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:) Thanks All!

Outstanding! I’m really hoping to see an HTML version of this coded up. Do you have any plans to do so?

Thank you for interest! Of course, very soon!


A quick question since I want to use the html/css version for an upcoming site can you give any idea of when it will be available, will it be days or weeks ?

Good Time)

from 5 to 20 days I think, but we try realise it as soon as possible, nokiko!

ok great i will start working on all the content and pages first and will apply this design later, I planned it for early march anyway so that will fit in

Should you require a beta tester let met know glad to help

:) Okey nokiko, Thank you!

Awesome work! Adding small contrast might be nice too.

But it doesn’t look to be grid compliant, does-it?

Is the html/Css version will be grid compliant?

I am very interested in buying this template, but I need 3 columns, so without grid, I think it will be more complicated to adapt it.

Any way, great job!

Hello, tyx!

Thank you for attention to my work & great review.

If you mean aside, content, sidebar it’s unfortunately not the case.

Best Regards, puzz1e.

That’s awesome, are you going to release html version? And when, please? :)

Hi, Pato8,

Thank for nice review.

HTML /CSS version is almost finished, I’m letting you through messages via your profile, when it will be posted:)

Thank you, I’m really looking for it!

Hi Puzz le,

I hope you can finish the coded theme very soon. I have delayed my new site launch because I want to see the coded version before I buy it :) I like your design that much! Unfortunately, I can’t wait too much longer…so can you give me a idea as to when you will be finished? I see that you gave a range of 5-20 days 5 days ago…hoping you can narrow it down besides 1-15 days left :)

Thanks for your great work and I’m hoping this can work out for me. Please let me know.


Hi SynergyRecruiters! :)

It just so happens that I live in another time zone, and when you wrote to me I just went to bed:), so the answer just now.

There are very few, and you can get a version of HTML / CSS .

Do not worry, I’m sure letting you know.

Thank you for your attention =)

Best Regards, Maxim Silenkov!

That’s weird…why is there a strike through on my message?


Just checking up on xhtml/css

is this still on planning to be released in max 10 day time period?

Hi Nokiko, yesterday we loaded HTML&CSS and waiting to approve. 1-3 days :)

Ah great news, do you have a link to the preview url yet?

Yes, but for aesthetic reasons to show yet I can not. :) Please understand me.

no problem I can wait a few more days then

thank you :)

You are the best on Themeforest!

Hi Arias,

Thank you for great review :)

Best Regards, Maxim Silenkov