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I was just ready to buy this when I noticed it was xHTML/CSS only. Good to know WP version is coming soon! I can’t wait to purchase it! :D

Any latest estimate you can give us mav, on so-far the best theme in TF! ?

Hey mav! Was hoping when the WP version would be released! Can’t wait to purchase it! :P

Hello amjadz4,

The wp version will be ready in those days.


Not to sound weird, but this is one of those themes I just can’t stop looking at. There’s so many little details I really admire. I’m sure 200+ sales already says it, but good job anyway!

Thank you everybody for your comments!


Quick question: What do I need to modify to make the subnavigation block longer? Right now it is truncating into two lines, I know it must be a simple CSS modification.

I tried changing these: #topnav ul li .navEffect { width:60px; margin-left:1px; }

topnav ul li .navEffect:hover {

width:100px; margin-left:1px; background:transparent url(../images/topnavBG.png) -100px -76px no-repeat; }

but no dice!

Can you give me a hint where it is?

Love the design, BTW !

Hello Kasunagi,

Thank you for purchasing my item!

Try to open the css skin you’re using and go to divs ”#topnav ul li .navEffect” and ”#topnav ul li .navEffect:hover”.

Change the the width 60px to 100px for both.


Hi MAV , Been hoping to see light version show up here before purchasing—any chance it will be released soon? Beautiful work—can’t wait to use.

Hello Voodoogal,

The light skin will came with the wp version of Synthetik. There will be also an update for the html.


Mav -

It doesn’t seem to affect the dropdown subnav, which is really what I am trying to modify. Any other suggestions?


Hello Kasunagi,

Please send me a snapshot of the exactly area you want to modify.



Mav -

Go to You will see that the subnav dropdown is interfering with the main nav. I think it would be resolved if I could make the subnav longer.

your thoughts?


Hello Kasanugi,

Open the jqueryslidemenu.css and go to line 63 div .jqueryslidemenu ul li ul li a.

Change the width (now is 140px).

If you wanna change the top position of second level dropdown menu change it in this class (line 60)

.jqueryslidemenu ul li ul li ul {margin-top:-25px;}

Hope this help.


Where did you get those images from that you have used?

Cheers, great template ;)

Hello Wppowered,

Some images come from their websites (free download), others are made or modified by myself.


I wasn’t implying by asking that question, i wanted to know because they would come in handy for the next project i have planned! :)

I think It’s a good choice for introduce our projects, an impact image exalts the entire website. Just take a look around, you’ll find a lot of it..

Good luck with your new project!


Hi Mav,

Sorry to pressure you again. Any hint on when the Wordpress version will be available? Any chance it would be there before the long week-end?

I am really hoping I can work on our site during the week-end. Otherwise, I might need to look into another one since I get some pressure to get it done asap.


Hello Samgagonn,

The wordpress version is almost ready but it also need to be reviewed before the release.

Unfortunately I can’t work on it full time so it taken a little more time. Besides, I wanna be sure to give a good product so I’m working hard on some improvement regarding the option panel

Thanks Mav

can i put swf’s in the slideshow?

Hello Motionkiss,

I think so, it just requires a bit of customization.


Hi! Great theme! This will be the 1st professional template I have ever purchased.

Will this come with the PHP file that the server needs to know where to send my messages?

Also my host’s new central mail server requires that the PHP specifies a Sender’s email address. I am a beginner and don’t know how to do all this stuff. Will your item come with all of this?


Thank you for purchasing my item.

You have the latest version. For some reason the latest documentation has not been uploaded.

The send.php has been removed and all the code you need is in the contact.php.

Go to line 143, you’ll find the php block.

The line that you are interested in is the following:

$to = “”;

Hope this help.

Anyway I will provide to upload the correct documentation.


Hi Mav,

Followed your instructions and e-mail is working great now.

Not sure if you answered this questions before…how do I get the Search form to work?

Also, I was curious about xHTML and CSS validation with W3C . xHTML validated perfectly for all pages. But CSS validator returned quite a few errors for all pages…Can you take a look?


Glad the contact form works.

The Search form needs a customization work, it’s requires a knowledge of php. It also requires to set up a MySQL database to get the data.

The footer text is demonstrative of what you can put there. The HTML code must be valid as you can see by the item attributes. In this case the css code appear to be not valid because I put some css3 line into the css files. The w3c validator needs to define what version of css we are using, so it cannot return a valid response when you make a check. Basically the css works fine.

Hope this help.


Mav -

Worked perfectly!

Thanks! Kasunagi

I am losing weight.. i have no appetite.. my hands are shaking and i am willing to do ANYTHING to get my hands on the wordpress version of this template. I think i may need a 12 step program because i am addicted :)

I am also looking forward to the word-press version. I have a question though.. how does this current version handle article or blog posts? Do you just have to manually add them?

Hello Mitchrichie,

Yes, you can add them manually. Another way is create an admin panel for the blog page, this requires a knowledge of php and mysql.


Add one more to the Wordpress template club! Looking forward to it’s release.

Looking forward for the wordpress version too!!! hooked

Testing Browser and write Documentation.


I have a feature suggestion: Portfolio categories. I am not sure whether you have made that in the WP version or not… but it would be great if we can categorize our portfolio page into web design, logos, print, etc… for example.


Yes Amjadz4, the Portfolio Categories are included, besides it’s been studied a really easy way to manage it.


hey mav, sorry to ask you a question in the middle of your WP launch.

i’d like to use to power my blog inside your wp theme. would i be able to add a tab to posterous without leaving the main website? this way it seems integrated and seamless.


Hello Robluu,

I don’t know so much about Posterous, I will take a look to this feature after the wp version’s launch. Perhaps it can be part of an update.