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Nice theme . good luck with sales Bro ! :)

Really superb theme. Appreciate work..

Beautiful work! Good luck :)

Awesome work, and very clean, good luck with sales! :)

Wordpress theme , please! :)

Please wait. Thanks

What a cool look!! Nicely done :)

Hello! Is it possible to change automatically (after 4-5sec) the “splash” slides on the home screen? Thx!

Hi! Please contact us through private messages. Thanks.

Also interested to auto change the slides… And how to set up the Twitter widget? Thanks for your reply.

Hi! You may add auto slideshow option in the plugin configuration cycle -
if ($('.slogans').length) { $('.slogans').cycle({ timeout: 5000, })}
Twitter installation info – http://tweet.seaofclouds.com/

How about sending this n00b the two files where it’s integrated? ;-)

Hello. The thing is that just changing the two files won’t be enough in this case. You will have to add code for slider into script.js file and also to use new scripts for twitter. Please feel free to contact me via private messages or email if you have any problems: contact@fxoffice.net

Hello, Wonderful theme – exactly what I’m looking for. Could you please send me a screenshot of the template with a simpler, modern font? Thank you!

Seriously, this design is perfect. I just don’t have a use for it right now. I might soon, though. Do more like this one.


I am planning to buy this one. but i hve one doubt. how can i update the blog? its not dynamic right? so each time should I edit the static page?

Hi! This is a static template, so you won’t be able to manage the blog dynamically without additional scripts. Thanks

This template is great. I love it. I am having a hard time making the contact form work though. In the forms.js I changed ownerEmail:’MYEMAILADDDRESS’,.

I’m wondering if anything needs to be changed on this line in the forms.js file: smtpMailServer:’localhost’,

Thanks for your help.

Hi. You need to change your email in the initialization script – ”$(’#form’).forms({ ownerEmail:’example@example.com’})” p.s. The script is located in the BOTTOM of the form.js file. Thanks

Love the template but having a hard time trying to delete sections not need and keep the overall design working. Is there a way to delete a section like ” Some Words about us” without why choose us ending up on the home page?

All sections can be easily edited. Please attach a screenshot or send us a link to the your website.

Hi, Very nice template however I have found it terribly hard to edit for my purposes, one of the things im lately struggling with is setting the Map on the Contacts page, I am unable to find where this is coded, I have found google_map in Style.css and the anchor for it in the main coding but I cant find where it actually sets the location

This because site hasn’t been uploaded. On local host not working php form.

Excellent that’s all I needed to know, thanks for all your help. Excellent Support for a good template


Hi, how are you?

Sorry, but… i have a problem to install my take5 theme in wordpress, the wordpress send me a message: Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.

Do you know why?

Thxs ;)

Hi! Take 5 is not wordpress theme, its html5 template. Thanks

I cant upload the theme in wordpress what ‘sthe file i have to upload as .zip?

Hi! Take 5 is not wordpress theme, its html5 template. Thanks

Hello, i want to trade on the “about us” page the 3 social icons at the people against an e-mail icon with link. How can I do this?

Hi! Sorry for the delay. Write in more detail about the problem in private messages. We will try to help you. Thanks

Hello, realy nice templates! I don’t understand what set auto scroll in the slide in home page. Can you help me?


Sorry, I was wrong. line 161 –
timeout: 5000
Please feel free to contact me via private messages if you have any problems. Thanks

ok now work but cycle only the text, the image don’t cycle…

Unfortunately this template does not support auto change background images. thanks