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hello, my contact form is not working, i modify the var contactFormDemo = false; $siteName = “”; $to = “”;

still message is not sent to my mail box.


1) I don’t support the item anymore

2) You dont’ have a purchased badge

3) The documentation tells you exactly what to do.



We had made a client website before October 2014.(Sorry, I don’t have an invoice or badge as the concerned person has left). We are facing a problem as the website is not responsive on the mobile,the images etc. don’t fit the screen. is the website. Please help us out with the possible solution. Thanks.


If this is true, then please open a ticket to envato help to sort this out. I can’t help you without that.

Mediacreed – Mario

wordpress version ?

The WordPress version is actually in the review queue. I have around 37 days and will have to wait around 10-12 days more


yumsai Purchased

I made a reservation for the Synergy Wordpress version in advance.

Hi Ryan,

Thank you! I am also writing this message to confirm it :)

Mediacreed – Mario

So just bought this theme but I am not able to upload it to my site.

Requested a refund, is this possible please?

Hi BjornStoop,

Send me an email using my profile page.

Mediacreed – Mario

hi how can i delete and ad new page for menu and google map?


kchipam Purchased

Ihave got a mac and i am struggling to find the WWW folder, which is meant to be located in the MAMP folder in order for me to begin. Could you please help me as i am stuck


univo Purchased


What is the solution gives warning messages??

Please check the documentation – 2.1 General Settings – on how to change the ‘templateBaseURL’ path!!!

I´m really interested in a muse version of this template. If anyone could help me it´d be really glad!

Hi Soluna89,

I have already replied to you about the muse. I’ve sent you another email.


Wordpress version? Do you know when?

Hi orieszkowicz,

I am in the soft-reject queue. I am guessing that soon it will be online. Send me an email from the profile page if you want me to announce you when it will be on sale.

Mediacreed – Mario

Hello Any update regarding wordpress version

We are in the last 10 days of the launch. We are still in the queue and as soon as it is on sale we will reply to your comments. I am James and I am one of the people that will handle the support for the Synergy WordPress.

Hi, in the ’’2_columns_projects’’ when I click on a project I can show a video or images in slides. However I want to show multiple video’s or a combination of images and video’s with slides. How can I display a combination of video’s and slides in the 2_columns_projects page?