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Hey Shegy,

Outstanding work! wish you many sales!

Thanks mate!

This is great. I do have a question pls write me at d e r e k a AT in fi ni te3 DOT com

I don`t understand, if you have a question just write it here, in comments :)

is for facebook? i need one

Can you be more specific?


Nice theme. Purchased. BUT …the iPhone.png image isn’t layered! Overlaying images on the right and left iphones looks wonky because it disrupts the shadowing.

Can you provide an editable version of this image?

Hi, thanks for purchasing my template. Editable version of this iPhone and iPad images are in “psd_templates” folder and described indocumentation. If this doesn`t help you can try and check the links in sources and credits chapter od documentation.

best regards, Shegy

Absolutely fantastic landing page. This is a super clean piece mate. I love your work man! Is really quite excellent.

I would love to include your work on a new upcoming project. If you have skype, I’d like to chat if you’re into it.

Here is a secure email addy: mobile mentor at hot mail dot com

Sorry for spelling it out, but the spammers run wild on this site when they see a email address. LOL

Let me know. Cheers!

Hi, I have never done anything like this before. Will I be able to set Target up so the buyer can pay with Paypal, then go to a page to download my digital product? Thanks Rhonda

Hi, yes you shouldn`t have problems with it but you should check paypal help for info about integration/api.

best regards

Hi, I bought this thinking that it would come with a tutorial for beginners. I need to know what programs and program versions to use to open and edit the template…

and how to inport the file into the programs to edit it. I went to themeforest tutorials, but didn’t see anything for beginners. Can you help? Thanks

hehe just saw my Creattica image in your item :P

Thanks! :D

This is absolutely brilliant. So much so that I considered changing our entire company website over to this landing page template, UNTIL I discovered you already had that covered in your ‘Target – Psd Templates’ submission (WHICH I am purchasing).

Real great work. Beautiful mark-up (which I may have slaughtered whilst merging CSS definitions). Worth a lot more than $10.

Keep up the great work. :)

Thank you very much :)

Hi, Great landingpage!

Question: how can you place a (video) lightbox behind this button: <a href="" target="_blank" class="button black rounded">demo reel</a>


Great template. Is the template responsive?


does this have bootstrap ? and is it responsive ? i already purchased it i just never used it and was wondering :p

old template, done before bootstrap and resposivness existed, so no and no.