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The loading box is always visible. Should I remove the DIV

<div class="loading-notification">Loading…</div> or should it disappear by itself?

Thank you for this excellent theme.

Hi pavigeant,

you should remove it manually, it is just showcase and will not disappear by itself.

I purchased this template and love it. The on issue I have is that in Safari on my iPhone the page width seems to be fixed to the width of the iPhone and so that all the items in the top nav bar wrap, and I can’t see anything on the right of my page. Similarly on a large screen the page extends to the width of the screen where I would prefer it to have a sensible width and have left and right borders of the background (like the page I am on right now on this site).

Need to know how to change the style so that both these things are accomplished (max-width, margin: auto, etc. ??)

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi pbeedham,

there is no support for mobile devices at the moment. Tachyon uses liquid layout with no responsive tweaks. We are planning to rework whole template to Bootstrap framework, but can’t tell exact date. If you want to add responsive layout by yourself feel free to contact our support for help.


I can;t see any jquery tabs with this – otherwise it looks great.

How easy is it to create tabs?



Hi I can;t see any jquery tabs with this – otherwise it looks great. How easy is it to create tabs? Thanks Al


Thanks for your reply!



On one of your other themes you have tabs and sub-tabs (http://template.walkingpixels.com/huraga/goodies.html). Are these built on the same framework? If I paid a little more for the theme, could you incorporate these tabs into this theme (or Wuxia?)

Thanks for your help


Yes, all templates are built on the same framework. Please contact us at support.walkingpixels.com for customization questions

I bought this template on version 1.1. In the new version 1.3 there aren’t icon buttons, ticket, post with collapsed comments, post with expanded comments. Why?

Hi, update 1.1 -> 1.3 is really huge difference, template was completly reworked, included Bootstrap support, a lot of new stuff and responsive design. Icon buttons are still available, just place icon inside a button. Comments are easily rebuildable with Bootstrap media and collapse. Tickets have been removed from all our templates for now, working on something better. We will have next series of bigger updates for all our templates starting with Huraga in next couple of days.

Thanks for making a great theme; It really helped me learn more about HTML5, CSS3, and especially Twitter Bootstrap…..It’s the BEST $15 I’ve spent in a long time.

I have one extremely minor issue. When I add a title attribute to a button tag within a class="btn-group", there are a couple of style issues. Here’s the code (from the ui-buttons.html) page:

<h3>Button groups</h3>
<div class="btn-group">
  <button class="btn btn-success" title="I'm the left">Left</button>
  <button class="btn btn-success" title="I'm the middle">Middle</button>
  <button class="btn btn-success" title="I'm the right">Right</button>

Again, all I did to your original code was add the title attribute. I wanted to give my users the nice tooltip with a quick description of the buttons in the toolbar.

When I hover over the buttons, the whole toolbar appears to shift a couple of pixels to the right…almost like it is making room for a border somewhere. Also, when I hover over the last button, it looses it’s rounded corners on the right edge.

I’ll keep looking in the CSS file to see if I can fix it….I think for the rounded corners issue, I just need to add an !important to the style.

Again, this is a very minor issues for me, but I wanted to bring to your attention. Maybe you can look into this issue in a future release?

Thank you, DNS.

Hi, use container: 'body' option for Tooltip plugin to append the tooltip to a specific element to avoid style conflicts. We will set it as default in next update. If you need help, feel free to create a ticket on our support forums

Worked Perfect. Thank you!

I’ve looked thoroughly but in a dynamic table how can I make data in a cell right-align or centered? I can’t seem to stumble on the correct codes.

Hi, there are no ready made classes for different text alignment, but standard CSS text-align will do the trick.


Falecto Purchased

Care to explain why this is suddenly back after being gone for years?

hello, I like your template but I want to left side menu bar ,is it possible? Can you help