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Thank you for this theme.

Amazing, simple, original and the support is fast.

Why ask more?

would it be possible to add collapsible menus to the side bars? I basically want to create 5 menus (one for each of my post categories) and then use something like your toggle shortcode to expand and shrink the menus depending on the how user wants to interact with the page. Any idea on how to do this?

Hi there,

All support questions should be posted on my support forum at, where I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

just wondering if this theme comes with any shortcodes for bullets? I’ve noticed some themes have styles for lists with different icons (check marks, stars, etc) – does your theme have this or is there some way to add these easily with a plugin?

Hi there,

This theme does not come with a lists shortcode (I may add it in a future update). Sorry don’t know of any plugins that offer that.

I bought one of your other themes and am considering buying this one. However, I noticed a pretty significant glitch. When rolling over the top nav and dropdowns in IE8 , they freeze up, turn black and stay stuck there, covering the nav bar. (This is when viewing the live demo via ThemeForest)

Is there any chance you could address this before I purchase? It doesn’t happen in Firefox or Safari.

I’m happy to send a screenshot, if you’d like.

Thank you!


I’ll take a look at this tomorrow morning and there will certainly be a fix for it right away.

Ok I’ve looked into this issue. I cannot replicate the problem on my computer and nobody else has reported this, however I suspect I know what is causing it on your computer and so if you do decide to purchase the theme I will fix this issue for you.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I would prefer it was fixed before buying the theme as I need it to be functional for a new client’s website ASAP . Best not to spend money on something broken, eh?

Here is a link to a screenshot of the error, this is in IE8 .

When hovering over the nav, the dropdown drops then turns black and stays stuck like this, until I refresh the page.

Please let me know when this has been addressed and I’ll be happy to buy the theme!

Thank you! :)

Bought the theme, as I needed to get started right away.

I’ve tried twice to register for the support forum following the instructions and have not yet received a password.

Wondering if you can please answer the following question without sending me to support:

Why am I not able to set whether visitors can post comments or not?

The area at the bottom of new pages/posts where you can set comments and pingbacks has disappeared.

Your help would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

I found the answer! It’s an issue with WordPress 3.1 Here is the low-down, in case anyone else has this issue:

I hope this helps! It sure helped me :)

Still need help with logging in to support though.


Hi there,

You already have an account on the forum which you registered 3 months ago. Log into this account – if you’ve forgot your password, use the forgot password option.

I’m unable to login, as I’ve repeatedly tried to get a new password sent and nothing is sent to me. Could you help with this?


I have manually sent you your login details. Let me know if you haven’t received them and confirm your email address.

The 404 for this site using your theme is not styled as the other pages on the site.

What can I do to have the same formatting as the rest of the site?

Thank you!

This issue will be fixed in version 1.0.5 shortly.

Thank you! Is there an estimate of when this fix will be available? Would you be able to at least help with my issue?

I’ll be releasing v1.0.5 tonight and it should be released tomorrow. If you want the solution ask your question over at the support forum. :)

Perfect, thank you! :D

Submitted my question at the support forum, thanks!

is version 1.0.5 released?

Hi there,

Yes. :) Updates are announced in your WP admin panel, my Twitter feed (@ghostpool), my website via Twitter ( and in the online changelog file.

Where can i get version 1.0.5, its not on TF and I dont see any alert in my WP admin.

pliease advise.

It must of just went up b/c I have it now.


In the preview version of this theme you’ve got the option to change the style (background color etc) at the upper left side. Is it possible to give the visitors of my site the same options? It will be nice when visitors have the option to change the color and ambiance of the site.

Hi there,

Yes this is possible. Go to Tarnished Options > General Settings and enable the Theme Options box.

Theme looks AWESOME !! Was wondering if instead of the HOMEPAGE instead of having BLOGS , is there anyway to set it to collums? of either a static page where I can personally input coding/html (sort of like it loads from a page)? Basically, im not sure if its ONLY blogs for the home page.

Hi there,

The homepage is already a static page – you can create any homepage you want including adding the column shortcodes to the frontpage. Check out the Theme Options box to the left where there are some other example homepages.

Hi great theme! I’m wondering what happens if you have multiple videos in the homepage slider- I noticed they autoplay? Does each video just stop when the next one appears? Also: is there a limit to the number of posts that can be in the slider? Thx -a

Hi there,

You can choose to set the video to autoplay or not, you can then give the video slides individual timeout values that match the length of the videos – which is what I did with my video example.

There is no slider limit.

Great. Thanks for the fast reply. Two more questions if you don’t mind: 1. it looks there are a bunch of different options for displaying the title, & excerpt in the homepage slider. Any way to insert custom HTML ? I’m looking to do something like this: 2. Any way to use the homepage slider for category pages? So that within a category, posts would be fed into a slider like on the homepage? Thanks again, -a

Unfortunately neither of things are possible by default.

AWESOME ! Buying it in 10 mins. Great stuff man. That static content area is what got me. (hate finding themes that ONLY have blogs option and nothing else)