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Looks great, good luck with sales! :)

Thanks Kaasper!

Excellent template, I liked your other template chromatron as well. The concept is same as chromatron, I really liked

But as again, I have two suggestions

1. Forms can be improved 2. It would be great if you can make the choice to have top navigation bar as menus.

Best of luck

If I purchase it right now, will i get the updates if you release v2 of template with fixes or enhancements ?

purchased it. Thanks :)

I would like to have a page “user profile view” screen. That displays the user profile fields like, pic, mail, address, bio etc

This is such a common requirement for most of the web applications but none of the admin themes on here seems to have this. If you can provide this, it will be a great advantage and selling point.

Thanks SN

I think There is a problem with the column grid as well, There is a 4 column grid i believe (col-2, col-3, col-4). Now I want to have two content boxes in a raw, one content box needs to have 1 column wide and another content box needs to have 3 columns wide. but seems it is not possible. can you answer how can i do that ?

Hi daringtakers,

if you have any problems with template or you are unsure how to use it, please contact our support. I am sure they will help you out.

About your previous questions. Yes, you will be able to download all updated versions for no extra cost. If you have anything special you would like to see in Tachyon please also suggest it to our support. All features updates are based on buyers request. Thanks

One another great addition will be support for ‘ajax tabs’. That is, tabs that get’s its content from a remote url.

can you help me on implementing that ?

The menu seems to start open. and slowly flicker shut on first load. Is it just me?

Hi epipheus,

since we need fallback when javascript is not enabled navigation starts opened and stacked. Flickering is caused by loading navigation plugin at the end of the page for demo purpose and faster page load. It can be partly avoided by moving plugin into part.

I love this tho. Would buy if the loading flicker were taken care of.

Just purchased!!!

Great job WalkingPixels.(Keep going)

OK, but can you tell me how to start menu closed? If so, I’ll buy this and Chromatron. And 3 months from now when I launch the app I’ll bump up my license.

Besides, if you can’t use JS then you’re living under a rock—who cares about those people. Even phones are fine with JS.

Hi epipheus,

I totally agree with you, but no-javascript fallback is required by ThemeForest reviewers. Please contact our support for menu modification.

Are there any plans to add mobile device support to this admin template?

Hi jtomlinson,

yes, we are planning to add full mobile support for all our files, but I can’t tell you exactly when.

OK… I just bought Chromotron and will buy this one, I hope your support will help me.

So I bought both themes because you said your support would fix the issues. I haven’t heard from them.

Hi epipheus,

according to our task manager your request was accepted and now is wating in queue. We have respond to your email on 22th of July.

We usually respond to support request within 48 hours, depending on the number of requests in queue. Support request sent during weekends and holidays will be processed on Monday or next business day. Note we are GMT +1 time zone. Thank you for your patience.

Looks cool…but what can this be used for exactly? I’m unfamiliar with backend admin cp on a website (other than using perhaps WP or vbulletin).

Hi Apokalupsis,

i am not sure if I fully understand your question. Tachyon is only HTML5 template, there is no ready-made or open source CMS which you just install and put a template on it. You have to make your own backend or use it as a design for your existing admin panel.

Hi, Just purchased the template, The loading section (top right) will stay on and on and never disappear. Is it only me or there is a bug?

Hi rezagh64,

it is not a bug. Since many developers use ajax calls in their admin panels we have made simple ajax notification. This is visual style only and template do not provide any ajax funcionality yet. There is no event to show or hide this notification, so it is not suppose to hide after page load.

The code view hover action for copy has some weird artifacts over the text.

Hi epipheus,

we can’t confirm this issue. Code view plugin has been tested for several times today and we didn’t find any inconsistencies. In what browser and OS this problem occurs? Also screenshot would be very helpfull. Thanks


here is small bug fix for modal window. It will be included in next update.

Set z-index:100 to css/jquery.nyromodal.css classes:
(line 1) .nyroModalBg
(line 14) .nyroModalCloseButton
(line 29) .nyroModalCont


Those icons on the front page, there seems to only be a few selective one of those. (The big red ones under the header title)..

Would it be easy for someone with absolute no photoshop skills to increase the size and add the correct color of any extra icons from sweeticons2.com ?


Hi Falecto,

yes, it is pretty easy. You just have to copy layer style from sample icon in PSD file and apply it on icon of your choice.

I’m in the forms with the and I can’t remove the borders of the images.

I’ve tried lots of places and I can’t see where else these are getting set.

.content-box section img { padding:2px; background-color:#fff; border:0; } from screen.css


.content-box section img, img .helper{ border:0; }

from color.css

can you point me to what I’m not seeing?


Hi charmsadmin,

do you have any online demo? Your code should work, but it’s hard to tell without live example. Images have aslo box shadow

(colors.css (line 276))
which may looks like border. Please contact our support, they will help you.


THANKS ! That did the trick for us.