script simply resizes/crops it to fit. You can’t do that with video.

Nice looking theme. But why no categories for the portfolio section? Wouldn’t everyone want to categorize their portfolio? For example someone searching through a graphic design portfolio may want to view just “logo designs”. A person searching a property maintenance portfolio page may only want to see pics of “aslphalt” work. Anyway, love the look of the theme.

The portfolio does have categories. When you hover over the “Portfolio” item in the main menu, a submenu drops down. Each of those is a portfolio sub category.

Great theme with an awesome design and a lot of functionality. The only thing is that I do not want the categories (aside from Portfolio) to show in the top nav bar. How can I fix this so they do not show up?

In the Theme Options (General section) there is a setting to exclude categories.

It looks like I was able to get it working. I hadn’t moved my existing categories under the “Blog” parent. (I had a different theme previous… just switching). After I moved them under the Blog parent they are no longer showing up. Thanks for your quick help.

does this work with WP 3 .0?

I would assume that it won’t “break”, but at this time it does not take advantage of WP 3 .0’s new features.

Just to confirm that it won’t break, I will upgrade to 3.0 today to find out.

I do intend on updating the theme in the near future to support 3.0’s new Menu system and Custom Post Types. However, if you do upgrade to it, you will have to re-post all your portfolio items.


Re: WP 3 .0 … we have installed it on a WP MultiSite… seem to be having some path issues with the timthumb.php script.

Tested the timthumb.php script OK… permissions all fine etc and scales as it should when we pass it a proper path to an image.

Problem seems to be that WP rewrites image paths but timthumb.php wants ‘real’ paths. Have played with it this morning but no love thus far.

There is some good info in the forum regarding timthumb.php problems: http://www.informatik.com/themeforest/forum/topic.php?id=47#post-237

If that doesn’t help, feel free to email me a link to the site and i’ll have a look: jsbuchmann [at] gmail.com


I just purchased the theme. After reading the comments I looked at the Focus theme that was mentioned and I have to say I don’t understand the criticism. This theme is has the look and feel that I need for my site…Focus does not. There are only so many ways to build a website and similarities are to be expected but this is in no way a copy in my opinion…Good Work!!!

Trisha Salas

Thanks for the compliments!


how to insert Flexi Pages wigdet in to the page? Not in sidebar !!!


Sorry, i’m not experienced in working with Flexipages.

Ok thanks,

another question!

in Blog page and Porfolio page, how to cancel this:

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OK OK I found :-)