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Hi Mario,

You that I’ve been awaiting as well for the WP version… Can you share some screenshots & demo list with me as well?


Darshak S. Padia.

Hi Darshak,

I still have your email so there was no need for you to send me an email. I send you some screens. The list of the demos still needs to be a surprize.

What I can tell is that you will see some demos that are not on themeforest. For example how would you imagine a demo having a middle menu ? ( that is one of the surprises )

The price will be a lower price, this is as a Thank You to you and other clients that have been supporting me through out this period and also to give something back to those that have purchased the HTML also.

Consider the low price that Synergy WordPress will have ( available for a short period of time ) an upgrade price.

Thank you Drashak
, Mediacreed – Mario

Hello! I would like to buy this item and to use it for a car service product “showroom”. I would need an online chat for it, though… Do you think you can help with some adviceor maybe recomend me somtehing similar from your portofolio that can map all my requiests?! Thank ou in advange for your time!!!!


That would require a custom work on the HTML. If interested send an email from the profile page.

Thank you!
Mediacreed – Mario

2 years later… WP is still not released… Why not just tell everyone there isnt a WP version

Hi Domm1994,

Because I am not releasing just for the fun of releasing something. I am not creating a theme just for the money. I do want the money, believe me but if a theme doesn’t deliver it’s not worth it.

I am not releasing a theme with 100 demo HOME pages. I am releasing a theme with full 20 demos. Each demo has it’s own approach.

Send me an email and I will showcase some of the demos and I will tell you more in private about the new features.

Send me an email and I will provide you my Skype ID and we can chat there.

PS: I am watching the market and I see authors opting for Home pages themes, this is not my approach. Also 1 month ago I decided to add a front-end builder( along the back-end ) created from scratch. I hope in the end all the fuss will be worth it.

Thank you! Mediacreed – Mario


I’m a happy customer! I have few questions which i have mailed you from your profile.

Thank You


I have replied to your email!

Mediacreed – Mario


My client is still happy with your html website after all these years and wants updates done to it. I prefer working in WordPress now so I offered to recreate his website in WordPress while updating it.

I am sure I can use Divi to recreate something similar but not quite as nice as your website. I would prefer to wait for the WordPress version of Synergy but because I am under a time constraint I have to make a decision this week. I know you can’t give us an exact date but ball park, is there a good chance it will be ready in the next month or so, or should I just use Divi for now because you still do not have a tentative time frame?

Sorry for asking the same question everyone else seems to be asking you but I have to make a company decision and it is dependent on your answer.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.

Hi Fusion12,

Straight to the point, my last changes to the theme prevented me to release it. My last change is adding a Fron-End builder ( if you used Divi you will love Synergy Front-End builder ). Due to the changes there was a need to postpone the submission for review. The Market is changing and my predictions is that Front-End builders will increase in popularity.

It was a hard decision but I didn’t want to lose the chance to release a theme without a Front-End builder.

I can already showcase a few demos in private if you want, but I suggest you wait. My next schedule submission is after the middle of August, mainly because July and August are low on sales.

Send me an email from the profile page and I can give you my Skype ID and we can talk there.

Thank you! Mediacreed – Mario

Hello Mario! Thanks so much for your lovely theme – excited to hear that you’ve got a WP version in the works as well – especially if a password protected gallery option gets added in.

For now, I’m looking for advice on how to fix my site (! I’m on the road now for a couple weeks so don’t have access to all my files right this minute, but for some reason the formatting looks all strange on a desktop and mobile – the background isn’t loading up, the photo thumbnails are stretching out and the styling doesn’t look like it’s showing up at all for the menu. Haven’t changed anything on the site since last fall, but the demo version of this theme here looks like it’s still working… Have you seen this happen before?

Thanks again!


Glad you enjoy it. No, I haven’t seen something like this before. Send me an email from the profile page. Something is wrong in the HTML I am guessing.

I will need access to look a the files.

Mediacreed – Mario

Hi Mario,

I bought your lovely theme. But how can i make it not work in ajax. I just need html files, but everything working in JS files. So i can not edit theme :/

Or how can find PSD files.



I can’t understand what is the issue you encounter. You want to disable Ajax? If that is the case you can’t. If that is not the case send me an email from the profile page.


Any updates for the wordpress version? Can you already estimate when you will release the final version? Is it maybe 1 or 2 months or rather half a year/a year? :)

I too have been waiting for the release of the WP version. I used this theme for the longest, would be nice to pick it up again when I move over to wordpress permanently. Your theme is that great!

Hi Any ETA for the wordpress version ?? thx Mario

Guys, stop asking when the Wordpress version will arrive. As Mario mentioned four years ago, it will be available in one week’s time.

Big sales to you !



Soluna89 Purchased

Has anyone heard from Mario within the last months? I never get a reply to my mails. I´ve been waiting for the wordpress version for more than a year. I do need it urgently for my portfolio because I finished study and must apply for a job..