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I ASKED THIS QUESTION (SEE ABOVE) AND WE DIDNT COMPLETE CONVERSION. Hello, I have installed the theme by copying the file in themes folder but when I activate it brings error in such away that I fail to see my back end and front end. until I delete the system theme foldr manualy from themes directory.

the error says that “The website encountered an error while retrieving It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.”

I just bought the them today. please help me its an urgent project.


Seems to be a problem with your hosting provider.

Please open a ticket on our support page: and send your wp credentials and we will try to install the theme for you.

Let us know.

Best Regards!

thank you

I have opened a ticket yet and send the FTP and Wordpress credentials


Just purchased this theme and trying to upload via Wordpress….not working.

Does this theme NEED to be installed by FTP? I’m not familiar with this process.



If you have downloaded the main package you have to unzip only the system folder.

After this zip the system folder again and install it in wordpress dashboard.

Second way:

Go and unzip the system folder Copy it into wp-content/themes/ folder. Go to dashboard Appearances > Themes > Activate System Theme.

Let us know.

Best Regards!

Hello moutheme 1 day ago you advised me to open a ticket at and I did 20 hours ago but no response even to show that you are working on it, please help me I have a customer’s complain behind this issue, please find my ticket and at least let me know that you are working on it


Sorry for the delay but your ticket have a response was solved.

Have a nice day!

Let us know if you need further help.


Can you tell how to upload my company logo on the top left? I tried from the logo area in the Theme options, uploaded the logo in media too, and I also tried to do something with the widget top header left. Can you please advise? Thank you

Sorry, I just found the solution. I am OK now.

Hello You have solved my problem (failed to set the theme) from ticket #78764 at your site, thank you very much. But I would like to know two things 1) what was the problem? 2) how did you solve it.

this will makes me more competant in the use of the theme and other themes to and avoiding to stack when I need to re-install the theme again or when I want to instal in my desktop (localhost) for practices.


I have only deactivate the Jet Pack plugin and installed the theme.

Maybe the Jet Pack configurations had created conflicts with the theme.

Best Regards!

Hi haven’t been able to post the video on the “Video Type” posts. Can’t find where to actually insert the video URL, the documentation says “insert it as an excerpt”- what does that mean? Thanks for the support.

Nevermind, got it: You have to activate the excerpt field to be visible in the post page (top right corner in “Screen Options”


Let us know if your want further help.

Best Regards!

Hello, The issue is that my logo shrinks when I scroll down For informationa, my logo goes a little bit further over the bottom line of the menu area. I don’t use headers, I use IE 9 or Firefox 22.

What can I do to solve this issue. Thanks.


Send to us your online link and we will get your the right advice how to fix your logo position.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Let us know.

Best Regards!

.....when i say my logo goes over the bottom line, that’s before it shrinks. Then, once smaller it stays withing the two lines of the menu area.


This is caused by the size of your logo.

However you can change the position of the by adding this style in custom css box :

#logo{margin-top:-10px;} //change the value while you will see the logo in the right position.

Let us know.

Best Regards!

Hi, Great theme. I have two question which I hope will be simple fixes.

1. I want to turn off the top navigation scrolling feature for my header. I don’t have enough copy to justify the navigation being static on the page and it looks a little funky. I do not want it to be static at the top of my site and do not need it to shrink in size. How can I turn this feature off and switch it back to a normal navigation.

2. I need to adjust the menu and logo size and placement when the screen / browser is resized to tablet size. My 5 menu items run into the logo and are placed in an odd configuration. Where is the CSS that controls the tablet sized menu and logo? I have tried the different header settings and none seem to look correct.



1.) To remove the scrolling feature for the header please try to remove this lines from js/main.js file:

  $(window).scroll(function () {
               var st = $(this).scrollTop();
         if(st > 35)
            $('header#header').css('top', '0px');
            $('header#header').css('top', 'auto');
               st = st/2;
         var $el = $('header#header .row-fluid');
         var $logo = $el.find('#logo img');
         if(st <= 20){

             $el.css('padding-bottom', 20-st + 'px');         
                $el.css('padding-top', 20-st + 'px');
            $logo.css('height', 46-(st*6/10));

            $el.css('padding-bottom', 0 + 'px');         
                $el.css('padding-top', 0 + 'px');
            $logo.css('height', 32);


            if ($(this).scrollTop() > 100) {
            } else {

2.) The css responsible for the tablet size can be found into :

css/bootstrap-responsive.css file in the lines that begin with:

@media (max-width: 979px) and (min-width: 768px){

Let us know.

Best Regards!

I get an error when I try to import dummy data. I have already deactivated wordpress importer. Please help.


Try to install the dummy data without images.

Let us know.

Best Regards!


I setup the theme succesfully, but when i am using the layout functionality of the themeoption i see no change. Even after a prompt with “Save succesfull”. Is ther a way to reset the layout or to solve this (maybe known) problem?



Hello Thomas,

Please can open a ticket our support page will find where is the real problem.

Please send to us your online link.

Support page:

Let us know.

Best Regards!

Nice one here ;) Is the PSD included in the pack or in some other way to get it?

Best of luck in sales!


Its not inculded but if u buy the theme we can send you via mail.


Hi, Moutheme, bought the theme yesterday, would be great to have the PSD’s, want to make some changes.

Other question… When composing pages with the drag & drop editor, how do you manage to translate the with WPML?

