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Congratulation your first item :) , and awesome work, wish for good sells. :D

Thank you very much

Great Start Bro! Really Amazing Work ;)

Thank you.

Good start brother. I wish you have a good sale as well. Wishing you best of luck.

Thank you for your wish.

Hello !

Firstly great template, thank you for this!

A few questions

1. How do I slow down the main slider?
2. When I enter my offices lat and long, the dot is not centered at the address (off by like 200 km:)?

this is my site:


Please check FAQ there have how to change slider Speed.

Friday our weekend, regarding map tomorrow will our developer let you update. please send a mail to

Thanks in advanced

js folder>footer.js line 149 & line 150

It’s a shame to use image of old iphone.

Nice job !

Where does the contact messages go ? And how to change it ? Do I need to make it in ajax in the js code ?

Please send a mail to, developer help you.

Great design. I would like to know how I can create an hyperlink for each services. For example, when they click on “SMART APPS” I can forward them to

thanks, k1

Please send a mail to, developer help you.

I am still waiting for respond. How to make the services hyperlink also why the address in map is off! please advise!

Great design how can change the Google map to another location?

@softpand did you buy this template, seems you are not buy this template. If you buy please confirm than I will provide support. Hope understand.

I just mailed for an urgent issue. Please respond as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance.

Ok, will get support

Hi received this issue while installing the theme on wordpress. Can help? Thanks

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

@princebu this is HTML template, sorry its cant install in WordPress.

Hello, i bought you nice theme! Pls how do i setup links for the services so they will all not be heading to the same page when clicked for details. Thanks for speedy reply. Chuta.

Replied on your mail.

Hi i bought your theme. The sendmail php seems not working 100%. I changed the adress which should receive the mails, also getting success notification when sending. Just the messages / mails seem not to arriva, also checked spam folder but nowhere i can see mails arriving.

Please send a email to our

Where do I place the data for my map? and which program do I use?

Thanks, and the zoom?

Please open a topics in our forum, developer will reply. Thanks

map zoom?
In gmaps.js change

Please mail up to support or post on forum developer will help.

How can I stop or offer users the ability control the zoom and/or drag on the map? The map is totally out of control. It scrolls too fast and at extreme levels and it is so easy to lose where the marked location. Here’s the link to it….

The rest is excellent and has been well received thanks.

Could you send a email to support, or post in forum developer will help you how to “stop or offer users the ability control the zoom and/or drag” Thanks

hello , can you show me a demo how to edit and customize this template and does it support video or voice files ?? please give me an example how to mange it , i work on wordpress , but have no idea about this type of scripts …. and how to operate it on the host ??

and i want it in Arabic Language – RTL , does it support That ??

Hello, you need to buy WP version for RTL and how to customize WP have video tutorial also. but for HTML customization we have not video tutorial. For easy manage you may buy WP than dont have problem on code customization.WP is here


Can you tell me how is the installation in wordpress of this template?

Thank you very much.

Hello, You may bought HTML version, please check the WP is here We have video tutorial how to installation WordPress.

Then I got confused while choosing the topic. As I get a refund? I bought yesterday. Thanks you

Sorry for confusing, please talk to envato support only they can help you regarding refund. Thanks

What does parallax mean? I can’t see a difference between the parallax and the no parallax.

Could you check the link please, I hope you get idea regarding parallax. Thanks

Ok… so on my mac I can’t see any difference between the two?

Could you send a screenshot to our please, let me check what is the problem you face. Thanks