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Can anyone steer me in the right direction? Im looking for a wordpress tshirt designer, hopefully this one. I am good with wordpress but not a developer. Any tips or direction?

So i can buy another theme and get this module installed on it?. . also anybody have this module live on their website so i can test it please?

Hi Hector, Culd you please tell me if the t-shirt editor is based on HTM5 Canvas or Flash? Thanks

It is only PSD files

Item’s title and description is deceiving, almost bought it

hello, i need this tool but not with an shirt. i want to sell glasses. is it possible to change the shirt to an glass (different glasses) ???

thanks for information, musikusmint

This is a PSD Template. You can modify how do you want. Cheers!

Hi Hector,

Are you going to be making a working version of this? Preferably WordPress but an HTML version would be great too.

If not do you know of any plugins that would do something similar to the design your own function?


sorry, no

Where is the source code link??? YOU got ME??? At least point to the source code you say - Thanks Good Art Work..

More sales for you for sure!

Hector how much would you charge to cut these files up in php and jquery? I am an amateur programmer that has some php and jquery knowledge and sold this to a client, but man it’s getting more and more complicated..

Product description very deceptive… Not very nice.

Hi Hector

how do i implement this module on my website?


Here is a T-shirt Design Studio Plugin for WordPress :


It has the ability for customers to put their logo and Texts onto the products.

Cheers !

This is not what I thought to be. This is not a site module, just Photoshop screen shots. Very deceiving!! I’ll be seeking a refund. I think this violates Paypal’s policy somehow.

Use this T-Shirt designer if you dont know how to create one from this psd. You can also use it for custom banners, business cards, etc.


Hi,I just bought this and i have no idea how to implement that on my website anybody have any idea how??

Unfortunately this is a psd template ($10 value), not a functional theme. If you do not wish buy the psd template please contact http://support.envato.com/ to get a refund of your payment. Thanks

This is frickin awesome…. any plans to make it into a live working version? I would buy straight away if built on WordPress. This has so many different uses and would be a best selling theme for sure….

Sorry, no

shame, anyone can design this in photoshop.. matter of coding it as a plugin that is the tricky part. You would make some big bucks if you coded, or even hired a freelancer to code it. I’d be a buyer .

This template have any function? or it is only a design?.... Can I run psd files on a server?

This is a PSD template. Only design files. Regards

do you have any coupon for this?

sorry, no

it is possible to add this them with another theme which i use in my website now

Hello, is it RTL compatible? TX

Hi, this is a PSD template. You can edit it in photoshop as you wish. Regards