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My theme is not allowing me to add elements in the page builder. I accidently deleted an element and it disappeared and now I can’t even add a new element. It just gives me an error popup saying something went wrong and that I need to wait a few seconds. Nothing seems to work on any of page options. I have the latest wordpress installed.


Sorry for the late response. Please make sure you have the latest theme version. If the issue persists, please write us at support.moutheme.com.

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Any way of adding other Google Fonts to the list? I would like to use the font Arimo but that’s not listed here.


If you want to add more fonts, please download the respective font file’s and add them in folder ‘system\font’. Then go to file: template_inc\admin\admin_options.php and add the new fonts, in all the lists like the below:

$page_elements[] = array(

                         "slug"                   => 'font_type',

                         "name"                   => 'Select Font',

                         "desc"                   => 'Font to be used for your site',

                         'type'                   => 'select',

                         'id'                     => 'font_page',

                         'std'                    => 'Open Sans',

                         'subtype'                => array(           

                                                       'HelveticaLTStd-Bold' => "HelveticaLTStd-Bold",




There are two instances of that list, one for the heading and one for the body font, add the font in both lists.

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Please let me know: Is the theme accessibility ready by definition of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, level A? Thanks!


We are having issues with the contact form in System. The subject field of all emails we receive are messed up:

“sent by themeple_contact_formComputer Service ISP)” – This is very annoying and we’ve been trying to fix it without any luck. We decided to switch to WP Ninjas Form plugin but it’s getting deactivated the moment I activate it – probably because there’s an issue between the plugin and the theme.

How can we either: - Fix the subject being all messed up - Disable the contact option through the theme completely.


Please refer to this faq about the contact from sender name:


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Say… I’ve purchased this theme 3 months ago. Now with the update to WordPress 4.5 the PageBuilder doesn’t work anymore. Updates are apparently not available since I didn’t buy the extended support license.

That’s not really how it should work…

Any chance that repairs on faulty updates are provided?

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Please write a tour support forum support.moutheme.com. We will check it and launch a theme update if there’s any issue.

Try to disable any third party plugin, maybe one of them is conflicting.

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coud you tell me how to remove header on portfolio page detail and set section with image fixed

Thanks for your anwser



I´m despairing on the team/staff-function on the system template. I know my support has expired. But how is it possible for images to set a static size? Same Problem with the Images on the Page Builder function “Services Photo”. I wanted to insert symple symbols with 128×128 px instead of the dummy photos… but everytime i´ll insert them, they are automatic resized to a bigger size. So a 128×128px picture is shown with a resolution of 512×512 or bigger and looks like ultra zoomed in.. If i add a small photo to a staff Member…it´s also shown over the half page size… i want a small photo on the member page… My question is… how can i determine the size of the graphic… how can i determine how big the graphic is shown on the finished site… all is automatically resized… but how it is possible to upload a 200×100 graphic that is shown with this resolution on the site with the system template… I´m not a web designer, not a web programmer… so i have no idea where to search. I think there must be a .php file that crops the images automatically for the single functions… but i have no idea where to search… Hope you can help me :)