Regards, Joris

Cannot even register… always get an error when registering. Please send psd’s to joris (at)

Other issues I’m having with the theme:

- Shortcodes not working in text widgets (like to place buttons in sidebar)

- the Sharing buttons below the post aren’t sharing buttons, they are a link to the social profile you fill in in the Theme Settings

- I see a H4 with the title of my post above the featured image on the blog detailpage, it shouldn’t be there (just like there is none in your demo)

- the Title below featured image on blog detailpage is a H3 instead of a H1 (and I thought your theme was SEO optimized…?!?)


Psd file was sent to your email.

1.) Shortcodes can be added to any widgets only into the System Shortcode Widget.

2.) Its supposed to link users to your social networks.

3.) Yes its in h3. And all the headings are help the seo optimization.

Let us know.

Best Regards!


The theme is great though having a couple of small issues. How can i change the contact form? There is no plugin i can see to edit – and currently it has an importance field within which it says ‘asap dude’ – definitely not something I want for this site –

Also, I am having trouble editing the footer – and have ‘Add Widget Column 1’ constantly in there – how can I edit the footer and insert the content I want?

Thanks for your help.

Also – my search function does not work…


First please try to download from themeforest the latest version of theme. You have installed the oldest version.

To update the theme you have only to copy the new system folder downloaded and replace the existent into the wp-content/themes/system.

The contact form fields can be changed into Theme Options and also by editing the element Contact form in the page builder.

Footer widgets can be added into the Appearances > Widgets> Footer.

For adding simple content you can use the Text widget.

Please take a look to our video tutorials:

Let us know.

Best Regards!

Hello I just purchased your theme and it has been great so far, one issue is that my clients logo is very detailed and having it really small makes make it no legible. So i had a few questions.

1. is there a way I can increase the header size to accommodate a larger logo. (i have already removed the scrolling function)

2. I have it set with header 5 for now (woked ok with logo) where can i lower the margins above and below it?



1.) Yes sure, you have only to add this line into Theme Options > Styling > Custom CSS Box

header#header{height:85px;} //change the value as you wish.

2.) You can change the padding of the logo and menu with adding this lines into the custom css box

header#header.header_5{padding-top:20px; padding-bottom:20px;}

Change the values 20px as you wish.

Let us know.

Best Regards!

Hi! I have two questions:

1 – I’d like to stop my header/navigation bar from being static when the page scrolls. I took out the code from main.js that you list above in chrispodell’s question. But, that didn’t do it. That stopped the logo from resizing, but did not stop the header bar from being static on the page. Is there something else I need to do?

2 – How can I change the address that a contact form is sent from? For example, I’d like to always make the ‘from’ field come from my email address. I couldn’t find how to change that.



Yes its possible by adding custom css line into Theme Options > Styling > Custom ccs box:

.header_page{height:150px !important}

Change the value 150px if you will a bigger page header.

Let us know.

Best Regards!

Thank you! Is it possible to change the padding? So that the title of the page is further away from the top border of the page header?

Nevermind! Just added ‘padding:20px’ to that line and it did it

can you help me fix this on mobile? It doesn’t look good on iphone. i tried to fix it but doesn’t work. please help. this screenshot is from your demo.



Have you installed any other third party plugins ?

We will make an update to fix the responsive blank space on the right asap.

Best Regards!

Thank you and please fix the “System widget top navigation” for the “Top Widgetized Area” too. At the moment, nothing is working.


The widget top navigation its ok you can change its styles into Theme Options > Header > Header Styles and there you can select between 5 headers.

Please let us help in details write to our support page:

We will be glad to help you.

Best Regards!

Hello, the page sidebar is always blank. Nothing works, it’s always blank. Where ist the mistake? Do I have to make something speciial? I just choosed the left sidebar layout and put some widgets in “Sidebar Pages”.

The blog sidebar works without problems.

Thank you.


Sorry please open a ticket on our support page:

Send to us your online link and we will take a look to find where is the issue.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

Let us know.

Best Regards!

The header colour does not change in the back end panel. It only changes the text colour but not anything else.

Please help


Please try to add this line into Theme Options > Styling > Custom Css Box:

header#header.header_1, header#header.header_2, header#header.header_3{background: rgba(155,255,255,0.95) !important}

Change the rgb values to change the color the last 0.95 its the opacity.

You can also add a color without opacity:

header#header.header_1, header#header.header_2, header#header.header_3{background: #ddd !important}

The “ddd” its the hex color you have to change.

Let us know.

Best Regards!

How can I fix the code thou so that I do not have to resort to custom CSS? By the way the CSS above works.


We will do an update asap to fix this issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience !

Best Regards!

Great theme. I have a couple of questions: 1. How can I easily remove the breadcrumbs? Via CSS or is there a better method?

2. I want to change the color of the text links but when I change the a { color: #555555; } it changes the color in my navigation too.

3. I am using the list bullets but on the first line its adding an extra tick. here is the code I am using. [lists type=”tick”]
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  • Increase your brand exposure with a unique approach that will be welcomed
  • Automatically stay in touch with prospects and existing clients with meaningful messages
  • Convert relationships into future sales – 84% would use their agent again if they stayed in touch
  • Get more referrals – 56% of buyers & sellers use an agent referred to them

Appreciate your help. Thanks


Thank you the nice words.

1.) Please add this line into Theme Options > Styling > Custom Css Box
2.) Type this line instead the above:
3.) This is the right shortcode you have to use:

Take a look and let us know.

Best Regards!

Thank you so much!