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Nice Work Gandt!

Is the contact form working?

Crisp and Clean Theme. Nice job mate!

really nice theme. Great job on it.

Thanks for all the compliments, guys!

@jetbo, No the contract from is not working. However all of the code is really clean and it’s ready for the back end to be written.

WordPress version, perhaps? :-)

I just bought it. the design is very attractive but I assumed the banner text, header text, menu text, subheader text, etc. would be CSS -styled text. instead I am finding these are all graphics!! this is very disappointing. not a very modern way of doing things. am I missing something?

@SimpleJim—So sorry you were disappointed with the template. However in viewing the live preview it should have been obvious that the text you were concerned with was not a system font. Therefore not able to be text. You seem to be qutie savvy with CSS and HTML so it shouldn’t take too much work to simply replace these with text. We have also included all of the PSDs so you may create your own graphics to replace these. Again, sorry if it was not clear. Feel free to message us on our profile page if you need pointers on how to make changes. Thanks!

thanks for the reply gandt. yes, we can certainly convert it to CSS but then the benefit of buying a template starts to fade. and of course it is my own fault for not looking at the template in more detail before purchasing it. I just assumed a “fresh web 2.0 style HTML template” would use CSS and not graphics for so many text elements!

the design is very nice and I am still happy with that aspect so I will try and use it. but if I were you I’d try and avoid graphic text and instead use CSS next time. there are lots of options for fonts that you can set in CSS . you can even set a series to be used in the event the primary is not available.

@SimpleJim – The design of the template is a web 2.0 style design. The development is completely tableless and uses CSS for all of its positioning.

We are fully capable and aware of how to design using CSS for text elements – we’ve been doing this professionally for 9 years. We designed this one with the intent of leaning towards the graphic side as opposed to system fonts. The next design we are working on now is relying heavily on system fonts.

Some people like the style of graphically heavy designs, that’s why we created this one like this, and why we’ve included all of the PSD ’s. Our next one will be different.

We apologize for the confusion and appreciate the compliments on the design, and hope things work out for you!

It would be nice if you replaced text images with cufon font text.

When I open this file, there’s no slices. Which program should this be edited in so that the slices can be exported correctly?

Hi, I too was expecting slices within the PSD but it seems to be a bit of a trend that slices are left out.

Would you be able to re-upload the package with sliced PSD ’s please?

Thanks :)

Great site, thanks

Does anyone have the back end code for the contact page they’d like to share? You can email me at

I like the template but I wish the contact form was working. It should be a simple code and upload. You never know the skill level of your buyers—like me, I don’t know how to code the back end.

Other than my bickering, she’s a beaut!!!!

The design is simply beautiful.

The only completely wrong thing is that the menus and some other elements that should be shown as texts on the site, are shown as images which dissapoints me a little.

I saw talking about using system fonts, you can now use any available font for a design, even without using cufon. I’d be glad to help you recode this elements to use exactly the same font and effect using text and not images.

However, the main highlight is the theme’s design which is great and with a bit of coding you can do a great website with it.

Thank you and keep going on with the great designs.