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Very nice theme. Good luck with your sales :)

Thank you.

Good Job, Like it , GLWS ;)

Thanks, Glad you like it :)

Nice!Good luck!! :)

Very cool! Good luck, dude ! :)

Thank you :)

nice template. once issue, i noticed the logo that appears in the desktop navigation bar is missing in the mobile view. any chance that logo can be displayed in both views?

yes, I intentionally removed that from, mobile devices, it can be Displayed in both views. Thanks

Dear rohithpaul,

when I load home_parallax.html there is only preloader image and nothing more. What should I do?

Thank you

Thanks for the purchase. I am unable to reproduce issue, can u send me a screenshot, which browser you are using ? Let me know will fix at the earliest.

Looks great and almost exactly what I need for a project I´m about to begin. But it´s missing a Gallery feature.

Thanks, Will think about gallery :)

Bought it, bc looks amazing on mac, however – sorry but constant crashing on iPad – so far, having troubles with your demo (only).. Is it the sample image size (only?) or will do that when I replace the image with something slightly smaller. Also for iPad: the height is the exact size (super tall) on the splash screen and you have to scroll down forever to get to the rest of your demo content.

Can you send me a fix for this? K PS – How do I get the update, if there is one?

Thanks for the purchase, which splash you mean Parallax or Slider, if you could send me the files, I can fix it for you, mail me – “”.

I bought this project but I’m problem with him… Don’t have the index file and the others HTML pages don’t load the content. What do i do?

I know, but this same files don’t load the page only show the preloading!!! Tks and I wait…

HI, Apologize for the delay, found the issue. Download this (“Preloader Fix) and replace it with your “custom.js” which is in your download file. “HTML > JS > ”. Let me know if you still have issue. Preloader issue will be solved.

Thanks for the purchase

Hello, tks for the file!! Now it’s ok ;) tks again

Dear rohithpaul

I have to reload the page on iPhone 4S to see the pics: No changes done in the code.

What can I do? Thank you

Hi, I am unable to reproduce the issue. Are u getting the same in the demo site also? If not give me your site url.

When I open demo site (Chrome & Safari) on iPhone 4S both browsers go down.

Hi, I just bought this theme and it wont upload.

I have tried unzipping the file to locate the theme file, and upload that, but I cannot even find the Theme file.

Need help quite urgently.


Thanks for the purchase. This is not a wordpress theme. So there wont be a theme file. Its s HTML template.

How do i upload it then? What am I supposed to do with it? Can you elaborate a little please?

Just select your home page and rename it to index.html and upload it along with other files to server. thats it.

Fantastic theme (I bought it and love it) – thanks!

Thanks for the purchase. Don’t forget to rate :) Thanks again.

Hi, Can you walk me through how to remove responsiveness. Thank you!!

I have mailed you in detail.

Hi. Is there any way to remove this preloader?

If you have purchased it, I have included it in documentation. About remvoing preloader if not needed.

This theme is one of the finest I have seen recently. Unfortunately, my (amateurish) modifications do not display properly on smaller screens, ipad, iphone. Could you please take a look at and give me some hints, where I should start to resolve it? Your help is much appreciated!

Its a bit complicated, can you tell me what changes you have done.

Hello and thank for this theme, it’s awesome! I have a problem, i’m searching to reduce the witdh of the slider and I can’t find where i can do this ? Can you help me please ?

thank you.

Hi, the slider is responsive, so need need to change width, it will adjust auto. Can you tell me what problem you are facing. Thanks for the purchase

In fact i’m talking about the slider that you put in the about section. I try to put a slider and text under separate in two column. All this include in tab section.

can you give me your project url. I will send you a fix at the earliest.


Thanks for great work ;)

Where can I buy the home_banner.jpg image ? Because she’s not included in the package…

Thanks ;)

It’s very important for me, and I think for many people who buy this package… Could you check one more time for me please ?

Thanks for your good support !

I am sorry, I was unable to find the image source. It seems like it was in my personal stock.

I’m experiencing a problem in which the pictures of the carousel are cut off. It sometimes works after a few reloads and is not browser-specific. Is there a problem with the caroufredsel js? Help would be great. Otherwise the template is outstanding.

Thanks for the purchase, which browser you are using. also which version of szia you are using.

Happens in Firefox, Chrome and Mobile Safari (Ipad). I didn´t check other browsers. The same with Version 1.2. I sent you a screenshot of your live preview site via mail. Strange thing is, that when you reload the site a few time it sometime works.

I will check and update you soon.