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@borninmotion this can be fixed by removing one line of code in the target-admin.css -> .content-container remove z-index: 101; I am not sure why that was there in the first place but it caused me a lot of grief until i figured that out.

Just a heads up, this theme is not compatible with Bootstrap 3.3+. The main menu does not show up. It works perfectly with 3.2.

Not reporting a bug as it was designed around 3.1. Just a heads up. I needed to go to at least 3.2 for another plugin I was using so I decided to try 3.3 to be more future proof and it did not work.

Hi guys, I found a fix for the main menu for Bootstrap 3.3+

In target-admin.css on line 1092 starts this code: .mainbar .mainbar-collapse.collapse {

simply add to the properties this: visibility: visible;

Then it should work again I think.. at least on Safari its ok now for me. If you find more incompatibilities with Bootstrap 3.3+ please let me know because I might not notice them, and I should fix them in my own project also.. Thanks! :-)

Our company purchased this theame.

I am using datatable.js with iChek checkbox plug in.But i have a problem

occurred the iCheck plugin is not working correctly after the ajax data

loading. in the grid.

i want to ask something about advanced table;

normally i can use datatable with json for loading data. Can i use your table?

is migrated to a newer version of bootstrap or used for pages angularjs spa

does this work with wordpress?

Hi there, I’m interested in buying this but the live preview is down. Could this be fixed please so I can see it first?

It seems like you have a bug on “Blank Page” it doesn’t work.