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Nicely done and very Unique.

Keep it up mate :)

Thanks a lot strangerr!

Very professional template. Just one question : Can i use it with yii framework ?

Hi hdrakakis,

sure you can, but please note it is only HTML5 template. You would need to do some modification to use it with yii framework.


1) Problem with using ajax with table

when i fill the table tbody with ajax after page load. tbody-tr background color set as red on iexplorer8 but it is seems fine on firefox. I don’t understand what is wrong.

2) Problem with jQuery jWYSIWYG Editor

I had not test this editor by iexplorer8 before i boguht template. So i don not see that it is not work fine on iexplorer8. Writing is very slow. And while writing, the editor extends down.

Please can you help about this bugs urgently ???

Hi hoqwert,

jQuery jWYSIWYG Editor si very basic editor and may not fit your needs. It extends because of auto grow option. To turn if off use

autoGrow: false
in plugin config. For rest of your problem please contact our support with details, idealy live demo to speed things up. Thanks

I am implementing this for a client of mine that purchased and sent to me… I am having a weird experience with whenever I use a drop down select on a form, as soon as you click it, the page refreshes. Even for the Length dropdown for DataTables. This happens only in Safari 5.1 tho… Chrome and FF work fine.

Hi orangejungle,

please contact our support. They will need to verify your purchasing. Thanks

When is the next update is coming up ? Waiting for the user profile screen :)


if this html item is created after page load by ajax, modal doesn’t work. (both ie, firefox)

THE OTHER PROBLEM also i have problems about tables rows background color when i create by ajax. (only on ie)

THE OTHER PROBLEM when page is loading top menu’s submenu is seen on screen firstly, then disappear. it is not good. How can i block submenus.


why do some javascript codes in js files try to connect google or themeforst site. In local working it is problem.

Hi hoqwert,

please contact our support with your problems, I am not able to help you here. But as far I know modals populated with ajax works fine, make sure you check NyroModal documentation.

Top menu issue is caused by javascript fallback. We are very sorry about it, but it is requested by ThemeForest, else the theme would not get approved for sale. It can be easily removed via CSS .

There are several files loaded from repositories (jQuery library, selectivizr). Template would not work properly as local file. It has to be loaded using HTTP /HTTPS protocol, which is may be answer to your questions. I am sure non of files is hosted by ThemeForest. Hope it helps.

Hello, I have two questions regarding the top menu:

1. How can I close the submenu from a button or a link in a sub-menu

2. How can we remove the initial visualization of the menu in every page reload, you say easily with CSS , but I dond get it.

Keep the good work.

Hi albertobasalo,

we will update template soon with alternative version without it. Please send an email to our support. They will help you with your issues. Thanks

Tachyon live preview was updated. Clean your browser cache to see changes. Yes, we have fixed navigation loading.

Hi there you lovely WalkingPixels,

I actually meant my other comment regarding lacking mobile support for Tachyon – apologize for the confusion!

Is there any chance for mobile support for this theme in near future?

If not, any pointers to how to fix it, then I am still very interested (but a part of the application is for mobile, so I really need that).

Thanks :)

Tachyon is on the list as well :)

  • Thanks * :)

I’m looking forward to buying it, and would perhaps do it now as the price is stupid low anyway :)

Mobile support expected in a couple of weeks?

Hi, The people who bought this template are able to upgrade to v 1.1 ? If yes how can I? Thank you

Hi dynamikus,

yes, everyone who already bought template can upgrade it for free. You can download it from your download section on ThemeForest.

This is going very well for our implementation. One oddity just arose. When we use the datepicker, the icon appears in the input box, which is nice, but it is not clickable. There is sort of a dead zone in the input box.

I was able to find in screen.css where to comment the width/height for the icon, but it effectively hides the image. It would be nice to have that image inside the input box like you have it, but also have it clickable.

Is there a way to do this? My alternative is to place the image outside the inputbox and somehow activate it to show the datepicker.


Hi charmsadmin,

thanks, our team will take a look at it, it should not be a problem.

You rock! And I REALLY APPRECIATE how fast you reply. Unlike some other providers here….....

Thank you :)

Great theme! Purchased it back in v1.0 and have been loving it so far!

One issue: - In the contacts section, when there are an even amount of contacts, the final contact is mis-aligned. (It’s not level with the contact to its left).

Is there a simple fix for this? Not working in IE8 and FF7

Also, one more request would be a bare template included in the download package that linked only the js/css files absolutely necessary.



Hi Jon,

thanks for bug report, it was submitted to the devs. The minimal config package is an interesting idea, we will definitly take a look at it.

Thanks for your great work. But for the JQUery Full Calendar Plugin you forgot to include the jquery-ui ! :)

Hi Mmaayylliiss,

jQuery UI is optional and required only for event dragging and resizing. Since Tachyon doesn’t use jQuery UI at all, it is not included. However, the next update will add jQuery UI with custom theme.

Thanx for your answer WalkingPixels,

I had to include it to use drag and drop with JQuery FullCalendar, thanx again for your great job -)

New wrinkle, hope you have a fix for me.

In the Accordion sections, I want to include a notification div:
  <a href="" class="accordion-switch" /><h3><img src="images/fugue/pointer.png" /><b>SELECT FIELDS TO PRINT</b></h3>
    <div class="notification information">
        <h4 style="margin-top:4px;">Labels will print to a standard address label format such as Avery 5160 or equivalent.</h4>

but the closing div cancels out the accordion div…...

any ideas for me on this?

and I haven’t heard back on the datepicker issue above.


Hi charmsadmin,

please contact our support by email. This problem would be just some CSS conflict, guys over support will help you with it. Datepicker issue was fixed as I can see in our Basecamp. We have national holiday tomorrow, so it may take bit longer. Thanks!

THANKS ! Where/how to I contact support.

Also, where can I get the fix for the datepicker? I don’t want to download the whole new template set as I’ve customized quite a bit already.

You are welcome. Send an email to helpdesk(at)walkingpixels(dot)com.

Sent an email last week but received no response, so I thought I’d try it here:

I just bought Tachyon a few days ago and I couldn’t be any happier with the theme. Currently in the process of integrating it with my Rails app right now with a few customizations :)

I do have one question: I want to use the theme for my front-end as well. For that, I’ll need to create an tag, however the top left and right corners aren’t rounded (if they don’t have a


How would I go about creating a separate class identical to “content-box” except with rounded corners all around? Would appreciate if you could point me towards a direction.


Hi localtail,

sorry for delay, we were closed due the holidays. I see your ticket in our system, our support stuff will contact you shortly. Thank you for understanding and patience.

Hi there,

Any news related to making the theme compatible with iPhone/iPad?

Thanks :)

I am interested in this template but I will need this for mobiles also. I have a few questions regarding this theme:

Do you have any plans to make this template for mobiles also?

If I buy this theme and you release the updated version after that, can I have new/updated version? If yes, how long can I download updates of this theme?

Will you or your team help me add more functionality to this theme if I need it?

Hi strikesam,

yes, we plan to add mobile support for Tachyon. Updates are available for free to everyone who already bought template and we are able to help you with implementation if needed. You can learn more about plans for 2012 here.

Oh, I have one more question, do I get fonts also for local calling? Currently I see you are calling fonts from the google apis site. I will need them to be on local server.

Hi strikesam,

as far I know, we are not allowed to include fonts into download package due the copyright policy, so there is no option for local calling. However, you can download all fonts from Google Webfonts service and use it localy. You will have to modify CSS .

Thank you for response..