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I bought this template mistakenly thinking it was a wordpress theme. Is there any way that you can update the html template into wordpress? I love this design, and have been searching for the right one for my wedding for a while; however I do not know the first thing about html templates (still very new to wordpress too). Thank you very much!


Hi, can you please tell me why i dont have the same preview than you? i don’t have the page to make my choice betwen pre ans post, the index page bring me in pre wedding! what’s wrong? thanks

That page is just for the preview site, send me an email and I can send you those files if you like.

I recently bought this template and love it, however, load time is really slow and for some people the site is timing out. Just a guess but it looks as though there a lot of scripts running in the header. Any suggestions on how to improve the site. you can go to: www.dannyandabbie.com to see what I mean.

Lemme know

Have you made the slider images at the top too large or not compressed the images enough? You can generally lower the jpeg quality quite alot so that they are around 100kb each or less.

are you able to change the color on this theme?

easy to find and replace in the layout.css file

Hi there. This is a beautiful theme. I had to purchase it the moment I saw it. The site looks great in Safari on my Mac. However, I’m having problems when trying to view it on an iOS device. This occurs with both the site I created AND your demo. It will take long to load and then the slider images will load at almost 4x their size. And then before it can fully load, Safari and Chrome will hang and then shut down. My images are the proper size and resolution, 1920×1000 @ 72ppi. Is there an issue with iOS7 maybe?

I will some testing, but haven’t heard of any issues, can send me a link, that will help.

Thanks for replying to my email! You were right. The problem resided in the fact that I used a frame set. It was unintentional as I was using GoDaddy’s code for domain name forwarding with masking. It’s that code that included the frames. I will be removing the domain name forwarding feature and have it hosted properly. Thanks Cooper!

Thanks for this perfect wedding template. I would like to know why does not my map load on the site. It says Javascript Alert ‘Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image does exist’. I believe I have provided the correct map URL. Please help on this.

Hello, thank you for the nice template,I have a issue, I set the wedding date in the head of index, but it doesnt work, do I need to change something else aswell?


The tooltip.js file seems to be missing. Is it still in use or can you tell me which lib it is?


Hi! I’m planning go get your template. I have a question: Does you template support cyrillic letters, since the website is planned to be in Russian language?

Thanks in advance!

Not sure, haven’t had any experience with that, maybe check on google fonts?


Love the site. There is an issue on IE8 under “About the couple”, rollover effect on the Bride and Groom image does not working properly.

Can you please help me out.

Cheers Rahul

Hi and thanks for this awesome template ! I will make my day, and my bride’s one :D Yet, I’d like to change some features. I’d like only one image would appear in slider (pre & post). And i don’t find the custom page which help me chose between pré and post template. Any idea ? :)

Thanks a lot !

The compatibility bars seem to be stuck in the ‘hover’ mode on mobile devices. How do I fix this issue?

incorrect info. don’t mind me

Hello, I need the Wordpress version… it’s possible to download anywhere? thanks…

sorry I don’t have a wordpress version


I saw you put an update at the end of july, but can’t see the details.

Can i have a review of it ? I already set my page, and i just wanna know if update have done some changes.




The countdown does not. It remains at zero . I give a value to the variable “until” , eg ” new Date ( 2016, 05-1 , 21, 16, 30, 00) ” file ” jquery.countdown.js “

thanks for your help

Best regards

vivien Palmowski

Hi don’t change the js file, at the top of the html file in the header there is a date to change there.

Hi, can you please tell me why i dont have the same preview than you? i don’t have the page to make my choice betwen pre ans post, the index page bring me in pre wedding! what’s wrong? thanks

yes, thanks!

send me first page, please!? is urgently!!!

I’m having issues viewing this template live. Need to double check first if this is the one I need before purchasing it. Thanks!

Please help. I bought this template. Very nice. I just can’t figure out how to add a link on each one of the the full sized images slideshow. I added this on the file supersized.pre.js but doesn’t work: {image : ’./images/slider-pre/image1.jpg’, url : ’’http://www.myurl.com},