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Robluu… Any reason your not just using the HTML theme and skinning the posterous blog to kludge it into the navigation menu? Seems like it would be a much easier solution for you. I guess it all depends on how much you can customize your Posterous page.

Have you seen examples of Posterous being inserted into a wordpress site? If so please share the links. Thanks.

Just had to post again about how good this template is. While I have no use for it as a designer myself I had to purchase this to support the community and great work.

Great job and continue the great work!!

Thank you very much Iconyk!

I have to agree with 39CentStamp, I can not stop thinking of the wordpress version!

Is there a set date yet? I am itching to get this up and running.


Hi bfly03, another couple of days, sure in this week.. I’m just fix some details before the launch.

Thanks a lot, I appreciate your waiting.


hi mav,

when the Wordpress version will be available? and full width page will be included?

A couple of days Master-t. The full width page is not planned for this release, maybe it can be an update.. never know.


Aaah! Can’t wait any longer mav! I’m checking here every day for WP! Everyones waiting for the WP version! But … take your time .. we need a really good product! You, my man… will have a big time gold-rush for that xD

Since so many people want this theme.. I’ve decided to purchase the HTML one (with my second account) and customize it so it looks completely different from the demo. I will just replace the images on the WP version.

Mav … the world needs you. :)

Hi Mav,

I’m in the same situation then amjadz4. I have a client who is asking me to chose another template if this one is not available so we can procede with their site. I am desperately trying to hold them but they are getting anxious. Any updates on a release date? Have my credit card ready for you!

Thank and again, sorry to pressure you like this, you did too much of a great job on the html version ;-)

Hi Samgagnon, just another couple of days.. it need just fix some details before the launch.

Thank you.


hi mav,

full width page why not? Is it too difficult? I think this is important..

Hi Master-t,

Is not a difficult task to do, but the theme is ready to be launched. There will probably an update with the full width page.



Hi Mav, fantastic theme!

Like so many others, I have been checking this page every day since I first saw your template as I am also eagerly awaiting your wordpress version :-)

I am also very much interested in having a full width page in the wordpress version, so I hope that even if it might not be in the initial released version, that you will add it in an update, since it will be essential for the project I have planned for your wordpress version.

Hey Mav,

Awesome work! Holding out for the WP version. Hope you beef it up some more with probably a photo gallery. ;)

Cheers, Dennis

Hi there, any news on the WP Theme? :)

Mav, I am so sad that the WP theme hasn’t come out yet! I am really looking to move my site to a WP theme, and want to start a blog, but I want to stick with Synthetic! Hurry!

Awesome theme! Purchased just in anticipation of the WP theme. You know Mav, I don’t mind beta testing it! C’mon give your fans what they want! On the plus side it has me looking into all the code and playing around which is really fun too. This theme is truly worth the money. I will be closely watching your future products…

Thank you so much PurgedReality, I will consider your offer.


Hello everybody, the Synthetik Wordpress Theme has finally been uploaded and it’s waiting for approval by Envato team, fingers crossed!!


Great great great news!!!! Credit card ready! Thanks so much Mav!

YAY ! Waiting with credit card in hand as well!

Thank you so much all of you for support, I really appreciated it.



Synthetik Wordpress Theme Available Here!

Enjoy The Synthetik!


FINALLY !!! :D Thank you so much!

Just bought this template, very nice.

I was looking over the html and Css and noticed several div class items I could not find info on.

I ran the CSS report on the Portfolio page in Expression Web and found that on line 40 the logo class is undifined and the fadehover on line 96 is undifined.

Not sure what these are supposed to do being undefined. Any help would be great.

Thanks for the nice template

Hello Mich,

Thanky for purchasing my item.

The fadehover is not defined in the css because is a part of lightbox script, so it doesn’t need to be defined in the main css.

The logo id instead is defined. Besides, the template is w3c validate.



Thanks for the info on the logo and fadehover.

Looking forward to your next template.