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Great theme! I can’t find the instruction to remove the preloader… Am I blind? ;-)

Can you please check the updated .zip? I thougt I saw it in the older version, but I can’t find it in the new one!

give me your mail id.

I love this theme. However, I don’t know how you put the information in the footer. Please advice. Thanks.

oops wrong template

Hi rohithpaul,

Nice theme, I really like it, but I have a problem. I’m new to the world of themes and web design. In fact I’ve purchased it before knowing that this is not a wordpress theme.

So what should I do for making work it on wordpress? Is it possible?

I need an index.php file and a style.css file, that’s clear, but in the default folder and also in the other folders there aren’t any of them.

Can you give me some indications? What can I do?

Thanks a lot.

Hi unfortunately there is no refund for themes, Wordpress version is available here

Hi there

first congratulations the theme looks awesome 2nd some of my background doesnt show on chrome i added a few pages but do you know why it doesnt show on chrome? it shows perfect on safari tho



I am seeing all the background in chrome, can you tell where exactily. This is my chrome screenshot.

contact and current market has no background

I am in need of replacing the text slideshow on the home page with a slide show that fades in and out.. I do not want to replace the photo background, just the way the text appears. Change the text from a headline that “rolls up” to a text that fades in and out.

What would be the best way to accomplish this?


It doesn’t seems like you have purchased this theme. Support only for buyers.

Hello, how do I manage to change the background video? I have the embed URL bit I can’t figure out where to put it :3

Hi, Open custom.js which is in the Download zip, under > js folder. Search for ”#home_video” or line #131. There will be a video ID, replace that with yours. Hope this helps. Thanks for the purchase :)

I really like the theme and thanks for putting it together.

I found a bug in the scripting for the template. It seems that the arrow at the bottom of the first page only works once. When you click on the down pointing arrow the page will scroll to the next section. When you scroll back up and try to click on the arrow a second time, nothing happens, the link is now broken.

All other links work fine (top Menu, bottom arrow) so only the one “down” arrow control breaks. If that was fixed this would be perfect.

Wanted to add that I found something interesting with this. It seems that adding the class “current” to the “arrow_more” arrow causes it to break. Removing this attribute from the HTML makes the button work once again.

Hi, Thanks for the purchase Let me look in to the issue. I will send you a fix at the earliest.

nice work,good luck on best sales;

Great template! I just purchased it and was wondering if there was a way on the slider version, to eliminate the huge white space between the slider image and the About Us. I like how the other version don’t have such a wide margin between these two items but I really need it to be a slider.

Can you tell me how to reduce the white space between the image slider and the About Us section on the Slider version?


Add a span right after logo “span class=”tel” Ph:972.423.1293 /span” Add following line in css

”.tel { color: #fff; font-size: 22px; left: 250px; padding: 33px 0; position: absolute; }”

Hope this helps, span is misspelled above, use right syntax

Thanks, I tried it but the font isn’t white:

Remove additional Quotes . It should be class=”tel”

Site crashes on my smartphone (HTC) using IE. I haven’t tried another browser. Any ideas? I really need this to work on a smartphone?


hi, just checked with my smartphone, unable to find any issues? can u give a screenshot. and let me know which browser u r using?

What do I take a screen shot of? When I put the URL into the browser the intro green circle comes up and then it looks like the site will appear when the browser crashes completely. It does it on my site and your preview site here in themeforest. I am using ie on an HTC phone.

BTW it does not happen in Chrome on my smartphone.

Using the slider section for videos. Does anyone know a way to make the slider pause when an embedded video is playing?

Hi Dear,

There is bug in your theme, try to replace text field with a checkbox in the form and then click on checkbox, the checkbox will disappear, all this happens in chrome browser only. Refer to the snapshot here,

I am working on this site ‘’. When you click on contact us and after selecting the checkbox, it gets disappeared. Refer to the snapshot here,

This issue is produced in chrome browser only. Please resolve this bug and send me its patch.


please provide valid url.

Hello there..

i am just putting the website online, just installed szia again, because i have a problem with the paralax background, for example at the “our services” page.

the page is actually:

i have just installed it like the video shows.

can you tell me how to fix it?

thanks a lot.

please answer to : because i am the editor and it is the companys envato account.


felix stahl

Hi I just bought this theme today and am wondering if there is a way to use a video on my server rather than having to upload one to Youtube for the video background?

Thanks, Tammy

Hi, thanks for the purchase. Szia comes with youtube support only, with tubular.js. If you want to custom videos from server, We needs to integate “”. Let me know if you need any help.

Really awesome works,Good Luck With Sales !

Thank you :)