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Elegant work , congrats ! :)
Fantastic graphic-design.

Thank you :)

Awesome work, glws mate! ;)

Thank you :)

Wow Fast First Sale ^ ^ Good Design

Thank you very much for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoy it ;)

Great work kub :D

Thank you very much krub :)

Cool..Good luck with sales :)

Thank you :)


Great Theme. Is it possible to add a Youtube video to the slider?


Hi, Rob85

Now Youtube video in slider is incomplete, if complete i will update.

But this theme support vimeo video in slider. ;)

Thanks :)

Excelent theme indeed!!!!

I notice a little bug in mozila regarding the script that make it work the corousel at the end of the page. Curiously appear just to happen in mozila!!!!

Maybe you could fixed it if you are thinking to launch an update shortly

For all the rest, your theme is simply fantastic, very clean, modern, worthy and funcional!!

Greetings =)


thank you for bug report. and I can fixed it to your request.

after that I will update it :)

thanks a lot.


File Not Found ? and ie8 does not support some functions

Good job! congratulations!

Hi ,aliozcan

Thanks !! ;)

Is it possible to remove the page peel on the homepage?

Hi Rob85

you can add class .non-ads into body in homepage

HTML Markup
<body class='non-ads'>

Javascript Markup (js/custom.js) inline 112

      // Ads Corner 
        adImage  : 'images/peel-ad.png',
        peelImage  : 'images/peel-image.png',
        clickURL : 'http://themeforest.net/user/zicedemo/',
        smallSize: 50,
        bigSize: 500,
        gaTrack  : true,
        gaLabel  : '#1 Stegosaurus',
        autoAnimate: true


Thank you. Pinyo

i, i’m buy a theme and a Zice admin, possible to integrate both?

you have this?

Tkx and congratulation for your work!! Nice Job!!

Hi, passarella

I’m glad to help you. :)

Thank you so much for purchase my theme. Pinyo

After instalation, Home Icon and another icons no apear, where i find this icons????


Hi, again

This theme use icons with fontawesome, can you go to “css/fonts/fontawesome/” you see something.

Thanks ;)

i’m reinstall and now ok, icons!!


Very nice theme, Im about to buy it. But everytime I try to open the preview, my virus scanner tells me, your site is infected. Have tried allready with 2 PCs, different scanners, same answer. Could you take a look on your server? THX

PS: Great works, I like it.


Cloud you tell me what is your scan virus name?

Thank you report me but this one time about this problem!! :)

Hey, it´s FSecure Version 9. I can´t tell you which Problem it means, it´s all in German ;) We have also a Firewall but the message comes from Fsecure.

Hi, JoeBlack1978 Thank you very much !! :;


How do I add a contact email to the contact form so that when the form in filled in it sends to my email address.


Hi, Rob85

Can you change in contact.php (line 23)

1 email

2 email or More

I hope it help you.

Thanks !! :)

Hi zicedemo,

When i send a email i never receive it… I put my email in : $mail->send(“myemail@mail.com”); line23 Is it the right place or if not, where do i have to put my email to receive the emails send from the website ?

Thank you

Hello zice demo,

I’ve been having trouble changing the colour of the icons that appear over some images in a hover state. For example, on the default homepage, there are three 260×495px images with the hover effect I’m talking about.

What I want to change is the colour of the “Preview” and “Details” icons.

I’ve looked all over.

Hi, petres_007

Can you change color icons , go to css/styles.css find class .carousel_box li div i:before
.carousel_box li div i:before{
    color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.9);
     text-shadow:0px 1px 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1);


Thank you.

Thanks zicedemo for your response but this doesn’t help at all.

As you can see from the code, both colours represented in this code are just white and black.

Is it possible I email you about this? I can send you a screenshot of exactly what I’m talking about.

Hi zicedemo,

Here’s the code for the “contact.php” page :

header("Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate");
header("Cache-Control: post-check=0, pre-check=0", false);



$MailTo = "your@email.com" ; // your email
$MailSubject = "YOUR SUBJECT"; // Subject of your email

// message
$MailMessage = $MailSubject.NL.NL;
$MailMessage .= 'Name: '.$_REQUEST['youname'].NL;
$MailMessage .= 'Email: '.$_REQUEST['email'].NL.NL;
$MailMessage .= 'Message :'.NL;
$MailMessage .= $_REQUEST['Messages'].NL;
// end message

$Headers = "MIME-Version: 1.0".NL ;
$Headers .= "Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8".NL ;
$Headers  = 'From: YOUR SITE NAME <your@email.com>'.NL;
$Headers .= 'X-Sender: <your@email.com>'.NL;
$Headers .= "X-Priority: 3".NL ;
$Headers .= 'X-Mailer: PHP mailer'.NL;
$Headers .= 'Return-Path: <your@email.com>'.NL; 

if(mail($MailTo, $MailSubject , $MailMessage, $Headers)){  
    $check="1";   // if complete  set  check = 1
    $check="0";   // set  check = 0

$return_arr["check"] = $check; // set  data respone
echo json_encode($return_arr); // encode json data respone

Also, i found a new problem : On internet explorer 9, when you fill up the form and send it, the message box “sending” appear and stay forever on the contact page… any idea ? ;) It work great on Safari (Mac), Chrome (Mac), Firefox (Mac & PC).

Last thing, on iPad everything is perfect but it’s impossible to zoom on the pictures of the gallery or to play a video, do you have also a idea for that ?

Thank you in advance for your help and for your great work !!!

Hi, erikvar

Thank you so much ;) ,i think it good idea for zoom on the pictures of the gallery or to play a video i can try it. :)

if you have any idea or problem you can ask me here or my mail.

Thank again !!! Pinyo